Review of A Pluperfect Gift


Title: A Pluperfect Gift

Author: Shalabh Bansal

Love stories in market are easily available and one would get ample of love stories , some simple, some twisted and some reaches beyond reader’s imagination.”A Plupperfect Gift”, debut fiction of Shalabh Bansal is a also a love story that traverses on the maze of protagonist’s life.This story with a bit of humor offers reader a delightful read that too in a facile manner.

As the back cover says:”All was going well for Samar.He had a promising career in the merchant navy ahead of him, and he was looking forward to his next sailing assignment. Then came along Arisha, and he discovered the love of his life. What could possibly go wrong?

This is the story of Samar and Arisha and their battle with the ultimate master- Time itself. And how sometimes, the most extraordinary things happen to ordinary people.

Is the ultimate clash between Love, Life and Time, who could possibly win?”

Initially I couldn’t make out anything of the story, the sudden turns it takes and the twist it serves concludes nothing making readers go through a round of questions. But one thing for sure it connotes-an unexpected mystery waiting to unfold itself.

A fantastic storyline created by the author. When it comes to love story very rarely I could find something unique and different from others. This storyline to some extent has something different in its store and with bites of suspense it treats readers with bumpy voyage.

Without a shadow of doubt, a very simple writing has been used by the author. For a novice reader it would be easy to go with it, but for an ardent reader it couldn’t be that soothing and smooth in nature. Initially it would feel quite odd, but as it proceeds ahead, readers would get friendly to that.

I found author’s prowess in letting the reader’s mind go criss cross with the story and eventually reader would find himself/herself tucked to it, until and unless they solve the mystery it holds. Unexpected it was in the beginning as where the story is heading and what turn it would take and that is I suppose the backbone of this book.

The story paces at a very great pace and I found it not going parallel with the reader;s mind.While reading is trying dwell in a particular situation,author sweeps off to a next episode and hence it fails to create the aroma.

Incidents could be narrated in a friendlier manner so that readers would be able to relate completely with it.Incidents are fruitful, but what a reader seeks from a story is that a story that could take him/her to a different world. The very thing could be possible by the way the story has been implemented and presented before readers. From articulation of sentences, to narration of miniscule facets of the story, a flavor is missing that could cast a spell on readers. A better implementation could take this book to a step ahead.

Twisted tale narrated in a simpatico fashion. Recommended to novice readers!

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

Review of The Guardians of Halahala


Title: The Guardians of Halahala

Author: Shatrujeet Nath

Mythological books instinctively rise a shrill of excitement within readers at the very first look, as said before. Another book came into my sight and made the same impression over me. “The Guardians of Halahala”, second book of Shatrujeet Nath is the first book in the Vikramaditya trilogy series offering a spicy flavor to mythological lovers dredged with witty threads interwoven all around.

As the back cover says: ”The deadly Halahala, the all-devouring poison churned from the depths of the White Lake by the devas and asuras, was swallowed by Shiva to save the Universe from extinction.

But was the Halahala truly destroyed?

A small portion still remains- a weapon powerful enough to guarantee victory to whoever possesses it. And both asuras and devas, locked in battle for supremacy, will stop at nothing to claim it.

As the forces of Devaloka and Patala, led by Indra and Shankaracharya, plot to possess the Halahala, Shiva turns to mankind to guard it from their murderous clutches. It is now up to Samrat Vikramaditya and his Council of Nine to quell the supernatural hordes-and prevent the universe from tumbling into chaos!

A sweeping tale of honour and courage in the face of infinite danger, greed and deceit, The Guardians of the Halahala is a fantastical journey into time of myth and legend.”

Title of the book along with an attractive cover invites readers and forces them to go through the blurb. Albeit, neither title nor cover design provides any hint of the story, but the blurb at the back very significantly does the work. It very artistically and in an inviting manner gives a glimpse of the story with the proper amount of piquancy stirred in it.

Imaginations with the knowledge of myth is very eloquently used by the author. A well-constructed and well planned plot comes in front of readers in the form of this book. With the support of his balanced mind, an intelligent plot has been knitted full of intricacy which is full of mystery and suspense adding bites of humor at various levels in the story in order to play with reader’s mind and creating a maze so that readers could have the full taste of it,and couldn’t left until he/she finishes unzipping all the facets.

Writing style has a classy touch to it and offers a smooth and soothing reading journey. Being very much near to the perfection, narration of the events sprouts in such a lively manner that readers could easily feel and sense each of them.Author’s portraying fashion has the prowess to clutch readers in its arm throughout the reading journey.And the way miniscule things have been displayed shows authors good command over language.

Talking about the downfall of the book, at some places the needed flow is missing. Apart from this very thing, everything is at its place and played their role very-well.

In short, an entertaining read and a worth read. Highly recommended to mythological lovers.Good luck to the author for his upcoming books and yes very much excited to read the next book in Vikramaditya Trilogy.


Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

Review of Wisdom of the White Mountain

Title : Wisdom of the White Mountain

Author : Kandathil Sebastian


Stories that dynamically engulfs you are rare to find.”Wisdom of the White Mountain”, by Kandathil Sebastian is the second book in the Mountain trilogy.The story revolves around the protagonist and how and where his fate lend him to an unpredictable world revealing the veneer of hoax and sordid nature of people including filch and deluge of cog.

As the back cover says : ‘ Some powerful men-including performers of black magic, underworld gangsters, sleuths,extremist zealots and sellers of spirituality-chased a powerless, low caste man from a Kerala village through Mumbai, Karachi and Delhi till he finally escaped into the mountain ranges of Himalayas. All of them wanted to capture this man alive and keep him with them! however, none of these men could catch and keep this elusive man, as he always found his way to freedom. In the process of working out his escapes this man also unearthed some important mysteries of human life! why did some powerful men continuously chase a low caste man? How did the man always find his way to freedom? What are the riddles he solved while he was trying to escape from his captors? Wisdom of the white mountain is a suspenseful and adventurous story told in the cultural, spiritual and philosophical context of the South Asia. It is also about Karma, Kama and Jihad! it ultimately unravels greed and selfishness of powerful men who mix religion and politics to manipulate common people for advancing personal interests.’

