Review of Improving your concentration skills

Author- Godfrey Harris & Kennith Harris


Concentration is required in every field of life.While studying,while doing a specific job,while cooking,while playing and in every field.It is the most desired element in every field of our day to day life to do our job at its best.

‘Improving your concentration skills’ by Godfrey Harris and Kennith Harris is a book concentrated on ‘Concentration’.This is a book co-authored by father and son,which gives us efficient ways to enhance our concentration.

This book is divided in three sections.
The first section deals with the basics of concentration where the authors let you know about what concentation really is,philosphical theory on concentration and some techniques of concentrating on concentration.

The second section is the excercise section.The second section tells us how to concentrate when distraction occurs and mind wanders and it tells about some steps we need to take while doing some work to be fully concentrated.

In third section,he concluded with the concentration thoughts.

Concentrating on a thing is really a problem with me.I couldnt concentrate on the thing the much as it requires.I had been told to do yoga but it failed as it also requires concentration.But one thing I could do with concentration that is reading books.This book really did a miracle.Though I’m not completely focussing but my concentration level is improved,no doubt.This book proved to be helpful for me.


Review of 100 thoughts that lead to happiness

Author- Len Chetkin


‘100 Thoughts that lead to happiness’ by Len Chetkin Is a diminitive book festooned with 100 thoughts that will show you the path to happiness. All these 100 ways are very simple to evolve in life and author emphasised on every single thought in a very effective manner.

I didnt feel for a single time to put this book down.Though to be happy is not a very easy task specially in todays era where work has taken its toll.But it is must to be happy and feel happy in your working area too.This book also tell how one can be happy all of his/her life and it doesnt about of a particular field.

Who doesnt want to be happy?Who doesnt search for happiness? If happiness is missing in your life and you are searching and seeking for happiness then this is the book for you.I think everyone should go through this book.

All the 100 thoughts also tell you how to implement them in your life.Before this book,I have read other thoughts/quotes book too.But those books simply say their wisdom words but they didnt tell the way how one could implement them in their life.Learning wisdom pearls is another thing and implementing them in your life is another and is worthy.

This is the book which serves you more about happiness,show you the path to happiness and make you learn how to walk on that path.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

Review of The Truth About You

Author- Marcus Buckingham


Do you know the truth about yourself? If you are not sure to what to answer this question and if your answer is no.Then the next question is-If you dont know the truth about you then who knows?

Do this book knows the truth about me? This question arose in my mind ,when I read the title.But how come a single book holds the truth about everyone or it just do justify to only few people.

Well,this is not true.Through this book, Marcus Buckingham wanted readers of this book to focus on their strengths and to know where actually their strength lies. At some place ,I found it monotonous and at some place it touched to the core.

I like the ‘question-answer part’.He really asked very good questions to let you know yourself deeply. To me,his philosphies didnt satisfy me much.Specially the ‘myth’ part.It seems more unusual to me.May be he is right,but doesnt encouraged me as I was expecting more from it after reading the title.No doubt,some of his theories are true and very effective.Some things are adaptive in this book.One might gain something from this book.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

Review of Little Miracles

Compiled by Dan Zadra and Susan Carlson


Some books are made to keep in your pockets,with you always wherever you go. Such tiny pretty books assures you that you are not alone in your path.They are always with you in the rise and the fall.

‘Little Miracles’,cherished messages of hope,joy,love,kindness and courage compiled by Dan Zadra with Susan Carlson is a little book in which 170 thoughts are encapsulated in a pretty way which holds the fragrance of hope,joy,love,kindness and courage. All these thoughts are given by some great human beings and not by a single person.

Dan Zadra and Susan Carlson collected some really good thoughts and came up with this ‘little miracles’ book.Though it is very small in size but its content contains more strength.

Thoughts to inspire and celebrate,thoughts to help and guide,thoughts to rejoice and rekindle,thoughts which owe the power to turn on the light.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

Review of ‘Maharaja In Denims’

mid Author- Khushwant Singh

‘Maharaja in Denims’ by Khushwant Singh is a book perfect for history lover. A flavored mingle tale of history and intrigue,marking the suspense till the end and holding back emotions at the end seemed quite impossible.

