Review of Urmila

Title : Urmila


Author : Pervin Saket




Book Blurb : Recapturing the mythical journey of love and longing in contemporary India.
Inspired by the story of Lakshman’s wife from Ramayana, Urmila traces a tale of rejection and a woman’s passionate search for love, rekindling questions of devotion and desire.


The talented and passionate Urmila Karmarkar has recently married into a wealthy, politically connected family in suburban Mumbai. When Urmila’s brother-in-law is compelled to move to Dubai, her husband leaves her behind and chooses to follow him instead. Fuelled by this rejection, Urmila seeks solace in her art as she battles to keep her dreams of love and motherhood alive, waiting for her husband to return.



My View : The story from the very beginning grabs reader’s attention displaying a different theme to them,and assuring that the journey ahead would be fruitful and worth their time.Turning the pages of the book didn’t hurt my hand, instead I was so eager to turn the pages and to found the twists it serves.


There is a great charm and piece in author’s writing style,such a charm would let you read his words even if the content is meaningless.Many a times, I found the content over-descriptive, but the way it has been laid down before readers forces them to read it and feel to the core.He lets out echoes of his heart which comes out very clearly and effectively.

Miniature details of the incidents are covered in this book,but they didn’t bore me for a second,they didn’t let me feel out of the place.The way all the incidents has been portrayed is flawless.Festooned with maturity and art,they lure readers and scratches their mind to guess how it would turn and what surprise it would have fore them.

I found the pace of the story very slow.It takes such tiny steps to reach to conclusion of one event,and sometimes some events doesn’t even act as an important part of the story.It feels good to read them,but at last while summarizing the story,they play no role, which acted as the hindrance in the reading journey.

The backbone of the story is the concept chosen by the author. The concept behind the book is logical and enthralling.When you finish, reading the book, you would feel that yes this what I can call a different take on literature.The plot and the events it has is interesting to cover.


10,20,30 pages or so but the fragrance loses its charm when I didn’t get something new to feed my mind.Episodes incorporated in this story somehow fails to amuse readers at its best because of the irrelevancy.Unresemble and irrelevant details brings a great clutter in the flow of the story.If the story have been narrated from an another point and making it move on the track, it will interest readers throughout the journey.


All in all, I found this book interesting and engaging.


Rating : 4/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Voices of the Silent Creek

Title : Voices of the Silent Creek


Author : Vikkas Arun Pareek




Blurb :

Shanti is married in a prominent family but her life will never be the same for a life thrusted on her for honour of the family. She accepts her life but will she let the same fate unfold for her younger sister?


Bhano discovers the horrors of her sister’s life. Will she be able bring justice to her sister’s life and her sacrifices?


Arti finds herself strangled with choices. Will she risk her life and her family’s life to help Bhano get justice or leave her helpless?


The story of set in rural India takes us through unimaginable yet common atrocities which a woman faces in today’s society. Will they fail to survive? Will they emerge stronger battling the troubles?



My View : 


Amidst so many books arriving in the market everyday,book with a different story is hard to find.Introduced with some little twists and turns,the same themes keep on repeating,and authors serve the same dish to the reader over and over again.These days you would find many books based on women empowerment theme,portraying her pain and the odds she has been through where her sanity being exposed.



‘Voices of the Silent Creek ‘ debut book of Vikkas Arun Pareek ,is one such attempt where author wants to reach many heart through the story of  Shanti.Let’s see what different and interesting author has in store for his readers.



The ambience of the village created by the author started to absorb reader’s attention from the beginning to the end.The minute description and actions of the characters are defined in such a manner that reader can very easily feel the essence of village.Call it his experience or research, the story seems cordial by the way it has been presented before readers.His writing style is uncomplicated and straightforward, and that very thing makes the journey even more light.



The story travels on a single track, it,not for a single moment, losses its track, and that’s why author has managed to make it fast-pacing.The story is crafted with adroitness. Irrelevant or uninvited doesn’t participate in the story, instead each of the part plays their  role quite well in order to complete the story and to make a lasting effect on reader’s mind.He makes the narration in such a way that it provides regularity in the flow.



The theme as already told is common,but given author’s honest attempt towards this book,this book needs to be read, and Shanti’s story need to be heard,stories like these offers us a chance to know the story happening in villages,or may be this is the story happening in the home next to you, or you might be playing the role of a silent spectator. Shanti’s story would make you feel to take a step ahead,and makes you aware about the happenings with people,of which you might not aware of.



Rating : 4/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

Review of I’m Not A Retard!

Title: I’m Not A Retard!


Author: Rajashree Anand




One of the crucial issues prevailing in the twenty first century is Cyber bullying. Misuse of social media and cell phones to harass people are contributing to an alarming number of cases which at times even lead to suicide. “I’m Not A Retard” focuses on the problem of cyber bullying and how it can affect the victims. It’s a simple story that is actually a source of awareness of cyber crimes soaring for everyone.


Blurb: Tormented by a group of cyber-bullies in Smithsonian College, Katya Mishra reaches out to Tara Ghosh. Her appeal is marked “spam” by the journalist, who’s caught in her own world of choices: career, family and newfound love. Matters were also getting worse in South Hall for Ralph Archer who was already a victim of ‘a host of hate-pages on FB’. Can each of them find solutions to their problems and solve those of others?

“I’m Not a Retard!” seeks to make people aware of the downsides of this newly-found medium of expression and is the voice of silent rebellion from the many students and adults faced by instances of cyber-bullying in their lives.

Through an interplay of narrative voices, the reader is taken on a voyage, experiencing the twists and turns of characters who meander through the complex intricacies and ironic shortcomings of the cyber-world.


My View: At first glance, the unusual title and attractive cover grabbed my attention towards it. The short and catchy blurb made me more likely to want to read it. These three elements gives a slightly intriguing scenario.


The book comprises of different stories of different people amalgamated in a certain way. The instances from a school and college are elucidated in the book. The story is composed of various difficulties faced by the teachers and students. However, the matter of concern remains the same i.e. the cons of cyber world.


There are compelling characters in the book which contain a little bit of us. The day to day problems and worries are illustrated in a interesting manner. Such as the bewilderment of perceived career-related choices, peer pressure, the expectations parents have for their kids and several frequent human feelings and emotions.


The plot is well crafted. It emphasizes on the severe consequences of digital persecution on the youth. It expounds how cyber bullying is linked to depression in teenagers. Moreover, it results into public humiliation, emotional and mental breakdown, insecurity and despair. The author brings out the problem along with the solutions to it. How people can reach out for help and share their stories is also delineated in the book. I liked how the author has improvised this issue in such a riveting way.


