These five architectural series book by Jaico Publishing House is really a treat for one who loves histor and is more than interested to know about historical places sitting at one place.One could also refer these books while travelling to these places as these books work as a guide for you and will let you know more than a guide can tell you.

Title : Hampi Vijayanagara

Author : John M Fritz and George Michelle


As the back cover says ‘Hampi is one of the most beautiful and evocative of all historical sites in south India.Austere yet grandiose, it was established as the seat of the Vijayanagara empire in the mid -14th century,a time when art and architecture flourished.Contemporary chroniclers from Persia,Italy,Portugal and Russia visited the empire during this period and left glowing accounts of a city that was conquered by Sultanate troops in AD 1565, pillaged for six months, and abandoned.

Hampi Vijayanagara examines the temples renowned for their florid ornamentation,intricate carvings,magnificent pavilions, stately pillars and a wealth of iconographic and traditional depictions.The book also includes site plans and three-dimeensional reconstructions.

Title : Elephanta

Author : George Michelle


As the back cover says ‘ The 6th- century rock-cut cave temple on Elephanta island, in the middle of Mumbai harbour, is the home of Shiva, the greatest of all Hindu gods.Elephanta leads the reader through this magnificent cave temple, examining its overall architectural scheme and interpreting the myths of Shiva that are depicted so forcefully in the extraordinary stone sculptures.The outstanding photographs capture the beauty and magic of the cave.

This book also contains fascinating accounts of European travellers , documenting their discovery of Elephanta from the 17th century onwards, and includes information on the ongoing efforts to preserve this monument that was designed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.’

Title : Bombay Gothic

Author : Christopher W London


As the back cover says ‘The Gothic Revival architectural style, innovatively adapted to local conditions, was introduced to 19th century Bombay by Governor HBE Frere.Famous architects, theorists and prominent Indians of the era asssited him in the realization of his vision for Bombay as the country’s first city.Tracing the evolution of its distinctive architectural style, Christopher London reveals the fascinating history of a developing metropolis.

Lavishly illustrated with color photographs as well as rare archival material, and drawing visual comparisons with both contemporary and medieval European models, Bombay Gothic presents a comprehensive perspective of Victorian architecture in Bombay.’

Title : Badami · Aihole · Pattadakal

Author : George Michelle


As the back cover says ‘ The town of Badami, the nearby villages of Aihole and Pattadkal, and the pilgrimage site of Mahakuta, in the Malprabha valley of central Karnataka, are celebrated for their magnificient rock-cut shrines and structural temples.These Hindu and Jain monuments are associated with the Early Chalukyas who reigned over this part of the Deccan during the 6th-8th centuries.Together with a profusion of maginificient sculptures, mostly found in situ, these shrines and temples may be considered among the earliest, best preserved vestiges of temple art in India.

This guidebook, the first ever for the Badami region, is authored by a scholar whose PhD was on Early Chalukya architecture.The text is illustrated with regional and town maps, building plans, and more than 130 splendid coloured photographs.’


Title: Gulbagra · Bidar · Bijapur

Author : Helen Philon


As the back cover says ‘ The maginificient monuments of Gulbarga, Bidar and Bijapur in northern Karnataka are manifestations of a vibrant culture that flourished under the rule of the Bahmani and Adil Shahi sultans during the 14th to 17th centuries.The wealth of these the Deccan plateau, while the splendour of their courts owed much to an open immigration policy by which gifted individuals from other parts of India, as well as from the Middle East and Central Asia, were encouraged to settle.

Though the Bahmanis were supplanted partly by the Adil Shahis at the turn of the 16th century, and the latter were annihilated by the Mughal invasion of the Deccan in the 1680’s ,their capital cities preserve many splendid buildings.These include the imposing fortresses of Gulbarga and Bidar,the grand audience halls and ornate residential apartments in Bidar and Bijapur, the mosques and Sufi shrines in Gulbarga, and the beautifully decorated royal tombs on the outskirts of Bidar and Bijapur.For more adventurous travellers there are the abandoned ruins of Firuzabad and the decaying pleasure resort at Kumatgi.