The title and cover seems appealing and unique to me when I hold it in my hands. The attire of Maharaja cladded in Denims seems aesthetic. From the combination of colors to the style of inscription I would rate five out of five stars to the title and cover.

Coming to the story, Hari,the protagonist of the story,an 18 year old guy belonged to a sikh family hails from Chandigarh who was suppose to be the incarnation of Maharaja Ranjit Singh when the flashback of his past life started haunting him and his girlfriend Suzzane.Suzzane tried every possible effort to reach to the truth and find out the mystery behind Maharaja Ranjit Singh,the lion of Punjab and his boyfriend past’s life. This created a beautiful ambiance. The story took its pace when Hari dwell in its past life

Through the author’s imagination his idea of coming up with a new era story encapsulated in history proved to be an aesthetic part. Though at some points history seemed to be stretched but it was required to make the story worthy at times.

An interesting story with fresh concept which will captivate you in its arm till the end but you just need to cope with the history part.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

Review of ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’

Author- Robin Sharma


‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’, a fable about fullfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny’ by Robin Sharma is an ultimate story to know the real meaning of life and its value.It touched my heart to the very core.

Many questions which are befuddling in your mind about life might be resolved after reading this book.The title of the book is catchy and attractive which made me to ponder over and to unfold the mystery behind the cover.

This is a life saviour book,which can gift energizing beats to your life, if gulped down in a proper way.

This book might be the source to reach to the door of happiness where life is waiting for everyone.This book is the key to unlock the mystery of your life.A great effective book which holds the power to transform one’s life.

Robin Sharma’s book teach us many lessons .I think his books roll on the ‘red-carpet’.This one too.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

Review of ‘The Lost Years of Sherlock Holmes’

Author- Ted Riccardi


The Lost Years of Sherlock Holmes by Ted Riccardi falls light on that part of Sherlock’s life when he was supposed to be dead.But he had escaped from the clutches of his brutal enemy Moriarty ;Reichenbach Falls.The news of Sherlock Holmes death was widely spread throughout the world.

This book contains that adventures of Sherlock Holmes during the 3-year gap between his death & dramatic return.He had unfolded each & every adventure before his true friend Dr. Watson,which is profoundly narrated by Watson in this book.

He remained dead for the outside world, a disguised manner. He went to most of the isolated places including India,Nepal,Tibet etc. Where new detective mysteries were waiting for him.There,he had efficiently untangled all the criminal mysterious cases which laid before him.

If you are really a Sherlock Holmes fan,then this book is a must read.The stories have the effectiveness in themselves to make you adhere.

Ratings- 4/5

Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

Review of ‘What I Learned from the Richest Man in the World’

Author- Alan Cohen


‘What I learned from the richest man in the world’ by Alan Cohen is another gem in the list of ‘self-help’ books.

The title of the book seemed simply to be a philosphical book to me,where a rich man would taught few lessons to a normal guy.

But I was proved wrong.This is not just a philosphical book which would teach you some lessons or filled with inspirational quotes.But this is a book which is filled with some not so extraordinary storied yet presented in an extraordinary way,which will help one to learn a lot.

This is a story of a labourer and the CEO of that firm Mr. Everit,where the labourer learnt worthy lessons from Mr.Everit.The facts and stories told by Mr. Everit to the labourer seemed unbelievable to the labourer at times but everything seemed clear when the story came to an end.

The twist unfolded in the last chapter and it touched me most and it is really a crowny end.It was a wonderful journey.

A simple,short and emotional and inspirational story which made me glued to it till the end.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

Review of ‘Over The Top’

Zig Ziglar


‘Over The Top’ by Zig Ziglar is a life turner book and very genuisely written.’Moving from survival to stability,from stability to success,from success to significance.’ This quote itself says the definition of life and being in the top.

This book is filled with principles worth to incorporate in life.This book is one among those book I would like to include in my list of good ‘self-motivation’ books.Yes,I’ll put it in my top reading list.

This book focuses on how to become ‘best-fit’ in your field and how to build your image best in your work.

Zig Ziglar teaches many lessons through this book.He not only taught to be good in sales and marketing or in any particular field,but also in how we can live our life to the best.The principles taught in this book are purely motivational and highly influencing.