The author adopted a pleasant and simple writing style. The sensitive issue of dealing with cyber crimes has been well presented.


The story is divided into four parts. It’s a fast paced book with a number of questions going through the reader’s mind. Although, the beginning doesn’t give the idea of the plot and it may seem indistinct. Indeed, the climax is powerful which instills a sense of understanding related to the drawbacks of internet and social media world.


It’s a fresh script with a strong subject. I would like to congratulate the author for drawing attention to a serious predicament in the present era.


Altogether, it’s a entertaining story with a message to be cautious of cyber bullies. Recommended to everyone out there!


Rating: 4/5


Reviewer: Shivani Chauhan

Review of I Inspire

Title : I Inspire


Subtitle : A Unique Treasure Hunt


Author : Megha Bajaj




Blurb : 

A must-read for anyone who has ever rolled their eyes skyward and asked, “Hey God, is there like a road map to life?”

Srinagar was dressed in her autumn best. Like blushing brides, the trees were clothed in bright red, their graceful limbs swaying eagerly forth in the wind, and then, as if suddenly recalling their modesty, holding back just a bit.

Neerja’s grandmother was busy in the kitchen. The smell of pickles enticed the chubby little girl and she walked in to watch the elderly woman create magic with her wrinkled hands. Every now and then, she would steal a piece of sour green mango, flick it into the air and catch it in her mouth. The taste was heaven… pure heaven.

“Oh nani, I love you!” Neerja sighed. “This is the greatest treasure you could ever give me!”

“Oh, no, my little one”, replied her grandmother, beating masalas into a bowl to marinate the cut raw mango pieces. “Raw mangoes are not the greatest treasure.”

“I give up Nani! Tell me, tell me now, what is the greatest treasure?”

Equal parts humorous and soul-stirring, the deeply personal and disturbingly honest I Inspire reveals how the human spirit is much, much bigger than anything it endures.


My View : The story welcomes reader with an amusing part of Neerja’s childhood, nothing would be much better to inaugurate this story,perfect start.I loved meeting Neerja’s family member as much as I started loving her. The story is being portrayed in such a manner that slowly and steadily you would find yourself  dissolved in the story as sugar gets in water.


Little but cute snaps from Neerja’s life loathed me to the core,the way she looked and judged the incidents of life touched my heart.The way Megha has done the juxtaposition of little-little nuances of life is very likeable.It helps to relate with the protagonist completely,working as a cherry on the top of the cake.


Going through Neerja’s story, doesn’t just inspire you,but entertain you at the same time.The way she responds to life, even though what life has offered her, makes a very positive image of her on reader’s mind.Only personality like her know,what life is, and how to live it at its best.Counting all the odds, she travels on the path of light, enlightening her life,and becoming an inspirational model for many others.


Megha just not conveys Neerja’s words in this book, but she has done her best to make this story look like told by Neerja only.She has injected life into it, her words can be felt, and can be related ,and her efforts can be noticed when one can connect to the incidents narrated in the book with ease.She wanted the story to reach to many hearts, and that’s why she adorned her writing style with simple words, making it less complex for novice to complete the journey, and her narrating fashion is matured enough that ardent readers would feel comfortable while sailing.


Wonderful and inspirational read!


Rating : 4.5/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

Review of The Other End of the Corridor

Review of The Other End of the Corridor
Title : The Other End of the Corridor


Author : Sujata Rajpal

Blurb : When your dreams are tainted with lies and deceit, you have no other choice but to walk to the other end of the corridor


Leela has nothing extraordinary about her except the dream to become famous. Her desires take wings when she gets married to a handsome boy from a respectable family in Delhi. But her dreams are shattered even before they have a chance to take flight.
She happens to meet two friends from a long forgotten past, which infuses hope and opens new avenues to realize her dormant aspirations.


Leela delves into previously unexplored paths of deception and forbidden passions that only make her stronger.


In an attempt to rediscover herself, she falls in love with life and with herself but her life takes a sudden turn again…


No matter what, Leela will continue to chase her dreams.


Where does this journey take her?


My View :


The exemplar of the story,Leela, poses as the sturdy character throughout the story,being the target of the people’s actions.Her story inspires at many points,the curves and the zig-zag in the life she has discovered, and her actions on the reactions,made her stand among many other,many has gone through the same reactions, but her actions made her different , and that’s why her story needs to be heard.



Her writing style has the quality of delighting reader’s mind,no matter the amount of simplicity she has stirred in her words,her narration soothes the reading journey to a great extent.Simple yet well-articulated,she creates a comfortable ambiance for the readers belonging from any background.Novice or ardent ,be it anyone, the grace in her work is made to reach everyone’s heart.



Authoress has presented each of the events very lucidly and in a bewitching fashion. She injects life in each of her words, which makes it easy to relate with the story, and on the other hand, connectivity with the reader and the protagonist go strong.The series of events lined for readers are moderate in nature, they are neither too new and exciting to hear nor boring or dull instead they played their role in quite an effecting manner to complete Leela’s story.



The only loophole, I gathered from the book is the plot of the book and theme chosen by the author which is very common in nature.We could find the story enveloped in many other books,and so much could be predicted in advance that the book losses its essence in between.


A good read showcasing the tipsy-turvy curves of woman’s life.
Rating : 3.6/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Without a GoodBye

Title :Without A GoodBye


Author : Swati Kumari






Blurb : 

“27th October was like a normal weekend. Danica was in Patna with her uncle’s family. Before going for her competitive exam, she had called up her mother (Aarti) who lived in Fatehpur in a joint family. They had a regular conversation and ended the call. Aarti said that she would call Danica after her exam, in the evening.

In the evening Danica called her mom, but both her mobiles were switched off.

She called her aunt and was informed that Aarti had been missing since afternoon.

What happened to her? How can the thread that unites a family completely break with this sudden incident?

Does ending one’s life really end the problems?
Is giving up, the only solution to the problem?

A daughter and a mother. This is story of a life. You choose to live or to die.



My view : ‘Women’ has always been treated as piece of toy.Authoress Swati Kumari in her debut book, showcases the condition of women in present scenario.She talks about society’s reaction and relative’s support, when a woman goes through a critical phase of her life.Albeit, the story might be a story of many homes,authoress took her pen to let the voice of her hear reach to the readers’.