All these monuments and sites are described and profusely illustrated in this guidebook, the first ever to be published in this region.

All these archietectural books are enriched with lavish pictures and quality content that let you travel on some great historical places. Along with the rich quality of content, the quality of pages are also excellent offering clear and beautiful pictures of historical places.

It is worth to read about each and every places that has camouflaged in these books.Albeit all the books are written by different writers every writer has their own charm to present their work and feed reader’s mind.

These books will travel you to places where your heart gets nourished to a good extent and also feed your brain with the historical information of these places. The information about the places are neither too descriptive nor too less.It has been maintained in a precise fashion. It was interesting to know about all these eye-catching places and the journey is really worth to have.

Summing up the features of these books ,I could only come up with these words aesthetic, releshing, powerful,sound, beautiful, worthy and precious.For history lovers this would surely be a worth read.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of As Life Has No Undo


Author: Abir Mukherjee

“As Life Has No Undo” is a simpatico tale of teenage love and friendship which at times acts humongous when career and ambition become much preferrable than love and friendship.The story basically revolves around two love birds namely Shreeja and Ankita and it tells how ambition and prosperity becomes first priority over relations.

As the back cover says ‘Campus Interviews are around the corner for the final-year students of Burdwan Engineering College.Everyone is busy honing their skills at the last minute except Ankit who wishes to see his parents for the last time.

Ankit, a simple boy and mediocre student from a lower middle class Bengali family has only two aims in his life-to become a computer engineer per his parent’s wish and to spend his entire life with Shreeja,the lady love of his life.Shreeja is preety,ambitious and career oriented.What happens when Debdeep walks into their lives?

Does Ankit have more things to lose than he ever imagined? Have you ever loved someone more than yourself? Have you ever felt the need of a undo button in your life?

This may be your story…’

The thing I like most about this book is it’s title and cover design.First look at the cover and title grabbed my attention.Both the cover and the title draws something different and inviting and is imaginative making reader inquistive as how the author has mould the story relating the title and the cover. After reading the quality title, I was expecting a new and fresh tale.

List of events have been amalgamated to make this reading journey interesting. Although, the story didn’t sound a fresh one,it manages to get reader’s interest who likes to read soft,melody and light teenage love story.Writing style is way simple and any novice reader could go through this novel. Characterization is also done in a well organized way.I could also visualize the story to some extent ,but at some places a smooth flow of the story is lacking.But overall the story is presented well.The story looks like a real one ,and it feels like directly coming from author’s heart and a reader could easily relate from the story.

Although it fails to serve something new to the readers, but is good enough to create a good ambience.The storyline lacks imagination and needs to be implemented in a much better way.At some places,I felt that the story is bit stretched.Some events are descripted which are not really required for the completion of the story.

All in all, this is a book for those who wants to read romantic tale delivering nothing so new but is engaging.If the story would be sprinkled with more flavours then it would really be a treat.

Rating: 3/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

Review of Seduced By Murder


Title : Seduced By Murder

Author : Saurbh Katyal

Link to the review :

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Life’s Like That


Author : Prashant Shrivastava

‘Life’s Like That’ is a story of college friends,their friendship,crush,love-life and the expenditures they made during hangouts.It is a short length novel which revolves around college life and some love -bites.

As the back cover says ‘Set in the beautiful city of Udaipur, this love story is filled with everything, jealousy, one sided love and betrayal. Amit gets approval of Preeti, his love and Ishita, who unknowingly helped Amit gets involved with Sankalp. The story moves on with ups and down of college life. A nicely flowing story takes turn when opulent guy Shekar comes into the picture who is not
only rich but intelligent. Unlike fairy tales, the love starts to take a backseat and money takes the charge.Do dreams shatter when they meet the harsh reality? can waves of love survive having hit by
the shore of wealth? can love still be based on fairy tales where money cannot distract? Remember its money that is running the world,
love is only Art of life. So what wins and what should win?’

A story of love birds namely Sankalp-Ishita,Amit-Preeti and Rahul-Niharika which seemed more like infatuation than love but termed as love. Initially,I felt that the story is mainly focussed on Sankalp and Ishita’s love story.But, later I discovered that the protagonist of the story are Amit and Preeti. Somehow it failed to make a clear impact on readers.The plot is simple and ordinary and presented in a facile way. Initially,I was a bit confused about characterization ,but later the story is only limited to few characters and thus vanished the confusion.