Natural beauty is always fascinating to me, and the first look at the cover and I again got fascinated seeing the natural beauty on the cover which is complimenting the title of the book.But,it couldn’t fully conveys what the story would be all about.

If I talk about the storyline of the book,I’ve seen these kind of stories to be implementing on the screen,but for the very first time I was reading it,so I thoroughly enjoyed it.The best thing about the storyline I found is- instantaneous and unpredictable twist waiting to greet readers after few episodes.

The narration of the story is done in such a marvellous way that you yourself find your deep interest growing in it.The episodes seems so real that the reader can feel the protagonist and can go well with the author’s mind.Author has his own charming narration fashion that helps in ostentatiously increase the beauty of the book.

Along with a relatable storyline,author has implemented it in a friendly manner.From conversations to various anecdotes,you would find a soothing rhythm engaged to it.

Smooth flow and constant pace being the powerful instruments keeping reader tug to the story.After completely reading the book, you would find how impressively author showcases the graph of protagonist’s life.

The only downfall or the hitch I found in the book is the slow pacing of the story in the beginning.I know author is trying to create a sturdy base,but being a reader I found it a bit stretched.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this book and would like to recommend this book to those readers who would like to have a spicy and healthy treat.

Rating : 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Love with an Ice-Cream wala

Title : Love with an Ice-cream wala

Author : Amit Pandit


Ambition chosen over love and friends seems to happen oftenly nowadays.Success and richness succeeded to some extent to beat relationships.But for how long? “Love with an Ice-cream wala”, debut fiction of Amit Pandit ,roams around the same story and says if you are loyal and good then everything happens for the good, as God has to pay back to you.

As the back cover says : ‘ Amit understands the pain that is love and has avoided any romantic involvement for a long time since Janvi walked out of his life. But the discovery of an old note claiming that she had loved him turns his life upside down. He decides to find Janvi & demand some answers.Things take a more interesting turn with the entry of an enigma of a girl- Aahna. She makes Amit’s heart skip a beat and he starts feeling things he had decided never to feel again.
The rest, as they say,is history.’

A cute and lovely cover ostentatiously presents itself.Blurb doesn’t offer something unique and lacks the catchy element to attract readers though it strigently gives the innuendo about the story.To talk about the title,it couldn’t bring out any applicable connotations.

From the beginning ,I was trying to correlate the title of the story,and at last I got the hint at the very end of the story and is quite in favour of the story.The only hitch comes out there is if this is the main story,then the author needs to focus more on this one giving a glimpse of what happened in the past.This would help to create a lasting effect over reader’s mind.

First half has nothing much to grab and holds a common story,but the second half takes a turn and brings in an interesting flavour in the story. I very-much like the way it ends.It has an emotional touch to it which makes the story simply beautiful and unpredictable it is.Storyline is nice and also implimented in a nice manner,but a better implementation could make the story alluring.

The book is lemned with a simple language.Moderate writing style has been adopted by the author which offers easy to go with ride.To comment on the pace of the story,it goes in the middle-of-the-road,portraying the story in a well manner.

The potholes I noticed in the book are:
Linking of episodes could be done in a better way to make it more real and relatable.Conversations needs to be healthy.

A simple story and a light read!

Rating :3.2/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of The Old Man and the Nymph

Title : The Old Man and the Nymph

Author : Vipin Behari Goyal


What happens when you are offering a treat that serves flavours.”The Old Man and the Nymph”,does serves reader with something different in plot and is based on the idea of Greek Mythology.The story revolves around four Nymphs encorporating sequence of imaginative episodes.

As the back cover says ‘ Four Nymphs incarnated as four beautiful nubile girls who are full of passion, enter the life of the old man, Colonel. They love to laugh, dance and find it extraordinarily funny to break the rules of the mortal society. The old man tries to entice each one of them to satisfy his carnal desires. One of them escapes the Colonel and disappears into the underworld. What happens when the rest of the three meet the Colonel under the same roof? Who would escape and who would surrender? A strange story of Nymphs of Greek Mythology set in India…’

The title and the cover picture seems unique and can easily gather attention of those readers who seeks for something different to read,a different flavour to taste.The blurb very precisely showcases the glimpse of story.

The story starts on a simple note.One couldn’t imagine the upcoming epispdes of the story,it precisely moves on a different track.Episodes of lust are more to see,or you can have it any other facet of the story.More interesting events could be gathered and amalgamated in the story in order to make it more fruitful and entertaining.

My expectations from the book was quite high,after going through the blurb.To some extent my expectations from the book didn’t reach the height it should.The theme chosen by the author is very unique and alluring,but according to me, it could be implemented in a different and more approaching way.

I felt that the story is drifted from its place at some places,like when one of the protagonist went to hospital to meet his father, he narrated his wandering thoughts which I consider not related to the story.Although they send across good messages.

A very simple writing fashion has been used by the author.Even a novice reader could go through it easily.A basic style of articulation of sentences has been adopted.Monologues and conversations are moderate in nature.

If you are solely searching for some different theme along with a light read,you can go on with this book.

Rating : 3/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of The Princess in Black

Title : The Princess in Black!

Author : Upendra Dharmadhikari and Changali Anand


History itself has beautiful and energetic stories in it’s store.What when history comes in to shake hands with today’s stories.”The Princess in Black: An unheard story of Mughals”,co-authored by Upendra Dharmadhikari ( a history lover) and Changali Anand ( a cinema lover), is a fiction book which uses history to make a story thrilling and adventurous.