 Writing Style : Her writing style is way simple. She has used very simple words that even a school kid would comprehend it easily or may found it way simple.She doesn’t festoon her thoughts with opulent words and imaginative comparison.

 Narration: The pace of the story is good,it doesn’t take much time to come to a conclusion of one event.Although at places, it wonders over unwanted details,but it doesn’t go into the depth of the scene.It felt like the story was written and crafted in a hurry,the little-little notches that reader seeks in a story to connect to it is missing. I was not able to connect with the protagonist completely.

 Plot : Authoress has taken a wise decision to portray the present in the beginning,and the past chapters after that,that very thing can make reader wait for the story to end,wait to unveil the story of Danica’s mother.It seemed that Danica is the protagonist, but the real protagonist is her mother,the pain she has been through being a woman.This story also showcases the bond between a mother and a daughter.The book also talks about some societal norms relating it with the protagonist’s life,but some of them doesn’t set a foot in the story,if excluded,it makes the story on the track,because I guess all the readers are very well aware of such societal norms.So,that worked as the fillers,and nothing more.
And if her intention was to aware the readers about the same,she should have adopted a different approach to put forward her views,that would be successful to cast a positive impact on reader’s mind.

In the beginning, her words seemed to be focused on gaining sympathy for women rather than showcasing their positive points.It would feel okay, if that would be coming from story, but not portrayed directly,but the way she has conveyed the message in the beginning, it didn’t make a good impact on reader’s mind.Only in the end, authoress words came out as a sure shot,her motive of giving a message to readers reached successfully. The end of the story is effective and gives a very nice and impactful message to the readers.


What I expect from authoress from her next piece : Great attention need to be paid while working on a novel, a tiniest thing can make story look unreal,and that happened with her debut book as well.In the part,where Danica’s mother was narrating her story through the words written in her diary,she had said once,’in those days mobile was not in use that much’,if she had written at that time,how come she knew that mobile would be a core part in the coming years.Such little little events are noticed here and there that extracts the essence of realness from the story.




Rating : 3.3/5




Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Interview with Mr. NS Ravi

Interview with Mr. NS Ravi

  1. Give us an insight into your character and personality.


I was born in Calcutta and after first five years spent the next  eighteen years in Delhi as I breezed through my school and college years, before moving around south and west of the country and world in professional capacity. I am thus an out and out cosmopolitan whose character & personality has been influenced by this constant moving and interaction with people of different regions and perceptions. I am a reasonably balanced straightforward person, finicky about time who does not like dishonesty. I have a very high place for my family, friends and country.




  1. What brought you to writing?


My coming to professional writing was a chance development. It was built on a desire to set right the lack of information on the country’s evolution over the last fifty years amongst present day youth.



  1. What qualities you think every writer should possess?


Dedication and confidence with patience to verify facts before banking on them. But then this is true now for every profession and the facilities that are at our command in today’s world of technology are phenomenal.



  1. How do you choose a writing niche?


The subject matter tackled decides the niche for one’s writing. A non-fiction has a different and limited audience whereas fiction has wider range of possible readers. You can twist facts to your convenience in a fiction but in non-fiction at best you can have your opinion and interpretation without being able to alter facts.



  1. Tell us something about your first piece of writing i.e. “Those were the days.”


My first book is a culmination of a thought process which began as a result of variety of discussions I had with some young impressionable executives who were working with me when I was leading a forced bachelor’s life for nearly four years and with whom I had regular discussions on a variety of subjects concerning our country. The discussions made me feel that there was serious communication gap which existed in their understanding of how our country has evolved in the last fifty years. These were well educated qualified engineers and management graduates who had read whatever had been offered to them as a part of their curriculum which unfortunately ignores this crucial aspect of our evolution.



  1. Did you expect something whilst writing your first novel?


Everyone expects something for his efforts and I am no exception. My expectation was and is a function of how well the book would be perceived and received. As of now most people who read it have complemented me .For those who are in the age bracket of 35 plus it helps them to recall their own experiences and for the younger generation an insight into something which is not found in text books.






  1. What makes the book unique and special?


For me it is unique and special because it is a culmination of a process which when I started I was not sure about. It is also unique and special from the reader’s point of view because it will touch a chord in the life every reader who would have gone through similar experience.



  1. According to you, what readers would love about the story?


I would think they would like every bit of it since it is not anything controversial where there could be different interpretations. People would have definitely heard some part of what is written and able to connect with something they would have geard from their parents and elders in the family.



  1. Name some of your most liked books and writers.


I started my book reading habit with the Ramayana and Mahabharata written by Rajaji .For me these two books still hold a special place for the lucid style in which the author has narrated well known stories underlying our Indian way of life emphasising victory of good over evil. Thanks to book lending libraries of my time I could read lots of comics before graduating to books. Even today I will pick up an Archie or Dennis whenever I can lay hands on them.


I have over the years read a lot for pleasure and my reading has progressed as years passed by. I have read murder mysteries by Gardner, Christie, Rex Stout, Chase, Doyle, Wallace and many others. I graduated to reading Cronin. Maugham, Wodehouse, Henri Cecil etc before moving on to big league writers like Mclean, Uris, Wallace, Segal, Archer, Ludlum, Follet, Forsyth, Higgins, etc. Of late I read a lot of Indian authors and am partial to the new interpretations being attempted of our ancient scriptures.


I always consider myself to be lucky that I have this habit of book reading as it helps in spending time usefully.



  1. Would you like to brief us about your upcoming projects?


I have just finished my first fiction and it is now with my publisher who has to take a call on how and when this would be taken forward. It is based on our film industry. I have two more books on which I am working at present. Both are fictions.One owes its origin to our textile industry .For the other I am using my African experience as a story source.




Review of Karna’s Alter Ego

Title: Karna’s Alter Ego


Author: Surendra Nath


There are few stories that could link two individuals who belong to a different era. “Karna’s Alter Ego” is one of those books which involve some course of events in the protagonist’s life that highlight some of the most important lessons. A story that includes mythological  aspects of human life, the gods and mankind, which is source of inspiration to a certain extent.


Blurb: Karna, the ill-fated hero of Mahabharata. Many feel he deserved to win. If only luck had favoured him…

5000 years later, we have a man named Vasu, who is much like Karna – illegitimate birth, very talented but denied all credits in life, rejected in love, misses a medal in the Asian games, gets caught for telling an innocent lie, overlooked for promotion. He begins to identify himself with Karna, and interestingly Karna appears to him after every debacle to assuage and encourage him.