The story is one of the usual ones you would find any other Indian novel. Precisely,no story to put your mind into,it just seemed like some episodes of daily tv soap serials which keeps on continuing raising some new issues in between.Unnecessary descriptions and series of such events which is need not to be described made this book lewd sometimes. Storyline needs to be imaginative as this book serves an outdated story.

Instead of focussing on three love stories which are nothing so different,it would be better if only one story should be focussed and presented well.In order to devour three stories,the real flavor is missing from the story.Some twists and turns to the story requires badly as it needs to be spiced up atleast to some extent which I felt is lacking. The story couldn’t serve up to the mark.Also,the story fails to create an ambience required for a good environment.I couldn’t relate completely to the story as the story jumps off in between presenting some unnecessary descriptions.One more and vital drawback of the book is grammatical errors which is not avoidable.

It is no doubt a light-read pack written in utter simple language. If you are looking for a new or spicy story,then this is not your cup of tea,but,if you want to reminisce your college life with hot-spot dates,then this could help you to some extent. A book nice for novice readers who doesn’t need to adjust with complexities in book,they can simply go through it with comfort.

I wish author good luck for his next venture and wish him to come up with a spicy and fresh tale.

Rating : 2/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Jack and Master


Author : Karan Verma

“Jack and Master: a tale of friendship,passion and glory”, a story of two opposite and not so ordinary lad among the crowd named Jack and Master ,who prefers to listen to their heart over their mind and took a step to bring a change.A simple tale which holds the potential to enlighten your mood and to charge your mind.

As the back cover says ‘ The Legend of Jack and Master began twenty years ago in Grinnel’s University, Goa.. One is the charismatic ‘Jack of all trades’ who can play the guitar, sing his way into your heart, be the cyber-wiz next door and also charm the ladies. The other is the near-legendary ‘Master of one’, the economic wizard who shook the very foundations of the political system of Goa. Jack has the sizzling fashion diva Samantha by his side, while Master has soul mate Sakshi, his pillar of support. What happens when the flamboyant college drop-out Jack meets the
indomitable Master? Friendship, fun, craziness or a battle to the finish?.All the ‘Jacks’ and ‘Masters’ of the town, getready for the ride of your lifetime. With no rules and no limits, this one’s for glory. Find out who will come out on top. Flamboyance or Excellence. Folk hero or Cult figure.Jack or Master.’

The first look on the cover and title of the book couldn’t gave me the clear idea of the concept of what the story would revolve around.After reading the blurb, I was able to guess the plot to some extent ,and it was making me inquistive to start reading the story.And, after completing the book, everything fits in place, the cover , the title and the synopsis.

Story paces up constantly, and there was no point or place, I felt like description is lacking or over-discripted.Story is knitted in a well-organized way where one can easily catch the sequence of events blended with one another. The story was climbing the steps heroically serving a different tale altogether.The series of events will let you taste the different flavour the story is embellished with. From friendship to love,passion to glory, this story swings accurately creating an ambiance which seemed real and full of life.

The storyline of the book makes it stand alone in the crowd.This story won’t rest your mind for a second.The gradual ups and downs of the events will make you ponder about the upcoming events.From dialogue delivery to witty statements this book is able to last it’s impression even after reading it.Along with a multi-flavored tale, this story also serves a message to the readers in a captive way. Emotions are very well portrayed and story is crafted humorously. Characters are precisely described and author makes clear characterization every time when a new character introduces.

A zig -zag story flavored with twists and turns, and I literally couldn’t guess what would happen next as the story is way different from the usual ones.A pleasurable read which will no doubt entertain you till the end. Though, I tried hard to find any downfall ,but I couldn’t.Those readers who loves to read series of interesting events in a single story, go for it, it wouldn’t let you down!