As the back cover says: ‘ The Taj Mahal is going to be blown off and with it the visiting ex-President of USA. Or so has been impeccably planned by Major Salim Khan, an undercover ISI operative. The only clue that the intelligence agencies have is the enigmatic Object No. 27, a rare Mughal relic that they don’t have much information about. History Professor Narayan Shastri, along with the best men from Indian Intelligence, try to unlock the code. And then there is Saima, the mysterious beauty who found Object No 27 in the first place. She and Professor Shastri travel through the annals of a history rich with deceit – bloody battles of conquests; the satin veil of treachery; and even
the elegant, imperious walls built of red
sandstone and white marble – to know more of
the impending attack and each other more
deeply. Can they stop Major Khan from
unleashing his act of terror on the marble
monument of love? Precious hands of time are
ticking away: Tick. Tick. Tick.’

A simple and revealing cover design welcomes reader at first.Title ofcourse is attentive and to some extent does favour with the story.Also,the subtitle hints the presence of history in the story.About the blurb of the book,well-knitted and inviting and very-well shows the glimpse of the story.

Very elegant ambience has been created from the very beginning of the story,and the aroma of suspense and mystery was in the air. In the beginning itself it generates the needed ambience.From there on it keeps on revealing different facets of the story juxtapoxing history and present episodes.Author Upendra’s love for history resulted in the form of this book and Changali’s love for movie helps to give it a proper texture.

Writing fashion is close to the classy one, which works very-well with the story. The blend of history and witty imaginations pull this book in the category of an interesting and thilling read. The way facets of the story reveals its colour hooks reader completely to it. Articulation of sentence has been done in such an efficient manner that it never hinders in the reading journey.

Interesting characters are a part of this story that helps to make it more charming and alluring. The nature of the characters has been portrayed in a beautiful fashion,I very-much like the way it has been done as it is done not by the mere words but by the actions and roles.

About the downfalls of the book,storyline is quite common and to some extent similar to other stories that are available in the market.Also,some events to some extent are predictable.

Combination of thrill, history,suspense and little bit sprinkled with love.Worth a read!

Rating : 4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of From Ouch to Oops

Title : From Ouch to Oops

Author : RamG Vallath


‘From Ouch to Oops:just don’t give up’,is a self-help book that traverses through the choppy nodes of RamG Vallath’s life,his journey from struggle to success,his fight from the disease called CIDP(Chronic Inflamatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy) he tragically suffered from.

As the back cover says : ‘RamG Vallath has everything going for him.He has studied at IIT,seen a 200 per cent jump in his salary and become one of the youngest circle heads in India’s telecom sector.When he steps into the role of a director at a major multinational computer hardware firm,he thinks he has it made.

But life is soon about to come crashing down on him.He is diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder that weakens his muscles.Mundane tasks like buttoning up his shirt, climbing down steps and typing on a keyboard become extremely difficult.To make things worse, he loses his job at a time when his annual hospitalization bill has gone up to Rs. 20 lakh.

But even as the chips are down and hope starts to fade,RamG decides not to give up.He becomes the cheerleader at home and outside, spreading positivity wherever he goes and choosing to tackle his challenges head-on with a hearty ‘yoohoo’.’

The script of the author’s life is not so extra-ordinary or completely out of the box,but RamG Vallath himself made his life extra-ordinary.We all face many ups and downs in our life,but the question here arises is how many of us learn to stitch the torn and thinks positively even entouraged with negativity.That’s why RamG Vallath’s story is different,he never slowed down,he just knows one road, a road to step ahead as he never brushed any problem under the carpet and this story teaches the reader same.

A simple writing style has been used by the author and he has implemented the story very-well which is noticeable. Author’s positive attitude towards life is lucidly portrayed in this book.He has very precisely lemned various facets of his life when luck has knocked him out.

This book beyond shadow of a doubt gives a shot in arm. A real-life based story that teaches one a lot.I would like to recommend this book to everyone who wants to go high and touch the sky amidst thunderstorms.

Every story has something to speak,leaves something to learn….

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai

Title : Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai

Author : Rishi Vohra


What if you’re not offered with the treatment, other people of your age and society is offered with.”Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai”,debut fiction book of Rishi Vohra, covers the story of the guy called Babloo whose story of live traverses somewhat different nodes.

As the back cover says-‘
“Autistic. Schizophrenic. Psychotic…”
“They” use these words to describe Babloo – the doctors, his family, his teachers everyone…
except Vandana. She treats him the way he wants the world to see him.
Mumbai… the city that defines his ultimate desires. Will it allow him the love and normalcy
he so craves?
Vandana… yearns for a soul mate to rescue her from the confines of the Railway Colony they all
live in. Is she looking in the right place? Rail Man… a fearless, real-life hero who succeeds in doing all that Babloo secretly wishes to do… is Babloo his inspiration or… is it the other way around?
A random twist of fate on Mumbai’s endless, serpent-like, jangling local train tracks ties all
these characters together in a complex weave of love, heartbreak, and courage.
Babloo draws the reader into his fascinating, heart-rending journey through the twisted, choked lanes of Mumbai, into an open space where he can finally exhale, be born again.’

In the beginning protagonist describes about his background and the environment he used to live in and I found it way descriptive,it could be done in a precise manner also.Initially I found the description useless and found it is something which is not needed to be in the story.Later,I get used to it and found it useful as protagonist narrates minute-minute details.As I’ve gone through the title before reading the book, I was eagerly waiting for the story to take a turn and serves the twist it holds.

Undoubtedly, the characterization of the protagonist is done in a lively and friendly manner, as if the character really does exist.I like the way story has been moulded and knitted and while reaching to the end of the story, you would be left with a good feeling.

A good flow has been maintained throughout.Simple language is used, but if you’r a novice,you may feel some bumps,otherwise it is easy to go with this one.At some point I couldn’t completely relate with the story,it seems more like a story that seems good only in books and screens,but is healthy and entertaining.One more good point about the book is – a very good ambience and charm it creates as the way it proceeds ahead.

About the downfalls of the book-I found the pacing of the story very-slow, if it would speed up a bit, it would create a different spell.Many such episodes have been included in the story, which I think if not amalgamated wouldn’t make much difference.

I would recommend this book to those readers who love to go through such stories which are rooted in depth and are well-nourished.Altogether,I also enjoyed this journey.