It seems Vasu is Karna’s alter ego.


My View: Definitely, the author chose a different subject for writing, which is noteworthy. The story mainly comprises of two characters, Karna and Vasu Sen, which establish a unique connection. Vasu’s life comprises several hardships and he has to deal with disappointments that compound into sorrow and despair. Amidst these troubles, Karna enters into his life as a confidant. From that point of time, Vasu turned on to Karna for any of his problem or bewilderment. Right from his childhood, Karna was his guide.


Talking about the first impression of the book, the catchy title drew my attention towards it. However, I felt that the cover could be more attractive. The blurb is short but, gives the reader a sense of excitement.


The characters in the book are quite interesting. The protagonist resembles Karna a lot. He belongs to a poor family but, his persistent efforts, dedication and sharp mindedness is very much similar to Karna, who was a warrior in Mahabharata. Despite of all the sufferings, Karna insists him to have hope and move forward in life. Besides, the protagonist’s wife and family members seem to fit well in the plot.


Karna’s appearances before Vasu change his perspective about life. The dialogues between the two having the conversation about quotidian situations of life, are captivating and solves many queries that often go through our mind.


Several anecdotes mentioned from the epic Mahabharata are intriguing. I liked how they are well put together. Moreover, the ones who are not familiar with the incidents and characters of Mahabharata can refer to the references on the last pages of the book. These short instances in the book also show the author’s deep research.


The story line is based on myths and traditional stories, this would not necessarily appeal to everyone who is not fond of reading religion and mythology based books. One may interpret it to be a history book, but there’s a powerful message in it. Furthermore, it gives insightful details about the great epic Mahabharata, which reveals so much about Karna and other characters. The zeal to learn from every struggle and finding good in everything is something that I have comprehended after going through the story.


Altogether, it is a unusual and motivating story. The ones who are keen to find out about hindu mythology and narratives can certainly give it a read.


Rating: 3.5/5


Reviewer: Shivani Chauhan

Review of You are the Best Wife

Title : You are the Best Wife


Tagline : ..a true love story


Author : Ajay K. Pandey

Stories possessing the power to reach many hearts are hard to find.After a long time, a book entered into my reading escapade which extended my love for books.’You are the Best wife’,is one such story which most of the Indian readers starve to read.It has all those elements an Indian reader seek for, a simple and soothing writing fashion,relatable story,friendliness and connection with readers in a proper manner, drenched with ocean of emotions and strewn with humour and inspiration .




Blurb : Ajay believes in living for himself; Bhavna teaches him to live for others. Ajay is a planner for life; Bhavna makes him live in every moment.


You are the Best Wife is a story of two people with contradictory ideologies who fall in love. It changes them for good. It changes the way they look at the world and the way the world looks at them. Until destiny reveals its plans.


This is a true inspiring story of the author and his struggle with life, after his beloved wife left him halfway through their journey. But her last words, ‘you are the best husband’ gave him the strength to live on, and fulfil his promise of love.


Told with frankness and doses of humor, this heart-warming tale of a boy and a girl who never gave up on their love in face of adversities, ends on a bittersweet and poignant note as Ajay comes to terms with the biggest lesson life has to offer.


My view : 


The moment I received this book,I don’t why, but I was so enthralled to make myself surrender to the author’s words, and found a new life in it.The tagline’a true love story’,makes a lasting impression on reader’s mind even before  starting the story,these words keep on whispering in the whole journey.To a great extent, the three external elements of the book, the cover, title and the blurb states as how the story would roll and what it would be all about.


The book is written in so simple language, yet so cozily coated with words,that any Indian reader  would feel the comfortableness and friendliness author has taken care for readers.All the words followed the voice of his heart.Such is the essence of real story.His writing style is so genuine and friendly in nature that the story goes from heart to heart.

In the last few pages,I was just a reader,a reader who is able to connect to author’s words, a reader who can feel everything,a reader who can see soul in the story,a reader who could relate to each of its phase, a reader who loved the time spending with this book, a reader who seeks for books like this.His story for some time numb the reviewer in me.


This is not just a book, this is a love of best wife’s best husband’s who wanted to bring her wife again to this world,and meet different souls.  I feel like I lost track of words while writing review of such books.I apologize to author in advance,if I’ve done any mistake to rationalize it, but the finger goes to you as well,because you are the one who wrote such a book,that forbid me to think anything but the story. I couldn’t think of noting down any points while reading this book.The reader in me always crave for books like this.I thank you author from the core of my heart for penning his story.


I couldn’t rate this book,such stories couldn’t be rated,they are beyond the numbers.I think this very statement sums up my views about this book.



For all the ‘I too had a love story by Ravinder’s Singh’s fan,I’m pretty sure this book would be the next book in your favourite list.


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Legacy

Title : LEGACY


Author : Mohan Prasad




In today’s era youngsters lack the maturity and understanding.  They really don’t know what is happening in the outer world and what had happened in the past. The history of their nation is still unknown to some of them. Through this book author has illuminated  some parts of the history sailing around a very nice story.


As the blurb goes : The search is on, not for something concrete but abstract. Anita and Darshan, two teenagers in love, explore the land they love and the people they live among, driven by their dreams of making an ideal society out of a chaotic India. They learn from their own heroes-thankfully India abounds in great men and women. But fate betray them. Their ideologies diverge and the road forks.

Darshan ends up an acclaimed healer; Anita becomes a dreaded Naxal Strategist. Love, both presence and absence of it; runs through the tale, while Indian history unfolds for a free, but confused generation.


If we focus on the meaning of the title then it has several meanings. But which one is really related to the book? Well the readers out there you can only find out the answer of this question when you start travelling through the different chapters of the book which are sketched by the author. The meaning according to me is –‘something handed out from an ancestor from the past’ as the story focuses on the adulthood memories of Shankar (protagonist’s father) and flashbacking about the historical events.



The language of the book is simple which makes it easy for novice readers to complete the reading journey without any hindrance. The blurb of the book is effective and is enough to tell a reader what is covered up in the book. And after going through the book blurb, the reader will be hinged with the book in no time. The story is quite adventurous and swivels around the incidents of Darshan’s life who along with his love wants the things happening around his country sway in different way.


The narration done by the author provides a smooth flow to the story. Author has done a good work in this book. I must say he had gone over with a fine tooth comb to submerge his thoughts in this book. If the reader loses attention while reading the very first chapter of the book then it will be difficult to understand the later part. This book needs a lot of attention at some places to grab the things in mind.