All in all, a gripping and worth reading tale to swing your mood to a new level.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Losing My Religion


Author : Vishwas Mudagal

“Losing my Religion” by Vishwas Mudagal is a fascinating story of a young lad, Rishi Rai, a gamer & an entrepreneur. The book deals with how he gets involved with some unforeseeable events which change the entire state of his life. A fast paced novel with multitude of elements such as adventure, friendship, success, failure and romance which as a whole enrich the storyline.

The book presents you an absolutely passionate tycoon, Rishi Rai. The story begins with the Rishi’s financial predicament where he feels totally dispirited by seeing his gaming revolution declining. He failed in his attempt to make his dreams come true because of which he was totally shattered and disheartened. As a result, he went bankrupt & his life had gone haywire.

But as it is said that there are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them. Something similar happened with Rishi. During his venture to take a break from everything as he had lost all his belief in all that he had been doing, he met Alex, a hyperactive, crazy, American hippie. Subsequently they together set out an unexplored journey across India, which changed the entire course of Rishi’s life. Their expedition covered several places in India. Heading towards Malana Valley had proved to be one of the most horrifying and mysterious trek for them. The story deals with how they got trapped in strange cultures or traditions of the place, thereafter dealing with an extremely freakish crowd in Malana valley and eventually getting out of it. Following to it, they moved to Om beach on the west coast where they started a shack and here Rishi met Kyra, a cryptic and enthusiastic gamer. Apparently, this turned Rishi’s life upside down. The book depicts that how this lady with a secret perfectly alters the circumstances in Rishi’s life in an imperfect way! The story also involves a fully clever and crafty entrepreneur, Mr. Wolf. His ideology related to business was thoroughly different from that of others. Besides, he played an essential role in the story. The climax of the book leads to a huge mahakumb where a series of odd and perplexing events take place. An unanticipated end of the book will certainly leave you in an extreme shock and amazement.

It is truly an amazing piece of literature with a different chain of events that ultimately lead to an extremely startling conclusion. Each character that has been represented in the book describes a strong emotion & image. All the constituents involved in the story are powerful and gripping. Such as an intense friendship shared by Alex and Rishi is remarkable, also an exceptional bond between Kyra & Rishi is a true illustration of love and affection.

It is a well written tale without stretching any of the portions, either the adventurous trip of Alex and Rishi or the ultimate finale of the story. The book is a mixture of fine segments of human sentiments, thrill, romance, dreams, ambitions, failure and victory.

This is a fresh story with an extensively new plot. The writing style of the author is utterly wonderful. The kind of sentences and expressions used in the book clearly demonstrates author’s sheer brilliance. The life of a young, zealous entrepreneur is been portrayed here which undoubtedly can inspire many energetic youngsters out there. The courage or the calculated risk taken by Rishi surely describes the zeal for success.

For me, it was an immensely interesting and addictive read. I never thought that business could be so much fun! I enjoyed each and every fragment of the story. The places, temples, valleys, beaches, and mountains across the India are illustrated in a phenomenal manner. The title of the book didn’t give me the hint of the storyline but as I got linked to the book, it was completely engrossing. After turning each page, I was more anxious to know the eventual outcome of the story. I liked the theme of the story i.e. never give up for any reason. You gotta believe yourself to achieve anything in life. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks of your life into building blocks.

A highly recommended book for everyone especially to those who want to read something new and captivating. It would definitely make your day!

Concluding with some terrific lines in the book :
“Leap out of the existence you have wrapped around yourself & take the plunge without thinking of the consequences. You’ll fall, no doubt. But sometime during that, you’ll witness a miracle taking shape around you. That’s called losing my religion.”

Rating : 4.9/5

Reviewer : Shivani Chauhan

Review of Smile For No Good Reason


Author : Lee Jampolsky

“Smile for no good reason: 12 principles for lasting happiness” is a self-help book interwoven with spiritual thoughts and a guide to show you path to happiness and ways as how to live a better life.

As the back cover says ‘ Trying to change your life without changing your attitude is like painting over rust- it only looks good until the rust shows through again.In Smile for No good reason,Dr. Lee Jampolsky shares the 12 principles of Attitudinal Healing in a collection of motivational,uplifting,and often humorous lessons designed to help us realize lasting happiness- the kind of happiness that not even changing our jobs,our partners, or our income brackets can help us attain.

