Review of Shimmering Chimes

Title : Shimmering Chimes

Poetess : Maaya Dev

Cover of Shimmering Chimes

‘Shimmering Chimes’, a poetry anthology by Maaya Dev is the compilation of whispers oozing from poetess’ heart which she has portrayed in the book curving her emotions and thoughts in the form of words.The voice comes from a pure heart,transparent in nature ,and touches the core of the readers’ heart.

As the blurb of the book goes :
“Shimmering Chimes is an outcome of dreams that we all dream solemnly and each poem is pebbles collected from the shore of imaginations, experiences, feelings, spirituality, love and almost what all encompasses life. The book is seeking, soothing, symbolizing, synthesising, singing, shining, shivering, surviving, and synapse between shimmering and chimes.”

The poetess greets readers with a verse of undying love for Lord Krishna.The very poem depicts the simplicity entwined in her words and transparency involved in her thoughts.Poetess lets readers enjoy different flavors and shades of her experiences blended with her imagination.

The poems enamor the reader’s heart by grabbing their attention and holding them in the trap of words. She crafted her views so lucidly that one doesn’t need to re-read the poem,if in case he/she couldn’t comprehend the meaning of the poem. Words stitched together through the rope of imagination lurks readers and warms their heart.

Poetess has maintained the decorum of serving juicy poems to the readers throughout the journey.At one moment she shares her experiences and at the other she lets her feeling swings on the rope of words.The words chosen by her very aesthetically dances to the rhythm of her emotions which she has laid down in this book.The manner in which her heart tries to communicate with readers is a clever one, simple and straightforward, and up to the mark.Its like an arrow has been directed towards the bull eye and the arrow never misses the target.

Though all the poems are wonderful in nature,but there are some poems that I liked the most from this book which are entitled as :
Birth of a Poem
Blank Diary
Aurora and Avalanche
The Last Call
Ballet of Danseuse

A very-good collection of poems,well-edited, showcases various shades.Recommended if you love to read poems.

Rating : 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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