Rating: 3.7/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Of Love and Lovers

Title : Of Love and Lovers

Author : Pamela Singh Mathur


How many times love stories has been trashed when cast difference works as a throne in between relationship?”Of Love & Lovers”, focusses on the same phenomenon in a beautiful and friendly manner.The story conveys the long over made tradition that is still being followed by people.


A rocky relationship with an NRI coupled with a tragic, personal loss has made Samantha somewhat cynical in matters of the heart.

Shipra and Vikas are aware of the consequences of their love.Will their relationship stand the test of time?

Aditya has to choose between his love and his family’s expectations of him.Is he capable of making the right choice?

Spanning across Toronto and Mumbai, the lives of these four interest dramatically when Samantha comes to India on an exchange program.

Will the power of love assert itself or will it bow down under the weight of the obstacles in its path?’

The cover seems attention- seeker at first sight.Also,when you completely go through the story you would get to know what the cover actually wants to convey, and it showcases the story nicely.Title will instantly grab reader’s attention, if he/she is seeking for a love-story.Blurb is basically in the form of interrogation, but holds the power to convey what the story would be all about.

I like the concept of the story very much, relatable and approaching.So far, many stories have been pen down taking the same concept, but among them this is the best book I came across with.It is inter-woven with simplicity and ended on a good note, giving readers a message, because such cases happen offenly.

The authoress has lemned the story with utter simplicity and portration has been done in a precise manner.One could also easily complete this book in a single go.Unlike, many other love-stories this story has something different to tell and approaches the reader in a friendly manner.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time with this book and is worth-a-read!Novice as well as ardent readers can go through this book with ease.A light read!

Rating : 3.7/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Myriad Hues

Title : Myriad Hues

Poetess : Rachna Gupta


‘Poems’, call it magic, augury or whatever it cast its spell amiably when written straight from the heart.Rachna Gupta’s debut poetry book,’Myriad Hues’, consists of twenty-eight poems that are penned on different things and are coated with different perceptions,thoughts, feelings and imaginations of the poetess.

As the back cover says : ‘ To me writing is a companion, a shadow that has always been there for me. In good days and bad, nothing has cheered me up as much as putting my thoughts on paper. I have cried while writing some poems and I have also smiled, thinking about the happy thoughts that bring out the words of euphoria in my writing. “Myriad Hues” is as much about me and my life as yours; thefeelings that I have spoken about are universal. We all feel because our emotions are the same, despite the fact that the situation occurs at different times. My work is also about nature; this wonderful creation that we have been bestowed with! It’s about nurturing our environment and caring about it. And yes, my poems are about the omnipresent God and my conversations and encounters with Him.’

First of all,the sleek book welcomes me with a facile cover design which looks nice.Talking about the title,it seems very catchy and I found it apt for this poetry book.It is evident from the blurb, what is poetry to the poetess.Her emotions attached to them and the way poetry soothes her life.

Unspoken words, buried feelings, lost emotions,beauty of nature comes into existence when someone provides a soul to them.Poetess in this book, brings many such things into existence and poured her heart out infront of readers.

The book starts to accelerate with a very simple poem which is penned down in a lucid manner and it very cleary mimcs poetess’ thoughts.From there on, I kept on discovering different poems penned by her and completed it in a single sit.Merely it took twenty minutes to complete this book.Yes,you’ve heard it right! Just twenty minutes.Very simple words she has used to present her thoughts, that even a novice reader could understand easily.Simplicity in language and thoughts makes the reading journey a light-read.

Also she has chosen simple topics,easy to deal with, and one could understands very-well what she actually wants to deliver to the readers.From her views about a particular thing to commemoration or reminiscing,she has portrayed her thoughts in a nice manner.

So, about the downfalls of the book, I would say that this book is perfect for the one who is new or who reads poetry very rarely.But when it comes to those who are ardent readers of poetry, they may found it way simple as they always look for something which is out of the box or something which could swing their mood to a whole new level.So,I would conclude it in this way that poems should speak something very unique or articulation should be done in a more appealing way.Albeit, some poems really touched my heart.And I hope and wish that in her next book, all the poems would be able to cast immortal spell.

I would recommend this book specially to those readers who are new in the reading-spree or who wants to start reading poems but found it difficult to understand.You wouldn’t have to face any such problems while reading this book.So, just go and grab your book and welcome yourself in this wonderful world of words.

Rating : 3/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Hooked,Lined & Single

Title : Hooked, Lined & Single

Authoress : Rashmi Kumar


‘Whatever bad or evil you do in your past life,one day you would have to pay for it’.So,this book actually wants to say the same.Oh! wait a second,don’t misinterpret.This book is not a spiritual guide or something that is woven with philosphical thoughts.Instead it’s a modern day story where getting a partner who really wants to grow old with you and spend the entire life with, is what all exemplar is in search of.

As the back cover of the book says : ‘ Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask
god, ‘Where have I gone wrong?’ Then a
voice says to me, ‘This is going to take
more than one night…’
So you’re a woman, you’re 30-something and
living in India? So what’s the big deal about it?
Well, if you’re all of the above and still unmarried
or married previously and you just don’t seem to
find the “right” man, you suddenly acquire a
tragically special status as being cynical,
demanding, impractical and chronically single or
In Hooked, Lined & Single, Alafia Singh meets a
similar fate on her journey to find a husband
using somewhat more traditional methods.’

At first the unique and inviting title grabbed my attention.Albeit, I couldn’t make out much from the cover design,but it seems nice and appealing.On the other hand, blurb speaks very-well about the story giving a proper outline or hint a reader looks in a blurb.

The story covers Alafia’s (the protagonist) fling with different guys or call it a-day-date that mashes fun in the story, as the way she describes each of them whom she meet, how she feels about them and most important the imagination part which is witty one.The story takes 50 pages to come up with a twist and from there on I got completely glued to it and was all set to discover the upcoming interesting facets of the story.