Dr.Jampolsky offers a series of powerful and concise stories that teach us how to joyfully exchange fear for love,selfishness for service, and anger for clarity- to respond to life’s challenging with peace,confidence,and laughter.

Your attitudes,nothing more and nothing less, are your most important tools for building happiness and good health.Recapture the joy of living- learn how to Smile for No Good Reason.’

Cover design is simple and nice, but it could be more imaginative.Title purely emits the rays of positivity and is good enough to catch reader’s attention.This book gives a realization of real meaning of life.A definition of life told differently and in simple language relating with everybody’s life .This book says ‘Life is all about living each and every moment with love and spirituality keeping a radiant smile on face all over life.

The twelve principles this book deals with are as follows:
-The essence of our being is love.
-Health is inner peace.Health is letting go of fear.
-Giving and receiving are the same.
-We can let go of the past and the future.
-Now is the only time there is,and each instant is for giving.
-We can learn to love ourselves and others by forgiving rather than judging.
-We can become love finders rather than fault finders.
-We can choose and direct ourselves to be peaceful inside regardless of what is happening outside.
-We are students and teachers to each other.
-We can focus on whole of the life rather than fragments.
-Since love is eternal,death need not to be viewed as fearful.
-We can always perceive ourselves and others as either extending love or giving a call for help.

Advices and suggestions has been given by the author in this book keeping in mind what most of the people suffering from.Everybody faces many problems in life ,but when it comes to find solution to these problems instead of just going in depression such books play it’s role well.Solutions to not all of the major or minor problems has been given, but author has laid down a genralized prospect towards every thing we face while treading the path of life.

An inspiring book which help you to learn some good lessons about leading a happy and fruitful life.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of You Get One Shot At Life

IMG-20140826-WA0000 (1)

Author: Aaron Lumpkin

“You Get One Shot At Life–Aim for success: Secrets of living a meaningful life” is a self-help book served in a very facile way to make readers understand the importance of life and make a worth of it.This book holds the potential to let you know your potential.

As the back cover says ‘Would you like for your life to be an exhilarating journey rather than a routine, boring experience? Do you want to have more of the passionate feelings that make us feel alive? Wouldn’t you like to know that your life has meaning and significance ? You get one shot for life: Aim for Success is an invaluable resource for anyone who desires to live a more fulfilling and successful life.

You will discover:

  • The 7 basic principles of success
  • The 8 great emotional dangers of life

  • 15 ways to live a more meaningful life

  • 20 ways to develop a winning edge

  • Insights into making sense of ourselves and the world”

Through the title one can easily catch what the content it holds.And if not, the perfect blurb would do the work.As precise the title, as precise is the cover design.Simple but accurate.

The very motive of the author behind writing this book is to see the readers reach the next level of his/ her life which he portrayed in this book in same or another way to glue this sentence permanently in readers’s mind ,and to make his/ her mind yearn for the next goal or a new path he/ she wants to travel on.In this book, he worked to make understand readers that life without a goal is nothing.Setting a goal gives life a heart where goal could be anything from digging a hole to reaching the stars.

The author talked about simple things but so important that plays a vital role in life.I felt every statement worth and this book ruled my heart.Not so full-of-philosphical-thoughts book it is, but it just talk about yours and mine, and everyone’s life. The book is written in a friendly manner so that readers could find their space of comfort and get meaning out of it.

Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t take my attention off it.Author’s approach to bring a motive to everyone’s life is portrayed more in the form of stories.He very well knows that people get more inspired when they learn from someone’s else story.Philosphy and thoughts once read can be forgotten very easily.But, the impression lasted by story remains forever. The contents have been arranged in a flow.The author knows well when to put a question and when to suggest what is right and what is wrong.He has not played with thoughts by some great people in the book.He has simply portrayed his own thoughts in a simple yet effective manner.

All in all, a really inspirational and helpful book to me which I like to read again and again.