In the beginning, protagonist thinks about the time when his father was telling him his story and the past events which he had faced and learned. The way a small child asks questions in the book is commendable showing the feeling of curiosity. This feature of the book will clasp a reader’s mind and will make the reader hooked from the beginning till the end. Author’s efforts and skills of relating the story with the Indian history makes the book an interesting read.


A story having pinch of love, hope, sufferings, teachings and history. Recommended to patriotic and all the history lover readers out there.


Rating : 4.5/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of The Flight of Hilsa

Title : Flight of Hilsa


Author : Amit Shankar




Blurb : What is happiness? A by-product of success or a state of mind? Flight of Hilsa explores and demystifies the same while tracing the story of Avantika Sengupta. As a creative soul – restless and opinionated- life to her has been unkind, even in her chosen career, painting. A chanced encounter with the boat owner ; some twenty years her senior, changes everything. With a new fond ‘success mantra’ and the ‘boat guy’ by her side, she starts striding towards her long-cherished notion of happiness-of being rich and famous painter. But will the Hilsa discover her true calling and happiness? A gripping tale till the end.


My view : You might heard of choosing your interest as a career is the best option to collect the creeper of progress in your success garden. To do what you love will drive you to the path of success as interest and love for your work is necessary to detangle the knots of your success rope. But what if even after trying hard at your work you are unable to locate the success and achievements? The story is portrayed to answer this question and is based on the theme of acquiring success and erasing the tints of failure.



After reading the title, the very first question which might strike the reader’s mind is that ‘What is the meaning of Hilsa?’ But as soon as the reader starts the reading journey, the answer of the question will travel the reader’s mind which is mentioned with a clear understanding in the beginning. The title “Flight of Hilsa “chosen by the author is perfectly suited to the story and relates to the story when the story takes over all the chapters to reach its end. By the end reader will understand that the word ‘Hilsa’ is used to address the protagonist. The cover of the book is again a confusing cover likewise the title. The story doesn’t contain any fish but the fish in water on the cover of the book is depicting something about the story which is unclouded when the story becomes crystal clear at the edges of reader’s mind.



The story is about the journey of Avantika tracing out the curves of her professional as well as personal life.She faces so many ups and downs regarding her career and her love life. Her life takes a new turn when she met with a Captain. After which she understands all the doubts and qualms related to her life which oozes in her mind. The end will clear all the shades of the story when the reader will read the letter written by Captain along with Avantika. The best part of the story is letter of the captain which is filled with love, hope and teachings. The last words of the letter leaves reader with such emotions and sentiments,that the letter acts as the elixir of the story.


The story is divided into chapters, and each chapter starts with a new episode and at the end it is very finely connected to the former one. I found some of the chapters lighting a new spark of confusion which may fire a question in reader’s mind, but the connectivity of the chapters at the end will clear all the doubts and questions.



The writing style of the author is moderate in nature, but is firm enough to sail smoothly. The narration of the story weakens at times making its flow unsmooth. Although the articulations of the sentences are very much impressive and catchy that it will nudge reader’s mind to trace out the fragrance of the buds which are about to bloom in the story.


A story emblazons with  balls of love, friendship and faith which rolls around protagonist’s life.


Ratings : 4/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of The Unwanted Shadow

Title : The Unwanted Shadow


Author : Bhaskaryya Deka




Blurb : 


Mohan, a small town boy, is nothing but hopeful when he moves to Delhi to complete his education. After all, this is what he had always planned to do, to take a leap towards his big dreams. And for once he finds his new life to be absolutely lovely, like he has often pictured it would be.


But this good phase doesn’t last long. His life is soon shattered to pieces when his first relationship meets a tragic end. A sadness like he had never known before overwhelms him, keeping him wide awake at nights. But it is just the beginning, beginning to a terrible chain of events that would lead him to a deadly confrontation with his own dark past.


Will Mohan be able to overcome this darkness? Will he ever get solace? Or will his innocence be lost in the intense colour of blood?


My View : 


External elements : The cover design of the book is simple but it compliments the title very-well.The title seems catchy which initially didn’t hint much about the story, but after going through the book,you would find it apt for the story,it indirectly titles the protagonist’s life.


Internal elements : 

Author’s imaginations coiled up to prepare a copacetic story-line.In the beginning, it seems like any other story,an ordinary story-line,but the moment it reaches the halfway,thrill and excitement is what it served to the  reader.Series of incidents author has presented before reader where all of them prove their worth and validness.It was not at all predictable that it would take a turn like that.The ups and downs,and the curves of the life’s of the protagonist’s is told in such a manner that it captivates reader’s attention throughout.



His narration style is simple and good enough to comprehend properly what he wants to convey to his readers.The suspense and excitement it holds for readers supports in providing an effective end to the story.The connectivity and the relationship that authored has knitted between the protagonist and the reader is laudable.His words doesn’t roam  around aimlessly neither did his thoughts, the story paces on the single, and in the constant speed.



I found the end very enthralling,it has so many in store for reader that readers won’t expect this much from the way it proceeds in the beginning.Suspense of the book is very well hidden from readers,it was not at all expected,that the story would turn like this,surprising readers and winning their heart.The sudden twist that the second half of the story took, is what I call backbone of the story.Initially, that felt a little weird,I thought it has lost track,but later on the events I discovered amazed me.


Author’s debut book definitely invites many readers,and I’m sure his writings would do wonder in future.Impressed by his skills and the way he plays with words.



Mellow, Compelling and puissant.Highly recommended!



Rating : 4.45/5



Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

Review of No Love Stories, Please !

Title : No Love Stories, Please !


Author : Imran Siddiqui






Blurb : 

“Many a times, it so happens in life that nobody is wrong. Nobody’s intention is wrong for anybody. Yet everybody is unhappy. The entire environment gets filled with frustration and negativity. It’s ok until this point. Yet as things continue, to see each other happy, one of them becomes bad in the eyes of the other and even starts doing bad things, just to see the other person happy.

Perhaps seeing these sad conditions of a human being’s life Shakespeare has said,
“Time itself is corrupt.” He adds that there is no such thing as a hero or villain, as most of the time a hero is not a hero, but a villain. Sometimes, the villain himself turns out to be a hero, which means sometimes in just one character, we find both the hero and the villain. It is just not possible to imagine a hero and a villain as a separate entity, because time itself is corrupt.