Coming to the storyline of the book, it’s not the one you would find in any next romantic -book or you could say the flings that are a part of this book could be a part of them.But alltogether it runs on a different track.The story is an amalgamation of series of events Alafia has been through.Some of them are interesting and glueing while some stands at the niche of nice.

The description of characters is done in such a manner that all of them looks real and one could imagine them very-well.Also, different and more characters add more fun to the story,albeit sometimes it becomes tacky, only sometimes, when I got confused over some characters.
On the other hand,one-liners and conversations are impressing and powerful.

About the implementaion, a good attempt and it comes out very-well.But according to me it could be done in a better way, in order to provide a smooth flow to the story.Coming to the writing style, authoress owns a very-good writing fashion which makes events look charming and relatable.Articulation is also very nice and is not in any way hampers the reading journey.

Now coming to the pot-holes of the book-
All over in the book, the protagonist seems so pissed off from her life and that I would say is not that much likeable.A smooth and soothing flow is somewhat missing,I couldn’t connect to it in a proper manner.

All in all, a nice book sprinkled with humor,fun and reality.One-time-read!

Rating : 3.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of A Prearranged Love

Title : A Prearranged Love

Authoress : Anusha Vishnampet


Mothers being hyper-conservative or very desperate about their daughter’s or son’s wedding pins them now and then to hook them with someone asap.This story is based on the same or started from the same track.”A Prearranged Love: a love story with a difference”,is a fiction story that goes through the strange story of protagonists namely, Arjun and Rekha.

As the back cover says : ‘ Spirited and independent Rekha Ramkumar met handsome and cocky Arjun Kalyan on a blind date. He called her shorty and she threatened to dump a drink on his lap. They vowed to never see each other again but fate had the last laugh…
When they are forced to work together on his
companys marketing campaign, Rekha sees a
new side of Arjun, one that she finds hard to
resist. While Arjun is increasingly fascinated by
Rekha, having once rejected her, could he
convince her that she was The One?’

So, talking about the cover design of the book ,a couple getting cosy in each other’s arm, below which red colour signalling the sign of love can altogether grab the attention of readers if he/she is looking for a romantic tale.What story I cooked in my mind after reading the title, doesn’t come the same way.And about the quality of blurb, I would say it is nice and catchy.

The story welcomes you with two strange-kinda personalities or they are strange and only one for each-other.Call it pre-written script or fate, destiny played its role very-well and brings an unpredictable facet of their life in a likely manner.

The tagline of the book says- a story with a difference.Well, the story is not out of the box or is very unique, but is bit different from others present in the market.About the implementation, it has a done in a good manner,but could be more enchanting,as I want to hear from the guy side as well the way it has been portrayed whatever coming out from the girl.I think both the protagonists should be given fair chance.

Arjun’s and Rekha’s conversations are really entertaining,they keep on putting their views and arguing over issues from day one they’ve met and it keep on continuing even after they started dating each other, and this very thing stirs a different flavour in the story.One liners are effective and mesmerizing and it is alltogether making the story go more interesting.I was having many bout of laughters while reading this book.

Writing fashion is good,but couldn’t call it a soothing one that makes reading journey go in a very smooth flow.I want the story to be in a bit more descriptive way,it would help to create a very-good ambience and would also keep readers completely glued to it.

A nice and entertaining read,and if you love treat your day with romantic tales,you could surely pick up this one.It could swing your mood.

Rating : 3.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Stellar Signs

Title : Stellar Signs

Authoress : Manjiri Prabhu


“Stellar Signs”, is the second book in the astro-detective series ,interwoven with intelligent stories, sprinkled with suspense,and excitement that fills readers with inquistivity to know what would happen next.All the stories are based on different cases that the exemplar solves through astrology and her tactful mind.

As the back cover says :’After a slow start to the new year sonia samarth’s crime solving services are in high demand. There is the bride whose arranged marriage may include murderous in laws, the theatrical team whose death scene was no act, and the deceptively happy couple whose stars foretell domestic danger.

Good thing Sonia has her opinionated assistant Jatin to help, except that even he may be caught up in the unlawful fray. Fortunately, it takes more than a few misguided souls, not to mention a preposterous proposal from the world’s most notorious diamond thief, to rattle this yoga- practicing, astrologically inspired sleuth.’

If you haven’t read the first book of this series, you don’t strictly require to go through the first book (but the first one is very-interesting ,beyond a shadow of doubt),you could easily go with this one as in the very first chapter you would find glimpse of the characters in order to provide readers a proper background.

Albeit this book consists of series of different case-solving stories, but they are internally linked to each other, so you can’t skip the stories like that,as it would hamper in the proper flow.

Like the first book in the astro-detective series named “The Cosmic Clues”,authoress has coated the stories with a feather-like writing style, festooning the book with a soothing writing-fashion.The book lucidly shows the great humour of the authoress, and the way she has intelligently implemented them.

The stories that I liked most from this book are :
“Checkmate” and “Anything for love”, both these stories hold rare imagination and the both of them are executed and implemented in an outstanding manner and that makes them stand differently in the crowd.

The only downfall I found in the book is – the pattern of solving the cases seems little bit monotonous as it progresses towards the end of the book.

After going through the first book, my expectation from this book is way high.I was expecting it to be way energetic and powerful,but my excitement towards this book fails to approach to that extent.I’m not saying that this book is not worth a penny, instead this book is worth a read,but comparatively I liked the first one.As in this book, at some places I feel like suspense is forcefully knitted or presented in a manner which is not so captive.

All in all, an interesting and intellectual book that holds the power to keep readers hooked to it, and it embraces the mystery as the way it proceeds.I would like to recommend this book to all mystery lovers out there.

Rating : 4.2/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Romance on Facebook

Title : Romance on Facebook

Authoress : Amrita Priya


There was a time when facebook is on everybody’s mind.Still it woes people and makes and breaks many relationship.I picked this book to commemorate some moments and dwell in some time back.The story is basically a keen traversal from eyeing each other through windows and terraces to keeping themselves updated through their facebook profile.

