THE ARCHITECTURAL SERIES BOOK BY JAICO PUBLISHING HOUSE These five architectural series book by Jaico Publishing House is really a treat for one who loves histor and is more than interested to know about historical places sitting at one place.One could also refer these books while travelling to these places as these books work as … Read more

Review of As Life Has No Undo

Author: Abir Mukherjee “As Life Has No Undo” is a simpatico tale of teenage love and friendship which at times acts humongous when career and ambition become much preferrable than love and friendship.The story basically revolves around two love birds namely Shreeja and Ankita and it tells how ambition and prosperity becomes first priority over … Read more

Review of Life’s Like That

Author : Prashant Shrivastava ‘Life’s Like That’ is a story of college friends,their friendship,crush,love-life and the expenditures they made during hangouts.It is a short length novel which revolves around college life and some love -bites. As the back cover says ‘Set in the beautiful city of Udaipur, this love story is filled with everything, jealousy, … Read more

Review of And We Remained

Author : Asad Ali Junaid “And We Remained: An absorbing story told differently” is a facile story which offers a ride to college days, from crush to love and lust ,bunking to CR elections, friendship to remembering those golden days of life(college days) which has been narrated by five friends reminiscing their college days. As … Read more

Review of 365 Steps to Self-Confidence

Author : David Lawrence Preston “365 steps to self-confidence: Programme for Personal Transformation in just a few minutes a day”, as the title itself suggests,it is a self-help book to build your confidence and to understand yourself well so that you can make your future better. As the back cover says ‘I have written this … Read more

Review of You’ll Live Again Let Me Die

Author – Simson Biswal “You’ll Live Again Let Me Die” by Simson Biswal, the founder of Dream House Publications, is a harrowing story of a young lad. The book depicts the intricate and tangled life of a boy. The typical prospects related to a youngster life such as love, friendship, heartbreaks, dreams, mistakes, and despair … Read more

Review of Lucifer Lungi

Author : Nitin Sawant “Lucifer Lungi” is a petite, interesting and adventurous journey of a guy, where his beliefs and disbeliefs are taken into account which laid him to discover a truth about his fear in a tragic situation. As the back cover says-‘ An atheist city-slicker unleashed on a medieval holy village…A simpleton village … Read more

Review of When the Snow Melts

Author : Vinod Joseph ‘When the Snow Melts’ is a slow paced thriller story laced with love,spy and suspense that presents a rather introductory of those people’s life who believes that above all,it is their duty to eradicate terrorism and terrorists from country. As the back cover says ” A spook! His lady-love! The al … Read more

Review of Computer Graphics & Animation

Author : M.C. Trivedi “Computer Graphics & Animation” by M.C Trivedi is a technical book which is specially designed for those,who are new to graphics,animation and multimedia.In this book, very basic knowledge has been given about graphics & animation creation which is laid out in a facile language. As the back cover says ” COMPUTER … Read more

Review of Handbook of Practical Communication Skills

Editor : Chrissie Wright “Handbook of Practical Communication Skills” is a guidance book that is encompassed with do’s and don’ts while communicating with someone.This book has been written giving one a depth insight on several facets of communication in a facile way. The content of the book holds Telephone Techniques, Effective Speaking, Interviewing, Effective Meetings, … Read more

Review of Reach for the Stars

Author : Contributed by different authors Compiler : Dan Zadra “Reach for the Stars: Give up the good to go for the great” is a part of “Thoughts to Inspire & Celebrate”, one of the great initiative by Jaico Publication House.It is a diminutive book where quotes are amalgamated which are written by different authors, … Read more