My view : 

A very tempting cover snatches reader’s attention from everything else.For a romantic-novel reader, the cover works as a fuel and ignites the fire within him/her to fetch the content  author has kept for them behind the cover the very moment. Even the title seems very pleasing and attractive and forces reader’s mind to wonder about the recipe author has in store for his readers.


All the stories that it comprises of are already told in same or another way.I couldn’t feel the freshness in the plot,and the art to mold the story in an artistically way so that reader could enjoy the fruit with some flavour is all missing.His manner of presenting thoughts before readers lacks maturity.His style of portration seems simple,but it fails to cuddle readers in its arms.Even the conversation seems lifeless.The soul of the book is somewhere missing.


Excessive use of words like anyways,actually doesn’t feel friendlier,it breaks the connection between the reader and the author, the connection that the whole bunch of words tried to do for so long.In almost every fifth paragraph, I could point this word,’anyways’ which irked me to a great extent,that I felt like removing all the’anyways’ from  the book then and there itself.



Finishing and smoothing is required in the work along with humour, if it wants to emblazons before readers.It might work for a novice reader,but I don’t think any ardent reader would find this book worth of his/her time.Some of the stories may enchant readers at some place or other.


More efforts are required from author’s side.I think reading and comprehending from the other’s writings could do a great great to his skills.He just need to polish what he knows.



Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

Review of Checkmate

Title : Checkmate 


Author : Hrishikesh Joshi





Blurb : An upright judge is used as a pawn by the terrorists to hijack a plane. The militants strike with vengeance to free their most dangerous fidayeen from the Indian prisons, as they hold a hundred passengers in the plane to ransom. Calling the shots for jihadis from Pakistan is once upon a time the right hand man of Osama Bin Laden and now the most dangerous terrorist in the world, Muhammad Zia ul Afridi. With the Prime Minister in a soup, there is only one man to stop the diabolical scheme of the dreaded jihadis—Vikram Roy, chief Secretary of RAW, a dashing young man of action. As the Prime Minister is about to surrender the prisoners, Vikram Roy discovers the most shocking truth about activities inside the RAW. The weary nation holds its breath as the fate of a hundred hostages and the prisoners hangs in a limbo. However, the events that are about to follow are so unforeseen that they shock everyone to the core.



My view :The way events have been bonded together makes a great connectivity with the reader. To add one more star to it,events possess the strength to deliver something fruitful to reader.Even the link between sentences is maintained quite shrewdly,while reading it one doesn’t feel like linking is missing. The crunchiness of the story is maintained throughout,not a moment it felt like the story has lost some good content or lost the track.


I wish the cover could have given a classy look to this book,although ‘One shouldn’t judge the book by it’s cover’,but its the cover that catches the reader’s attention at first.So,it doesn’t harm to have a good story along with a good cover.


The art of presenting events before readers is praise worthy,author has portrayed the scenes in such a manner that readers could relate to the scenes,visualize them easily,that too without any presence of uninvited content.  Conversations are valid and spiced up with flavours required to make a good impact on reader’s mind and acting as a good support to the story.



From the plane being hijacked to the use of Chief Justice in their mission,a proper ambiance is created by the author.His words shot at the proper place, and gives a real touch to his thoughts.A powder of anxiety mixed in his words works at its best to make readers hooked to it until they found out the answers raising in their mind.Incidents incorporated in the book are interesting in nature,although many of them you might have seen the watched or read about it,but to me,they are interesting enough to keep my interest alive and strong enough to garb my attention.



It was the first time I was reading a story based on ‘plane-hijack’ theme,and I found the narration extremely lenient to let me gross into it.  Being a debutant,the kind of maturity author has shown in all the elements he has poured in his book is really appreciable.From the storyline to the narration,from articulation to amalgamation of fruitful events,from connectivity to readers to connection between events,author marks a level from his debut.


Working on such kind of story couldn’t be purely imaginative,scenes need to be scratched from experience and research,and that makes a whole lot of work to do, until and unless one belongs to the same field.Author’s work shows the amount of hard work he has stirred in this book. The touch of Islamic, Jihadis is astutely painted.Characters speak of their traits in a very-well manner.  The pace of the story is conventional,moving on a single track,it chooses a safe and convenient road to cover the journey.


A good read, and recommended to those who like the story based on the theme!


Rating : 4.1/5



Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

Review of Discover the Arjuna in You

Title : Discover the Arjuna in You

Author : Satish Modh


This book is designed as an 18=step guide to discover your true nature.But there are many obstacles to this process-beginning with the cowardice of not facing that deciding moment or moments in which you prove your potential.However, if you are willing to face such moments, the way Arjuna did, you can discover who you really are and strive for victory,wealth and wisdom.

As the blurb of the book goes :DISCOVER ARJUNA.

Since time immemorial, Arjuna has come to embody strength, courage and valour. Legend has it that the great warrior from the epic tale Mahabharata, had excellent visual skills as demonstrated through the fabled Bird’s Eye shot. The stories of his sharp-sightedness and heroism have spread far and wide. Each one of us have Arjuna’s unwavering gaze to focus on our target and endeavour for the best. However, in our own lives, we are often unable to achieve our aims; we fail the allegorical Bird’s Eye test.

Discover the Arjuna in You, based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, takes us through various phases of Arjuna’s life. It engages in the deeply philosophical conversations between Krishna and Arjuna on life lessons, and inspires us to seek answers to our own predicaments. Once we break free from the clutches of our fears and inhibitions, we can empower ourselves through focus and determination and imbibe the values of the valiant Arjuna.

Embark on a journey of motivation and become an unbeatable archer like Arjuna, because we too can set our targets, conquer every challenge along the way and emerge a winner.

Author welcomes the readers by introducing the hero of the story,Arjuna, narrating the three stories of his life he is known for, and farewells the reader making him/her introduce with the Lord Krishna.The author, in this book, very cleverly, in short and sweet manner, defines the meaning of various qualities human possess, both bad and good.What irks me there is, some qualities are repetitive, and are defined again, which could be avoided.Author has adopted a very simple writing style which is mellow in manner.

Author has applied a straightforward approach to deliver his thoughts, sketching stories from History as an example.Some practice lessons are provided at the end of each chapter, which are few in number, and can be done easily, and if done in a proper manner, it could undoubtedly bring better changes in your life and will help you to discover the Arjuna within you.Author in this book tells that Arjuna resides in all of us, his qualities resides in all of us, what we need to do is discover those qualities, and how to discover the qualities is very well narrated in the book with the help of 18-steps.