As the back cover says : ‘It is hard to resist the first love of your life especially when he is just a few clicks away.This is what happened to Geeti who discovered Siddhartha on Facebook after a gap of 19 years.Both have their own partners and children now; yet the old teenage spark continues over chats, messages, emoticons and things beyond that.’

The texture and outlook of the book resembles facebook very beautifully. About the blurb of the book, very precise but says it all.And the likeable thing about the blurb is-it is presented as if an updation of the status on facebook,below which you’ll find the options of like, comment and share.Title simply says what the story is all about.So,it passes the first stage of picking it up.

Facebook is meant to reach people who are physically distant from us and to meet some long lost friends,so, this is where the story of Geeti and Sid started. The story continues to juxtapose the feelings of Sid and Geeti,and their difference in perceptions towards life and relationships.Albeit having difference in perceptions,they are hooked to each other and gets impatient whenever their conversation comes to a halt.

This story to some extent also highlights on the part, the meaning of ‘relationship’ in India and US.How relationships keep on changing in America, and the way some women are still loyal to their husband, whether they are happy with their relationship or not. The story ,not at a single point drifts,even amidst the family chaos the same theme is clutched and driven over. The story is dipped in emotions and feelings like loyality,friendship,lust,love,attraction,and pretention.

Portration of emotions and feeling painted in a very lively manner. Writing fashion is simple and soothing, a novice reader would definitely feel comfortable with the writing style. Although not many characters have been a part of this story, as this story revolves around two protagonists, it deeply and very excellently characterized,which helps in making the story relatable and real.

And now when it comes to count negative points of the book, I didn’t find any such thing,specially because I picked it up as I was looking for a light read and I knew before reading that the book wouldn’t serve something out-of-the-box,so what I expected from it it serves very-well.

A light-read which one could easily go with that too in a single- go ,and I would like to recommend this book to novice readers and those who want to get carried away with this fling.A nice and one-time read book!

Rating : 3.6/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of The Prisoner of Zenda

Title : The Prisoner of Zenda

Author : Anthony Hope


Children always get fascinated when they are about to listen or read classical stories.The Prisoner Of Zenda, is one such story children would love to read and reach to a new world of Kingdoms and the fight for the Kingdom.A story sprinkled with conspiracy,love, attraction,suspense and chivalry.

As the blurb of the book goes : ‘ Anthony Hope’s swash buckling romance transports his English gentleman hero, Rudolf Rassendyll, from a comfortable life in London tofast-moving adventures in Ruritania, a mythicall and steeped in political intrigue. Rassendyll bears a striking resemblance to Rudolf Elphberg who is about to be crowned King of Ruritania.When the rival to the throne, Black Michael ofStrelsau, attempts to seize power by imprisoningElphberg in the Castle of Zenda, Rassendyll isobliged to impersonate the King to uphold therightful sovereignty and ensure political stability.Rassendyll endures a trial of strength in his encounters with the notorious Rupert of Hentzau,and a test of a different sort as he grows to love the Princess Flavia. Five times filmed, ThePrisoner of Zenda has been deservedly popularas a classic of romance and adventure since itspublication in 1894’ (taken from Goodreads).

The book welcomes you with a family gossip that pricked the protagonist to do some worth in life after being entitled as ‘worthless’ by his sister-in-law.From there on, series of events will entertain you and keep you tucked to it, as every chapter leaves a suspense at the end of it.The way events has been amalgamated is praise- worthy.They move in a flow and accelerates with a constant pace.The story is interwoven with precise descriptions and suspense,hand in hand.It paces with a great speed and the protagonist makes narration even more simpler.

This is the first time I’m reading book of Anthony Hope, but I’m impressed by his narrating fashion and witty presentation of the story.At every next page, you would find a new facet of the story with a new picture.Picture does a good work in such placid description style, so that having a view at pictures, you can yourself imagine and feel the ambience and atmosphere.Author very-well knows how children would get attracted to the book, and he has worked on the book in the same manner.

About the writing style,I liked it very much, as I found it different and classy.Such books undoubtedly helps in increasing children’s vocabulary that too with an interesting story.The storyline is likeable and is presented well according to reader’s interest.Also,implementation of the story is done in a very- well manner.Precise and point-to-point description make it even more powerful as children like to have just an outline.

For the children aged 8 to 15 who loves to read short mystery and suspense-full tale, can go through this book.Join this bumpy-ride and discover who becomes the The Prisoner Of Zenda.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Interview of Olivier Lafont

In a conversation with a multitalented personality : an author, model,actor and scriptwriter

25000020 close up

People admire your work and know you as a director,producer,model,screenplay writer,television actor.But,they also want to know who Olivier Lafont is from your point of view.

Mainly I consider myself an artist. Everything I do comes from a desire to have and make art in my life.

Share the most fascinating story of your childhood.

The most fascinating story of my childhood was the paradigm shift when it dawned on me I wanted to be a writer. I had just read Lloyd Alexander’s ‘The Chronicles of Prydain’ and when I emerged from those books I was a different person. I went from a person who loved to read stories to a person who wanted to write stories. Nothing is more fascinating than getting that spectacular insight into who you really are and what you really want.


Who would you like to work with, if you ever get a chance to work as a lead-actor in a Bollywood film?

I’d like to work with Shekhar Kapur, with Raju Hirani again, with Imtiaz Ali.

You are, beyond a shadow of doubt,a multi-talented personality,your fans are eager to know how these shining stones came out of you?

That’s very kind of you to say… Generally I follow my interests, which happen to be varied and mostly revolve around the craft of storytelling. For me acting and writing are two facets of this same craft. As for the work I do, I think you put out what you take in – i.e. the art I make is a reflection of the art I imbibe and keep around me.

Olivier and Warrior

Your debut book is based on Indian mythology,have you started working on the next series or would you like to start something from scratch?

Right now I’m totally focussed on ‘Warrior’, I’m not thinking about what’s coming after.

Why did you choose Indian Mythology, why not something else?