I’ve read a ‘self motivational’ book from this author for the very first time and I wish to read more books from the same author to make my life more energized.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

Review of ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’

Author- Robin Sharma


‘The Leader Who Had No Title’.I completely agree with the fundamental of the book that everyone is a leader in his/her own perspect and should act as a leader though no matter whether he/she has festooned with any title or not.

Robin Sharma’s books come with inspirational messages along with tactic story.’The Leader Who Had No Title’ is one of them.

Titles of his books are attractive and will insist your hands to hold and read it.Though the content inside it holds more and teaches one more.His words hold the power to change one’s mind,one’s life.

‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ is a story of a man named Blake Davis who worked in a bookstore after his parent’s death and was not so happy with his work.There he met with a guy, an old friend of his father Tommy Flinn and also the top salesman where Blake worked.Tommy Flinn helped him in gaining wisdom from four people Anna, Ty Boyd,Jackson Chan and Jet Brisley that he met within a day.The four people,were introduced to him by Tommy Flinn,they taught Blake different lessons on How to become a leader without a title and several do’s or donts telling him the story of their life how they had leaded their work and got extreme happiness by doing that.

Few thoughts were brilliant and beautiful as all of his book probed with great thoughts. The story wrapped up in a pretty good way but its not as much as helpful as his previous books.Though at some points I really felt encouraged and they were tactic but my expections were pretty high from him after reading his book ‘A monk who sold his ferrari’. I was expecting more from this book but its worth to read once.

Many of us take our work for granted and due to lack of our love towards our work we forgot to enjoy life.If you are going through the same condition then this is the book for you


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

Review of Love @ Air Force

Author- Gaurav Sharma


Love @ Air Force by Gaurav Sharma, is a heart touching and ravishing tale of 36 year old officer Dr. Shabd Mishra, presented in a very humorous way. Satisfactorily enjoyable with crunchy bites of laughter which is credited to the presence of Sushil- protagonist of the story. A reader is easily captivated as his eyes and heart are simultaneously glued to the book.

The protagonist of the story, sergeant Sushil works in the Air Force met his school friend Shabd there,a friend he has been separated from for 20 good years.
Despite not being fascinated to join the Air Force, Shabd’s true love towards Soumya from school days drags him to join the force.

In the middle, I thought the story would end up uniting Shabd and Soumya.But the entrance of a new character in the story Dr. Sarmishtha Banerjee,their school buddy gives new wings to the story.

My favourite character from the story is Sushil. The comic ambiance created by him after every few pages enthralled me most.

The author has done good research about life in defence, and to crown his effort- he excellently presents his findings in a fiction form. The author portrays his thoughts concisely and he has done justice with every character. I liked the poems he introduced in the book; apt for the tale.

The book is classically unique unlike most other love story books. It is a book written with good sense of humor,matured writing style and it is spicy like the love stories of years long gone.

Though the story somehow makes one sober, but the fragrance of true love perceived while perusing the book gladdens a reader.

A roller coaster ride of four school friends who are directly or indirectly connected to the Air Force. Yes,’Love@Air force’ is the most suitable title for the book. It is a very well narrated book, moistened with plethora of emotions.


Review of ‘I would rather be ‘His’ than ‘Hers’

Amit Kumar Singh
Amit Kumar Singh

Author – Amit Kumar Singh

After reading the title of the book, I was anxious to read its content. The title triggered the birth of many questions in my mind, but all forms of curiosity got vanished when I completed reading the book.

The novel is divided into five segments.

The first segment-‘Innocence,Purity and Freedom’ x-rays Amit’s school love spell. His attraction towards Sweety turns into infatuation and both of them later realize the space they are sharing with each other couldn’t be contained by love,it is simply infatuation and she ends up cheating on him.

The second segment-‘Thunderstock’
This segment reveals Amit’s college life. He finds himself matured enough to fall in the trap of love and fall for Akanshya,his college mate. His love life takes an evil turn when he discovers his best friend and Akanshya are having a romantic affair, and once again he ends up becoming the victim of unfaithfulness of love.

The third segment-‘The Scales’ pictures him falling again in love with Malvi. His academic life has become ruined due to his past, hence he becomes jobless and that tops the reasons why he is jilted by Malvi as she meets someone who can quench her luxurious thirst.