After reading such self-help book,I feel myself completely energized an rejuvenated.I could actually implement the lessons I have learnt atleast one percent, if not hundred.Such is the pleasure of reading books with spiritual thoughts and lessons to endure your life and your personality during all the odds of life.

If you are new to self-help books, you would find the content perfectly designed for you, but if you are a regular reader of self-help books or aware of the stories of Krishna and Arjuna, and the lessons drawn from them, you may find this book, a bit monotonous.

Rating : 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of The Recession Groom

Review of The Recession Groom

Title : The Recession Groom

Author : Vani Kaushal


Marriage poses many questions before bachelors- who would be the best life partner for him/her? What role does parents play in the game of hunting perfect match for their children? This book gives a real insight of the Indian marriages and covers all these traits and little nuances one faces while going through the hunting process.Authoress in this book covers the story of a bachelor, working in IT firm, whose life turns upside-down suddenly.

As the blurb of the book goes : “Parshuraman Joshi, 27, handsome, Hindu-Brahmin, IT Professional, settled in Canada, earns a high-figure salary.
These are credentials that would make any young man hot on the Indian wedding market, so it’s no wonder that Parshuraman’s family is inundated with matrimonial proposals. While so far all attempts to ‘settle’ him have gone kaput, he has bigger issues vexing him – such as Jennifer, his ‘fireball’ of a colleague, and their efforts to save Project Infinite. To top it all, as the credit crisis grips the global economy, the little world he’s created for himself begins to fall apart. Will he be able to pull himself together to face the challenges posed by a tough economy? More importantly, will this Recession Groom be able to find his ‘perfect partner’?”

The way story of Parshuram presented before readers is in such a manner that reader is able to relate with the story easily.At times, authoress gives the perfect impression of the protagonist that reader could feel each of his emotion and whatever he is going through. I must say that authoress has her way to deal with words aesthetically. Coiled with some twists and turns, authoress serves reader some interesting episodes of the protagonist’s life.The theme chosen by the author is quite common, but the whole bunch of events offered to readers is somewhat different and interesting and keeps reader engaged, once he/she makes his/her space.

Talking about the characters,there are not many characters in the book, and some characters are very interesting, and adds charm in the story.Their role plays a significant role in the story and in the protagonist’s life.Authoress provides in depth description of characters,enough to get connected with them, and feel the story.

I found the beginning a bit dull.It somehow lacks the element to grip reader’s attention in the beginning, it’s a bit slow paced and doesn’t generate questions in reader’s mind which has to pop up in the beginning, in order to maintain interest in the upcoming journey.At places, I felt the events a bit stretched and elongated and I lost interest there.I wanted the events to be tightly stitched so that reader could easily sail through it, so that there would be no place for fillers.

All in all,an interesting, nice and light-read.

Rating : 3.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Those were the days

Title : Those Were the Days

Author : N.S Ravi


‘Those Were the Days’, a reminder or a mirror which reflects the shadow of India which has left behind by the time.The book traces facets of protagonist’s life where he has juxtaposed the present condition of India to that of the past, including all the developments and improvements it has come across through, from vehicles,entertainment sources,games and sports to transportation,academics etc. in the form of a story.

As the blurb of the book goes : “I get frustrated when I hear my own people criticizing India.

I feel sad when I realize that more than half of the Indian population is unaware of what we have achieved in the recent past.

It is unfortunate that we seniors along with the government have jointly failed to make our younger generation know how great the country is. We teach them about Ramayana, Mahabharata and few selected leaders during the Independence movement. We name all our new schemes after one or two leaders as if they were the only ones who did everything.

India is more than just a few leaders. India has been a movement which assimilates everything which comes into contact with it and it is people who live here who make it happen.

The last fifty years have seen tumultuous changes world over. These have had vibrations in India as well.

Let us re-live these years.”

It unfolds the different facets of India by presenting his definition about the growth and change India is cuddling.Author has covered many such incidents and historical and proud moments which can make reader feel proud for India.Being an Indian, one should be well aware of the success stories of India, the footsteps it has made, which are to be followed till time immortal.Making Indians realize the seeds of hard work that has been sown years ago, and learn from that, seems to be the motto of the author.

He explains each of the section very candidly.His deep insight into each facet and the amount of hard work he has put in this book is clearly visible through the quality of the content book en-wraps.Focusing on the slightest information he could provide about the change, he fills reader’s mind with enough knowledge as how the wheel of enhancement gets revolved and reached to a new destination.In this book, author has answered many questions from the history of development.Ranging from various developments,author provides a clear-cut idea of the growth we are achieving.

To add more sugar to the book, a matured writing style is wrapped around the rich content.Narrating fashion is somber in presentation and flawlessly sails through the reader’s mind.Festooning his thoughts with simple words, he tries to reach to many readers.Without a shadow of doubt, the theme of the book is unique and so is the content it holds.Such books are rarely found in market, nowadays, where three external elements,title,cover and blurb, very cleverly speaks of the content of the book.

For those who love history and wishes to know about the growth and development cycle of India, this is the book authored for you.

Rating : 4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Spilling Down the Wine Glass

Cover of Spilling Down The Wine Glass

Title: Spilling Down the Wine Glass

Author: Pushpendu Mondal

This piece of literature is based on three intertwined strands – Love, Politics and Revenge. The story is about how lives of certain people get connected through their twisted fate. The book not only has substantive love, but also contains other components like drama, friendship, emotions and an unending quest to win over things and people, which is portrayed in a riveting way.

“A clash between political parties turns wicked when the Chief Minister Shekhar Vajpayee is assassinated at a political rally in MMRDA Ground, Mumbai. The assassin, veiled by a stampede of thousands, escapes.

A series of political homicides ensue, and the police brush their hands off the case. Someone high up the ladder is calling the shots.

Things turn twisted when three strangers lives’ are entwined :
Revathi Shekhar – a hot-headed, spunky politician’s daughter – in the search for a lifelong commitment.

Siddharth Roy Chowdury – a young, ambitious politician – ready to cross anyone to climb up the political ladder.

Arjun Rao – a heart-broken army soldier – with nothing to lose, yet vengeful.

In Mumbai, where the factionless rule supreme, will these three stand up against evil ? Or will they be silenced, like many more before them ?

Spilling Down the Wine Glass is a page-turner that will leave you desperate for more.”

My View:
What happens when love is interwoven with political beliefs and ideas? Will it lead to something destructive or it’s just a strategy to win? What happens when your past starts haunting your present life and future? Is there really such a thing as starting over? And amidst this, what would happen next when the destiny play its truants? Well, you need to check it out! The book has the answer to all the questions.