I wanted to write an Indian story, a story with elements of the heroic fantasy I like. In fact the first incarnation of ‘Warrior’ was a feature film script I wrote more than a dozen years ago. The Mahabharata was particularly inspiring for the story. I find Indian mythology to be so thematically rich, the stories can be read at so many levels.

Have you ever faced writer block?

No, I haven’t. People talk about it a lot, but it’s something I’ve never experienced.

On which project you are working these days and what it is all about?

It’s all ‘Warrior’ these days.

Who is your inspirational model in the following areas :

I like and appreciate the work of many artists.
Writing : Recently I was really impressed by Mark Lawrence’s ‘The Broken Empire’ trilogy.
Acting : Many actors and actresses. Hugh Jackman, Meryl Streep, Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Chastain, Javier Bardem, Amitabh Bachchan, Catherine Deneuve, Daniel Auteuil…


According to you, what is the real spice of life?

For me it’s truth. Nothing is more fun, freeing, intimate, inspiring, and profound as truth.

Having worked in many movies, which character of yours do you like the most?

I recently acted in a Hollywood film ‘The Baby Sellers’, where I played one of those wonderful doctors who volunteer to help people in less affluent parts of the world. In the film my character, a paediatrician, realises that the local clinic he volunteers at is a front for child trafficking. Normally a peaceful and kind character, his reaction of almost uncontrollable fury shows how deeply he believes in taking care of and helping and loving people in need. He stands out as a beacon of kindness and humanity in a difficult world, which was a gratifying experience.

With whom would you like to share your new success with?

My wife, who’s truly the most intelligent and perceptive person I’ve ever met. Aside from handling all aspects of marketing for ‘Warrior’, she’s also an amazing source of inspiration. She also moonlights as my muse.

It’s been very wonderful talking to you.Hope you too enjoyed this session.Your final words for your peers,fans and my blog.

It’s been a pleasure. I wish your blog every success, and I hope people enjoy ‘Warrior’!








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Review of And…They Fell in Love!

Cover Page

Title : And…They Fell in Love!

Author : Vikas Singal

No one knows when the spice of love will get sprinkled over their heart.Sometimes it chose the track where the probability seems lesser.Vikas Singal’s book ‘And they fell in Love’, comprised of three short stories ,different from each other, precise and vibrating, higlighting the same phenomenon that the flower of love can blossom anytime,with anybody.Just wait for the right time and fingers crossed!

I completed this book in about 20 minutes.I think these type of books are good to have over a short journey where you can engaged yourself in the short stories in order to come out of boredom.Such books sounds good to accompany you over a short period of time.

A simple writing fashion has been chosen and narration has also done in an cogent manner.Characterization has been done nicely, though in short stories one couldn’t go in much depth.I wouldn’t say that the story goes in a smooth flow or the switching of events is perfect,but they are maintained quite well.As I rarely read short stories, because in my case they fail to create a proper ambience.Vikas Singal’s book does good work in this case.

Now let’s put a broader light on the content of this book :

The first story named ‘Mr. Right’,is laced with simplicity that starts on an interesting note.This is the story of a common guy and girl who on the demand of their parents meet each other being strangers just to see whether they fall perfect for each other.The author has lucidly showcased the feelings each of them has gone through.Many of us have encountered the same thing in life or some of you may soon going to encounter(:p).You would like the way author has descripted the feelings of the exemplar in a lively manner.

The second story played its role pretty-well.A common story that I had already encountered in many of the stories where the story portrayed by author has been a facet of many stories already told.Although,the basic motive behind the story is charming and likeable.

The third story ‘The Capri Girl’, is my favourite among these.A story of thundering and then rainining.I love those stories which starts on a negative note but ended on a positive one.This story is one among them where two strangers destined to meet in a journey and initially they find themselves uncomfortable in each other’s company ,but later on the ball changes it’s court and destiny plays its role.

The only thing I wish to have is : the stories would sound more fruitful if some more events had been amalgamated. And articulation of sentences could be done in a better manner.

Undoubtedly, facile stories offered to readers which can switch your mood onto a sweet tune for some time.A very good luck and success to the author for his upcoming ventures.

Rating :3/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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Review of The Rebel

Title :The Rebel

Author : Osho

Saint Osho in his book ‘The Rebel’, purposefully brings a light to generate fire within the readers.He has his own different perceptions that he laid down in this book conclusively.After reading this book, one may notice his changing perception over different things in his/her life.

As the back cover says : ‘ Here are words like fire from a truly rebellious man. Here is a book for TODAY, a much-needed declaration that for humans, there is hope, there is a way forward!

“Awake and claim your birthright. Religion is not anybody’s monopoly, it is everybody’s birthright.
It has no name, no church, no organization. It is a sheer rebellion against all churches, all
organizations, all scriptures. It is meeting existence directly and immediately, in innocence, in gratitude, in love, in a deep communion. This is the prayer I would like to spread… Because this is the only prayer that can save it.”
— Osho

Osho offers a revolutionary approach to the eternal quest that mankind carries within. As he says: “Life has intrinsic value, there is no goal outside it. Hence my whole effort is to change everything into playfulness. To me that is real spirituality.’

The book starts giving a broader light on the meaning of Rebelliousness and how does it differ from a revolutionary.From there on,it paces up portraying different topic like – Meditation and says that it is beyond the Capacity of mind, Enlightenment, Uttey Innocent Rebel,Being a foreigner in one’s own country, everybody is born a rebel, Jesus is not a Christian,about Buddha, No more ready-made Gods, society’s justice is revenge,Vipassana, tommorow never comes,Morality,Awareness,Marriage,Awakening,Mind,Stars,Aristotle and His fallacy and many more such topics that help you to see a broader prospect of life and things that you need to understand.

It’s rare to have the same ideologies and thoughts saints like Osho have.So,in purpose to make readers better understand his thoughts and ideologies He focusses brighter light on the topic and presents them in a lucid manner that too with relative examples.Quoting the examples of life of many saints,Saint Osho presents his thoughts in a relative and cogent manner.I liked his straightforward approach in order to link his thought process with the readers’.

This book feed your soul a filtered and cogent recipe to make you better see and understand your surroundings and the minute-minute things that plays vital role in your life.Though this book basically focusses on making you understand the shadow of rebel, but it eventually focusses on many such events on other’s life as an example that are helpful to understand many minute-minute things.

If you’ve already read saint Osho’s book before, you may very well know how effectively it does work parallely with your brain.But,if you are a newbie, I would like to recommend you this book and observe how impactful it is.Undoubtedly,you will get to know and learn many things from this book.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer :Shweta Kesari

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Review of HiFi in Bollywood


Title : HiFi in Bollywood

Author : Rishi Vohra

You can fail at what you don’t want.So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.

Rishi Vohra’s second book basically focusses on chasing your dream no matter how many hitches welcome you in the path.”HiFi in Bollywood”, is a tangled story of the protagonist named Rayhan Arora sharing his dream with the readers and the bumpy and entertaining journey he has encountered while he was in his way to fulfill his dream.

As the back cover says :’ An aspiring filmmaker. The dizzying heights of Bollywood. And a strained father-son relationship. Rayhan Arora’s long cherished dream is to be a filmmaker in the Hindi Film Industry but his formidable father has other plans… a successful financial career in Corporate America, and a marriage of convenience with Vanita, a medical student in the US. In a final act of desperation, Rayhan abandons his promising life in California and secretly returns to Mumbai to work as an Assistant Director in Bollywood. The characters he encounters along the way become part of his journey of self- discovery – a self-proclaimed local goon with a penchant for acting; a powerful local politician who wants to marry Rayhan’s part-time domestic help, who in turn covets stardom; an angst- ridden, homosexual film director; ego-ridden film stars with twisted agendas; and the mysterious Viola who captures his heart. HiFi in Bollywood takes the reader from the streets of Berkeley to the film studios of Mumbai; from red-light areas to police stations, and from reality to dreams and back to reality again!’

You must be wandering about the title,right? As what actually it wants to convey? I felt the same when I first read the title.It was surely giving me the hint that the story would revolve around Bollywood Film Industry.But don’t misinterpret the word ‘HiFi’.You would only get to know about it when you have this book in your hand.

The story proceeds in a smooth flow.Author’s charming writing style made it simple to go with the story.I liked the storyline and is constructed well.Though this is not the first time I’m going through a novel that showcases an imporatant facet of Hindi Film Industry.But, this story has its own essence that brings out a different tale.It highlights an unknown facet of Bollywood in a precise way.

The twist story presented at the end is quite predictable, but it was alltogether exciting and fun.Portraying different-different characters in the book-like the goon Peter, maid’s daughter Mangala, the story created a very beautiful ambience.Also, I found the exemplar interesting and it did cast a good impression.No doubt, story is relatable and the credit undoubtedly goes to author’s superficial way of implementation.

Amalgamating several kinds of events from streets of Berkeley to the chouls of Mumbai, the author succeeds in balancing a moderating flow in the story.The story is not only focused on the life of Bollywood lovers, but the story is a blend of a tangled love- tale,level of understanding in a father-son relationship, journey to aspire dream and is also sprinkled with humourous series of episodes.

The hitches I caught in the book are as follows :

Unnecessary descriptions at some places can disinterest reader.Apart from this very thing, I found the book entertaining and intriguing.

All in all, I found it a good read, it deserved to be read once and you would get to know more about HiFi and Indian Film Industry’s lifestyle, and the hardships one has to go through while chasing his/her dream.

Rating :3.8/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Vasu and the Matsya Temple


Title : Vasu and the Matsya Temple

Author : Rajeev Tanwar

Fantasy books instinctively rise a shrill of excitement within readers at the very first look.Rajeev Tanwar’s debut book, ‘Vasu and the Matsya Temple: Ashtamangala adventures of Vasu’, is one such book that holds the power to take you to an another world and makes you discover a new experience through the story of Vasu.

As the back cover says: ‘Will he be able to find the long lost Divine Ashtamangala Symbols to defeat the evil Samraat Viraat Shukla?

Join Vasu in his quest that takes him on an incredible journey into the depths of Ocean where no Bhoomivaasi has ever been before!

The Ashtamangala Trilogy begins….
No Triumph without Loss
No Victory without Suffering
No Freedom without Sacrifice
And No peace without War!
All will be sacrificed
All will be lost.Unless all unite and join,Vasu’s fight against Evil.

Witness MYTH turn into REALITY!

Unleash the POWER of YOUNG in Bookshops: Ashtamangala Adventures of Vasu’

The first look at the inviting cover design and I was way excited to discover the story behind it.It seemed unique and full of adventures abruptly gaining reader’s attention.On the other hand, blurb at the back cover is precisely knotted, providing proper amount of details in order to attract readers towards it.

The story accelerates with an interesting and alarming event.It there on starts to create a wonderful aroma and a proper ambience.The level of curiosity increases as you move ahead and thus make you completely glued to the story.The story clutches different flavours within it, festooning the beauty of the book.

The story from the very beginning clutched me in its arms, but it seemed to loses its grip in midways. The storyline has a humourous flavour installed within it. The story definitely takes you to an adventurous and bumpy ride, full of thrill and excitement, and one can’t stop himself/herself from turning the pages.

Description of events have been maintained in a good manner.In such type of stories, wild imaginations play a vital role and the author has to be very careful while portraying each scene in order to make it sound real and relatable.In this case, author has completed this task in an efficient manner.

The author has a very good command over language and is evidently reflecting in his writing fashion.He chose peculiar words and descripted the scences in an elaborated manner.The writing fashion has a class, a class that is suitable for the story.I found the writing style charming and classy, adding to the excellent articulation.Author has presented his thoughts in such a manner that readers could easily visualuze minute-minute things very easily while reading.

Fantasy books are rare to find by Indian authors, and when author stands on your expectation you get curious to read more of the writer.Eagerly waiting for next series of The Ashtamangala Triology.Wishing a very good luck and success to the author.

Rating : 4.8/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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