In the forth segment ‘The Changing Dates– He marries Swapna thinking this time he wouldn’t be cheated. But bad luck comes to play again as he loses his firm grip on Swapna.

All the four segments somehow depict the real tale of this modern era. In school days, when we are not capable enough to take care of ourselves,we opt to to create a new love relationship. And in college life where relationships are maintained on the cost of luxuries, we end up bending our comfort just to satisfy our love partners who are often lusty.

When Amit totally falls off the cliff, he finds someone to pick him up,someone who is truly in love with him.After meeting that genuine someone he realizes the true definition of love.

The author lays emphasis on the true definition of love. The author tries to reveal a crucial page of life and he succeeds despite being a debutant.

A fresh concept with unexpected and crowning end. The title is perfect for the story. The writer has succeeded in making it an easy read and proved himself by writing a balanced story.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

Review of ‘Killer In High Heels’

Killer in high heals

This is the second book in the High Heels series starring Maddie Springer. This one is even funnier than the first one! Lots of quirky antics,some things that I wasn’t expecting and some things I had figured out, but altogether entertaining. I was laughing out loud through the whole book, and literally couldn’t put it down.

L.A. shoe designer Maddie Springer was back. The story took place in Vegas with her family and friends. She hadn’t seen her father since he reportedly ran off to Las Vegas with a showgirl named Lola. So she was shocked when she got a frantic message from her dad on her answering machine -ending in a loud bang- not Faux Dad but Real Dad. Seeing how she hadn’t spoken to him in twenty something years, it came as a bit of a surprise.

Maddie once again proved herself to be analytical. She made tracks for Sin City in search of her MIA dad along with her best friend Dana, and Marco, who worked at her Mom and Faux Dad’s hair salon, all take off for Vegas.Maddie was valianty and inquisitive and eventually solved the enigma.She was sympathetic & concerned towards her dad.And that was the reason she decided to help & support him without giving a second thought to it inspite of the fact that her mother and father were living apart.She was indeed a kindhearted and a obliging girl. However, she was a normal person, like you and I but her instinctive powers made her a bit different from others. That made this series very gripping.That’s why I like her the most in the entire plot.

Her counterpart,Ramirez was a chivalrous man.He safeguarded maddie from every danger that crossed her way.He was always affectionate and gracious towards her.Even though maddie always refused to obey him & eventually gets in trouble Ramirez is always by his side & took the responsibility of her security.

At all times through maddie’s journey, her best friend Dana was with her.She was being a constant support no matter what circumstances were.Dana was humorous & audacious and came up with peculiar ideas.

The actors in the play were same as in the first book.From fearless maddie,dana,maddie’s anxious mom, persistent Mrs. Rosenblatt to the sexy LAPD officer Ramirez. Some were introduced for the first time. Such as the ostentatious Marco.They all were comical which made the story exciting.

There’s a plethora of adventure,exploits along with plenty of laughs. And watch out, there were a few surprises along the way as well.Overall the script was chucklesome & hilarious.

If you are looking for a book that is light, fun, but with some intrigue this maybe the book for you.I’d recommend it to any person who wants to read a chick-lit, cozy mystery.

Killer in High Heels was able to hold my attention.The end was quite unpredictable and you’ll be open-mouthed after identifying the real killer.For those who love romantic suspense I’m not sure this book will do it for you. It really doesn’t have much romance and the suspense is done all in fun. However if you want a light read you may really enjoy Gemma Halliday’s style of writing and brand of humorr.


Reviewed by Shivani Chouhan

Review of ‘Promise Of Death’

The promise of death

The Promise Of Death – Exploring the undiscovered country, obviously the title attracted me the most. It was driving me impatient to know the story behind the title.

The introduction of the book introduces to the meaning of death which in real manner is the introduction to the meaning of life. With his engima author has potrayed a true tale of our life very nicely.

He focused on behaviour of mind, importance of meditation in life and how it plays a vital role in being attentive. He illustrated that body is just the jacket of soul. It is a soul which lives forever leaving the jacket behind while entering in the new room.

He said that the ‘Whole Universe is a theatre of death’. Many such blunt thoughts are inscribed in this book. I liked the way author presented such vital yet confusing part of life in simpler words.

Eknath Easwaran’s thoughts about life and death are very clear. From the day we came to the earth to the day we seen off to the world he described some basic fundamentals to be involved in our existence on earth.
He mainly focused to clear the thoughts in understanding the illusion of life and death.

At last Eight-Point Program for spiritual growth are given which I liked the most and are worth to implement in life.

Most of the examples were taken from his own life. Though few more practical examples would make it more gripping and attractive. Philosphical books sometimes turn boring as it may lack curiosity and sometimes difficult to understand author’s point of view. Some points are very clear and presented in a very elegant way along with suitable examples.
This book might change your attitude towards life and death.

It involves quotes and sayings of some great people like Albert Huxley, Buddha, William Wordsworth and many others.

Best saying from the book I liked is
” Don’t trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.”

“Death should never be faceless; death is always personal.”


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

Review of ‘The Cosmic Clues’

Manjiri Prabhu
Manjiri Prabhu

‘The Cosmic Clues’ the first astro-detective book by Manjiri Prabhu is a spicy book having crisp crunch taste and feather reading.

A very interesting start and author has the aura to cleverly portray the characters. A very clever introduction and unsuspecting end gived the feather in author’s cap.

The protagonist of the story Soniya Samarth of Stellar Investigations who with the help of horoscopes, a rather different and unique way solves the mysteries which come her way very effluently and creates a prosperous essence in each unit. Mingling astro-detective she handled every case that came to her way decently. Her cat Nidhi,her assistant Jatin and her journalist friend Mohnish made a perfect combo. Few characters yet strong plot.

The author has very lucidly stitched the threads of suspense and thrill. Author’s way of explaining and holding suspense till the end is fantabulous. A smooth flow is maintained throughout the story. The mix of horoscope in solving the case is done elegantly. Her unique style of solving cases leads to the jaw dropping climax. All the stories stitched in different patterns yet strong, flavoured and beautifully coloured.

Rating- 4.9/5

The Cosmic Clues

Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

Review of ‘Spying In High Heels’

Gemma Halliday
Gemma Halliday

Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

‘Spying in high heels’ by Gemma Halliday is one of the most humorous mysteries I have ever read. And undoubtedly this one truly brought me smiles with every turn of the page.

This is a story of a shoe designer Maddie Springer who lives in L.A. where fashion plays a vital role in her life.I really find her funny and smart.She is logical enough to unlock all the mysteries which came on her way.She is a tough chick! Hence,she is my favourite character in the entire plot. She has a boyfriend named Richard.

Her life took an unexpected turn when suddenly her boyfriend disappeared along with $20 million of his company’s funds!But she didn’t give up. Instead of loosing hope, she solved the enigma. She was determined to track him down. She realized that her every move is under scrutiny by a private detective named Ramirez. The sexy LAPD detective Jack Ramirez, who just wanted Maddie to “go home and let him handle this,” which, of course, wasn’t going to happen. He was a man who had a sense of chivalry towards women, and that’s why I like him. The cops also wanted to arrest the killer along with maddie’s boyfriend Richard.The journey continued. In addition, Dana,maddie’s best friend also helped her in every way possible.

Dana was truly a true best friend. They exchanged silly stories,rely on each other & devise crazy schemes.The lovely bond between them was phenomenal which was quite impressive! Halliday does an excellent job of even taking characters who should be forgettable and adding extra dimensions to make them feel real. Not one of the characters fell particularly flat to me. Indeed,Maddie springer was a strong woman.She was kind of girl who doesn’t break down automatically even her life takes an unexpected turn.She was able to function well in certain situations. Everytime she risked her life but also managed to get out of the danger in any way possible.As she could count on Ramirez and he is a firm support for her, no matter how big or small the problem was!

Gemma had created characters who you connect with and want to learn more about.Their interaction with each other is hillarious. Maddie,her mother, Dana and her roommates, Ramirez and his family,and maddie’s grandmother. Mix of all this together and I’ve got an interaction of laughter and good times.

Later on things gets worse,when she came to know that her boyfriend lied,cheated and then ran off.The suspense was totally unpredictable for me.Halliday was successful upto a large extent to grab the attention of readers and to find out who the killer was! I consider it to be an awesome combination of thriller,suspense and romance if you like a perfect mix between chic let and mystery. If you like intriguing mysteries full of laughs and suspense then indeed it’s worth a read!


Spying in High Heels

Review of ‘Pebbles of Wisdom’


PEBBLES OF WISDOM is a compilation of quotes and insights by Sadhguru from several talks,sathsangs and discourses over many occassions and many years.

This collection of gems by Sadhguru is something that reminds the reader about ancient believes and mythologies.

Pebbles of Wisdom, a tiny book holds 108 strong strings of wisdom. These 108 pebbles of wisdom shows a mirror to life. A medicine to gulp down; let to heal the wounds of negative thoughts and come out with positivity.

It not only focuses on particular aspect but also gives a glimpse of other aspects of life.

108 quotes by Sadhguru ji, a yogi, Mystic, Visionary humanitarian who is a spiritual master with difference portrays some quotes relating them with examples. All the quotes has the power to change within oneself and to energises one’s soul by giving it a life.

It felt like every page has its own soul, every paragraph has its own lesson, every line has its own value, every word has its own magic and the way Sadhguru ji has blended them together constraining his thoughts of wisdom made it a magic book.

In short, this book has a mesmerizing power to empower your mind and to rekindle your hearts in very less words.

You can buy it from-


Interviewed by Shweta Kesari

Review of ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ by Og Mandino

The title says it all for this book- ‘The greatest salesman in the world’. Undoubtedly, the one who reads this book and implements the secrets held in the 10 scrolls would be a great salesman. But also anyone who would implement them would transform to be the greatest one in his/her field for sure.

The 10 secrets hidden in scrolls were-

1) Any act, with practice, becomes easy.

2) Let love be the weapon to open hearts.
3) Persistance breeds success.

4) Acknowledge your uniqueness.

5) Live each day as if it were your last.

6) Master your emotions and live with

7) Laugh often (Happiness is the wine that sharpens
the taste of the meal)

8) Compound your goals.

9) Take Action.

10) Call on the Lord to guide you.

This book is somehow reflecting the author’s life;how he knelt down in his life and how he grew up and became a successful writer.

The author could directly reveal the secrets of being great but he revealed along with a beautiful story which keeps the interest in reading alive throughout.

A short story equipped with great thoughts;a promising book and highly recommended.

Rating- 5/5


You can buy it from-

Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

Karma Kurry by Jeroninio Almeida and Jyoti Nanda

Cover of Karma Kurry

Karma kurry is a short anthological story for mind, body, heart and soul. All these stories will make your mind to ponder about the realities of life, order an action to your body, and pump up life to your heart. It will show you the images of well being…

This book deals with almost every phase of life.
It not just contains 26 different stories but 26 soulful, spirited tales that are as effective as medicines to one’s life.
It will push your arms to bring a change and let you work differentely as many qualified and unqualified people did to initiate a change in the life of those in need.

It has the captivating stories of the real heroes of the world.We admire actors or people in a particular fields,but often forget to admire the people who practise the highest morals of humanity.This book holds the admiration stories of such people.

This book contains the inspiring stories of Gul Panag,Geeta Chandran,Anita Pratap,Chewang Norphel and many others whom we know only by their professions but not by their personality.

My favourite quote from the book-

‘Life isnt about its share of hardships and challenges’


You can buy this book from-,-Body,-Heart-Jeroninio-Almeida,-hatke9788184954036–body–heart—soul/9788184954036

Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

Rise of the SUN PRINCE by Shubha Villas

In today’s fast pacing life, where people are engrossed in technology for hours, very few people get time to rejoice the juice of spirituality.This book is perfect to gain the knowledge of spirituality and to know about epic tales.

Though many movies and t.v. serials have been made on the same story, but this book has the spell to keep you absorbed in it, through the beautiful way of potraying the story. I got to know many things from this book, I didnt knew before.

The Rise of the Sun Prince is the part one (Bala Kanda) of the great Indian epic Ramayana as written by the sage Valmiki blended with a few anecdotes and enriched with excerpts from the Kamba Ramayana.

This book is a masterpiece, giving its reader a pace of understanding of the great epic ‘RAMAYANA’.

The author Shubha Vilas has unfolded the mysteries of the epic in the form of interesting stories with elaboration. His notes at the bottom of the pages are an added advantage for the readers who fall in the state of bewilderment.



You can buy it from-

Reviewed by Shweta Kesari