To begin with, the enchanting cover and title is perfect to grab the attention of readers. Adding to it, the blurb hints to an interesting plot without giving away too much and made me want to read it. Also, I was keen to discover the political facet of the book and it made me more likely to want to read it.

Moving towards the characters of the book, each one of them represent a strong image and convey the three aspects of the story – Love, Politics and Revenge. The centralized characters- Revathi, Siddharth and Arjun are well crafted and draw the readers into their own world. I find Revathi’s character quite intense and powerful.

The effective use of language makes the story sound interesting. The narrative style of the author is specific and not stretched anywhere. The change in time period doesn’t seem vague, but it is clear and specific. To me, the beginning appeared to be intriguing and engaging. Thereafter, I was inquisitive to know about how and where the assassination of Minister took place.

Furthermore, the whole expression of the book relies on the culture in modern society which emphasizes on individualism, success and diplomacy. Also, the book is tinged with a sense of loss and several emotional effects. In the present time, feelings play an exaggerated role, but in an instant, they can come crashing to the ground.
Consequently, it is appealing to young people as they can relate to the topics mentioned in the book.

The story is a bumpy ride full of twists and turns in the life of the main characters. But if you are expecting some mystery and suspense element, then it doesn’t involve that.

There’s a certain newness and freshness in the script. And that being so, this was an enticing read for me.

Altogether, it’s a dramatic and captivating story.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Shivani Chauhan

Review of It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice

Title : It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice

Author : Amisha Sethi

Cover of It does not hurt to be nice.

The definition of ‘Life’ given by many,in one form or another,through examples or real stories,but that only proves to be worth,when reader could actually relate to it, and comprehend the meaning of Life,juxtaposing his/her life with the protagonist’s life.’It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice’ by Amisha Sethi, encapsulates the events of Kiara’s life,quotes and inspirational words,derived from holy books and proposed by great people.

As the blurb of the book goes :
Kiara is a dynamic, thirty-something girl who has reached great heights professionally, and is the apple of the eye for almost everyone who knows her. But she never took any short cuts to become happier, wiser, healthier and compassionate.

She had to find rays of hope where the dark tinnel seemed unending, and identify shade in life’s burning path. She found little pearls of wisdom in chasing her dreams, in spreading laughter, in learning from scriptures and philosophers, and even at one point in almost ending her life.

More than Kiara’s story and the wisdom she achieves through the various dramatic and hilarious experiences, this book is a motion picture with you in the lead role. You as the ‘hero’ who can beat the most stubborn of villians – most of which lie deep within us…our fear, unkindness, selfish interests, negative thoughts and jealousy. You as the ‘heroine” who is sharp and witty in talking, selfless and caring in love, and charming and beautiful inside out, like none other (perhaps a 2.0 version of you).

Walk with Kiara to find a better you, because It Doesn’t Hurt to be Nice.

Before this book,I’ve been through some self-help book,but this book has something different in it’s store for reader,a recipe made with old ingredients but of different taste,not just philosophy and her views about life and its branches, but the blend of reality with philosophy,which is what I will call is the backbone of this book.Meaningful lessons are taught in this book which can be easily implemented in life because of the way it has been put forward before readers.

The events that authoress has chosen to narrate in the book are so common in nature that anyone could easily relate to them.Relating to these incidents authoress presents some lessons that we, many a times, fail to learn from our life,the tiny turns that our life takes.This book brings us a whole bunch of lessons that could be used in future. Authoress has very lucidly presented her thoughts and all what she has learnt from books and other sources of wisdom.

I won’t say that this book is a complete guide for virtues and wisdom, but for me, it is one such light read which covers the basic incidents almost everyone has gone through or going through, and would need the lessons at some point of time which authoress tries to explain in the book.Authoress has tried her best to make the fashion of narration as simple as possible and encapsulates some lessons that are required to be learned before you step into that episode of your life.

A blend of fun,reality,spiritual thoughts,life lessons and anecdotes taken from Kiara’s’ life. Altogether, it was a nice read,a short and sweet journey which will gift you something fruitful at the end of it.

Rating : 3.6/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Diary of an Immigrant Bride

Title : Diary of an Immigrant Bride

Author : Nim Gholkar

Cover of Diary of an Immigrant Bride

Blurb : 998 Australia. Anjali Jathar is looking forward to life as an immigrant bride following her arranged marriage to ambitious divorcee Ravi. Settling in, she explores not just a new culture but also her newfound freedom. But life is less than perfect. Ravi’s constant travel and preoccupation with work leave Anjali feeling increasingly unloved and lonely.

Enter Jake Ellis. Charmed by Anjali’s exoticism, he finds himself gradually falling in love with her. And so begins an emotionally intoxicating roller-coaster ride.
‘Unravelling Anjali’ is a cross cultural tale delving into love, lust and relationships. What happens if a woman meets her soul mate after marriage…and it’s not her husband?
A riveting read, ‘Unravelling Anjali’ is a vivid portrayal of commitment, betrayal and the struggle to find one’s identity in a foreign land.

Review : A classy cover welcomes the reader with a neat depiction of the story in support with the title and the blurb.Though all of them make it very clear the theme of the book,but what makes reader wondering is what special this book would have in store for its readers.All the three core external components ofthe book attracts reader and forces him/her to take a try.

Talking about the story-line of the book, although the theme of the book is quite common and known,but the chain of episodes it holds is quite interesting.They are simple and relatable, and most of which we often heard of, which makes the events easy to visualize.The characteristics of the protagonist is very-well mentioned in the book,although the count of characters in the book is more, of which some could be easily eliminated,but all in all,characterization is done in a decent manner.What I like most about the story is, the way it bids adieu to the readers, the end, emotional and touchy,I hadn’t thought that it would end like that, giving such a vibrant feeling.

I like the manner in which story is portrayed,clever description,albeit it gives in depth description,but would be beneficial for those who find difficulty in visualizing scenes.The journey and thoughts of the protagonist is very-well described in the book and that’s why readers can easily comprehend what protagonist is going through.The reader keeps on the moving with the protagonist,hand by hand,empathizing with her,learning all the traits she has learnt and discovered.

What act as the hindrance in the journey is unwanted details.At places, authoress dives into depth which is not that much required to connect to the story.I wanted the story to be straight-forward and on the track in order to provide a proper flow to the story.

A well-narrated light read!

Rating : 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari