Review of Urmila

Urmila by Pervin Saket

Title : Urmila   Author : Pervin Saket     Book Blurb : Recapturing the mythical journey of love and longing in contemporary India. Inspired by the story of Lakshman’s wife from Ramayana, Urmila traces a tale of rejection and a woman’s passionate search for love, rekindling questions of devotion and desire.   The talented and … Read more

Review of I’m Not A Retard!

Title: I’m Not A Retard!   Author: Rajashree Anand     One of the crucial issues prevailing in the twenty first century is Cyber bullying. Misuse of social media and cell phones to harass people are contributing to an alarming number of cases which at times even lead to suicide. “I’m Not A Retard” focuses on the … Read more

Review of The Other End of the Corridor

Review of The Other End of the Corridor Title : The Other End of the Corridor   Author : Sujata Rajpal Blurb : When your dreams are tainted with lies and deceit, you have no other choice but to walk to the other end of the corridor   Leela has nothing extraordinary about her except the … Read more

Review of Without a GoodBye

Title :Without A GoodBye   Author : Swati Kumari         Blurb :  “27th October was like a normal weekend. Danica was in Patna with her uncle’s family. Before going for her competitive exam, she had called up her mother (Aarti) who lived in Fatehpur in a joint family. They had a regular … Read more

Review of Karna’s Alter Ego

Title: Karna’s Alter Ego   Author: Surendra Nath There are few stories that could link two individuals who belong to a different era. “Karna’s Alter Ego” is one of those books which involve some course of events in the protagonist’s life that highlight some of the most important lessons. A story that includes mythological  aspects of … Read more

Review of You are the Best Wife

Title : You are the Best Wife   Tagline : ..a true love story   Author : Ajay K. Pandey Stories possessing the power to reach many hearts are hard to find.After a long time, a book entered into my reading escapade which extended my love for books.’You are the Best wife’,is one such story … Read more

Review of The Flight of Hilsa

Title : Flight of Hilsa   Author : Amit Shankar     Blurb : What is happiness? A by-product of success or a state of mind? Flight of Hilsa explores and demystifies the same while tracing the story of Avantika Sengupta. As a creative soul – restless and opinionated- life to her has been unkind, … Read more

Review of No Love Stories, Please !

Title : No Love Stories, Please !   Author : Imran Siddiqui         Blurb :  “Many a times, it so happens in life that nobody is wrong. Nobody’s intention is wrong for anybody. Yet everybody is unhappy. The entire environment gets filled with frustration and negativity. It’s ok until this point. Yet … Read more

Review of Discover the Arjuna in You

Title : Discover the Arjuna in You Author : Satish Modh This book is designed as an 18=step guide to discover your true nature.But there are many obstacles to this process-beginning with the cowardice of not facing that deciding moment or moments in which you prove your potential.However, if you are willing to face such … Read more

Review of The Recession Groom

Review of The Recession Groom Title : The Recession Groom Author : Vani Kaushal Marriage poses many questions before bachelors- who would be the best life partner for him/her? What role does parents play in the game of hunting perfect match for their children? This book gives a real insight of the Indian marriages and … Read more

Review of Those were the days

Title : Those Were the Days Author : N.S Ravi ‘Those Were the Days’, a reminder or a mirror which reflects the shadow of India which has left behind by the time.The book traces facets of protagonist’s life where he has juxtaposed the present condition of India to that of the past, including all the … Read more

Review of Spilling Down the Wine Glass

Title: Spilling Down the Wine Glass Author: Pushpendu Mondal This piece of literature is based on three intertwined strands – Love, Politics and Revenge. The story is about how lives of certain people get connected through their twisted fate. The book not only has substantive love, but also contains other components like drama, friendship, emotions … Read more

Review of It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice

Title : It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice Author : Amisha Sethi The definition of ‘Life’ given by many,in one form or another,through examples or real stories,but that only proves to be worth,when reader could actually relate to it, and comprehend the meaning of Life,juxtaposing his/her life with the protagonist’s life.’It Doesn’t Hurt To Be … Read more

Review of Diary of an Immigrant Bride

Title : Diary of an Immigrant Bride Author : Nim Gholkar Blurb : 998 Australia. Anjali Jathar is looking forward to life as an immigrant bride following her arranged marriage to ambitious divorcee Ravi. Settling in, she explores not just a new culture but also her newfound freedom. But life is less than perfect. Ravi’s … Read more