Rating: 4.8/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Personal Excellence


Compiler : Ken Shelton

“Personal Excellence” is a self-help book in which articles by various brilliant writers or people owing great personality has been amalgamated and served as a treat to all the readers , to feed their brain with nutritious thoughts and make it healthy.Some of the authors who contributed in this book are : Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra, Ken Blanchard, Zig Ziglar, Wayne Dyer and so on.It’s like many flavors on the same piece of cake.

As the back cover says ” This priceless collection of particles includes the most respected authorities on personal and professional development. From Michael Jordan to Mary Kay Ash to Pope John II , you’ll read about-how you, as well as every other person, possess the potential to achieve and improve the quality of your life, how facing yourself is always better than running from yourself, and how feeling free is so fundamental to human nature.This insightful and inspiring book will help you in five areas: preparation, performance, recovery, life values and ongoing growing.”

The cover of the book gives a professional touch to this book with a very simple design ,and so do the title.Both the work reflecting of the content it holds.Coming to the blurb, which is a precise one,speaks of exactly what a reader seeks in the blurb of the book.

The highness in author’ s thoughts is lucidly shown in their words.Their words are reflecting a positive attitude and they want the same attitude to be a part of every reader’s life.One of the good thing about this book is you don’t need to read this book at one sit.Feed your brain slowly and steadily with one author at a time grasping the more out of his/her article.One more thing I liked about this book is author’s bio has been given so precisely in one or two liners.Usually, I have seen them of half a page sometimes which is for me of no use.I usually don’t read them.

The content has been divided into five section: Preparation, Ongoing growth, Life Values, Recovery and Performance where every section has been handled quite well.The language used by the authors are simple and any reader could find their place in it.Such books wants you to dissolve every single word in your brain and make the best possible result out of them.Such books work as an helping-hand to many need mind and for those who pursue great dreams and wish for their success and wants to prepare themselves for the same. For novices, who are looking for self-help/inspirational/ motivational book, this book could be a tough task.As for novices, real life examples plays very well and is easy for them to relate.

This book is inspiring, but not as much as I was expecting from it after reading some quality self-help/motivational/inspirational books by Jaico Publishing House. I wish if articles have been served with example, it could have been more inspirational.Such articles are better suited in newspaper and magazines.But, when it comes to book, reader seeks for something which they couldn’t get in newspaper or magazines.Some modifications to the articles would do the trick.Althogether, it was not a waste of time, good to go through it once and gain from it as much as you can.

Rating: 3.6/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of And We Remained


Author : Asad Ali Junaid

“And We Remained: An absorbing story told differently” is a facile story which offers a ride to college days, from crush to love and lust ,bunking to CR elections, friendship to remembering those golden days of life(college days) which has been narrated by five friends reminiscing their college days.

As the front of the jacket says ‘ It is Bangalore in the late 1990’s. There are tremendous socio- economic and cultural transformations taking place as a result of liberization.How would these changes impact the thinking of a group of friends in their late teens? How would they cope, find opportunities and what of their original identities would they be left with, after western ideologies are brought in and bombarded into their awareness by cable TV?

Told through emails and first person account of events , And We Remained is a light and entertaining read of these friends as they experience love, heartbreak, prison, politics, drunken binges, strip clubs,sexapades, US and Europe during their journey into adulthood.’

As the synopsis of the book goes ‘ And We Remained was a story which needed to be told.The story though,wasn’t a short one.How it had to be narrated had to be very different as well.

And We Remained is a 51,000 word novel, with an absorbing storyline and a unique narration style. In the 1990’s , India is going through tremendous socio-economic changes.Set in this era, it is a coming of age story of five engineering friends- Sahir,Sandeep,Gopal,Anand and David – and the women in their lives, especially the beautiful Wardha.Their intertwined story is told by these friends through first person accounts of events in their engineering college contrasted in alternate chapters with their lives a few years later when they keep in touch,narrate events in their lives and share their experiences in India and abroad through emails.

And We Remained takes you on their entertaining journey through college, love, heartbreak, prison, politics, drunken binges, strip clubs, US and Europe as they hang on to sanity and their identities in a fast changing society and a nation in flux.’

The cover design is simple, and it itself works as the blurb of the story,reflecting all the core words the story would revolve around.I actually liked this very way of giving readers a hint of what the content holds.As the author narrates his own college’s story, his book was able to create a live impression on my mind and it went in a nice flow.

In the email conversation,mostly they conversed about hot babes,love and it seemed like their mind stuck to only one thing.This kind of conversation seemed fair initially,but later on when the same thing continued to revolve, it gave lewd impression.Instead of that,if they could conversed about their past or some more twists or if it can create any suspense juxtaposing present and past,this story could do something more entertaining.

Writing style is different and it took some time to adjust with it ,as in the beginning it created some confusion ,but as it paces up,confusion vanished and smoothness followed. Dialogue delivery or witty statements to creating humourous scenes,this book gave a good-feel while reading.I was laughing out loudly at some places.This book acted really hilarious and amusing at some places.Despite of having a simple and common story, this book didn’t bore me.About editing of the book, it is good, but could be done much better.Also,I felt that story could be sprinkled with more spice, and if done it could serve altogether a new taste which could enthrall more.Although, being a debut author, author has tried his best to make this book entertaining.

All in all, this book offers a light-read which couldn’t serve something new in the story, but for me, it was an entertaining reading journey.

Rating : 3.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of 365 Steps to Self-Confidence


Author : David Lawrence Preston

“365 steps to self-confidence: Programme for Personal Transformation in just a few minutes a day”, as the title itself suggests,it is a self-help book to build your confidence and to understand yourself well so that you can make your future better.

As the back cover says ‘I have written this book for everyone-young and old, men, women, students, educators, business people, administrators, parents, homemakers, sports enthusiasts, entertainers- yes, and you!

It has been carefully structured into 52 sections, covering the following areas:

  • Deciding to be confident
  • Self- awareness

  • Thinking confidently

  • Using your imagination to improve self- image

  • Acting with confidence

  • Confident communication

Each section contains information, insights and words of inspiration, plus seven excercises, practical hints or points to ponder.That’s one day- not too taxing,is it?

I guarantee that if you read the material carefully and apply what you learn, you’ll notice big changes taking place within two or three months, and a year from now you’ll look back amazed at how much more confident you’ve become.’

After reading the blurb, it itself gave me confidence to see this book specially designed for one and all, as the author guarantees to hold your hand for the betterment and positive changes in life.365 steps to self- confidence are referred as 365 confidence builder in the book, so the title abruptly fits the content.On the other hand, cover designing is very simple,and can easily get reader’s attention, if one is looking for a confidence- booster book.

The book has been written in a different fashion ,but it was easy for me to make myself comfortable while reading.There was a charm of positivity all around the book.Some practical tasks has been asked to performed to better know oneself and make better improvement in different facets of life.

Such kinds of self-help books make difference to your life, albeit little ,but it do.These books are need to be read,read and re-read.They have the power to bring out a positive-you, if read carefully.It is evident from the book that author has been through many self-help books which resulted into his own encouraging and life-changing self-help book.

The only drawback of this book is repetition of the same thing at some places.Same thougts have been used but in a bit different way, which I think could be avoided.

Instead of focussing on theoretical description on how to become self- confident, this book focusses on practical tactics to evolve confidence.In this book, 365 practical tactics (some questions to yourself) has been given which help you to give a clear view to your life and makes you learn how to love yourself and accept yourself as you are.

Rating:4.6 /5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of You’ll Live Again Let Me Die


Author – Simson Biswal

“You’ll Live Again Let Me Die” by Simson Biswal, the founder of Dream House Publications, is a harrowing story of a young lad. The book depicts the intricate and tangled life of a boy. The typical prospects related to a youngster life such as love, friendship, heartbreaks, dreams, mistakes, and despair are illustrated in the book.

As the front cover says that it is a tale which consists of three supreme elements-love, mistake and sacrifice. The story commence with a typical conversation between some friends. In the due course their discussion shifted to love topics. Further, everyone expressed their views on people who commit suicide because of heartbreaks and discontent. According to them, these people have sick mentality and they are weak hearted. But one of the friend disagrees from this point and in his opinion, sometimes situations force someone to end his/her life and no one ever does it for fun. And then the story of a 20 years old, Robin Das begins..

This is a story of a passionate and ambitious mind, Robin Das. He belongs to a middleclass family and so evidently he has been referred as a 20 years old ‘common Indian’ in the book. But there is an another major reason of stating him as common i.e. due to his dreams and strong desires. The dream to achieve something significant and the urge to reach somewhere makes him slightly different from others. In order to attain his objectives he moved to an other city for pursuing electrical engineering. The entire story revolves around him, his friends and his love. The plot consists of some vivid characters such as Chetan and IAS, robin’s friends, also Kriti and Ashama play an essential role in the story.

Right from the very first day of college robin’s friendship with IAS and Chetan has grown along with him. Besides sharing the room, they shared everything: every idea, every worry, every burden, the smiles, wiped each others tears and supported each other in tough times. The story illustrates that how Robin fall for a girl, Kriti. His first love changed his life, it was a fresh beginning with happiness filled in their hearts, a new promise which brought new hopes and expectations. But life played its own truants. His breakup with Kriti left him crashed to the ground in agony and distress. The book deals with how Robin learnt lessons from his failed love and heartbreak. It is interesting to find out that what happens when life gives him a second chance by starting all over again. The second half of the story depicts that how destiny determined his decisions of life when he meets his love again.

The author put forwarded the prevailing situations of life in the story. Each side of love is portrayed in a fine manner in the book. Either it is the essence of first love, the grief and sorrow that one experiences during love or the misapprehension between partners. The title is perfectly appropriate for the story. One can certainly guess the theme on which the entire tale is based. Also, the cover page of the book represents the subject matter. The story is laced with multitude of emotions and constituents which makes it more captivating and intense.

The story is basically divided in two halves. The first half delineates the bond of friendship, the feelings of affection and care, and the contentment in living a life for your loved ones. While, the second half describes about the harsh realities of life, betrayal by your love, lessons which life teaches you in torment and desperation & the reemergence of love. The second part is preferable to the first part. As the second half raises multiple questions in the mind of readers.

It was a fast read for me. I liked the scenes and events which take place in an engineering college. A good storyline with some different segments in it. The end of the story is totally unpredictable and will leave you open-mouthed. I felt that the blurb of the book could be much better. Besides this, in some portions there are few grammatical and editing errors which could be the reason for lack of interest of readers.

The twists and turns which occur in Robin’s life are capable of holding one’s attention. As you will be linked to the story, it will add up to your curiosity. Robin, the protagonist of the story is absolutely powerful and eventually he did what was right in the climax of the story. A belief in the basic goodness of mankind is portrayed in the book. Those who exclusively like love stories, this one is a definite book for you guys.

Rating – 3.7/5

Reviewer – Shivani Chauhan

Review of Lucifer Lungi


Author : Nitin Sawant

“Lucifer Lungi” is a petite, interesting and adventurous journey of a guy, where his beliefs and disbeliefs are taken into account which laid him to discover a truth about his fear in a tragic situation.

As the back cover says-‘ An atheist city-slicker unleashed on a medieval holy village…A simpleton village priest’s boy who blindly worships and guards a pantheon of Gods and Their traditions…Strange things happen when their worldscollide!
This is a tale of that turmoil on a lonely night in a jungle, when the ghosts you never knew till a few hours ago are let loose on the ghosts that you always carried within, unknowingly.Welcome to the unholy clash of beliefs, fears and frailties with unknown Gods and demons. A clash that will test your convictions. A clash that will rabidly claw and unmask your subconscious, leaving you naked and paralyzed in front of your demons – in a climax that is as ambiguous as it is certain…Welcome to the madness of ‘Lucifer’s Lungi’…where What-You-See-Is-NOT-What-You-Get…’

For me,it’s a kind of tale children used to listen from their parents/grandparents or they read in their short-tale story book. It somehow lend me to those days when I used to listen/read such stories and thoroughly enjoyed such adventurous and alien stories.While reading this story,many questions crept in my mind just like an inquistive child – whether you believe in God and evil spirit and magic?Would protagonist going to believe all?What would happen at the end?Eventually this story is able to drag me till the end.

An amusing title and a cover good enough to gather attention and also does justice with the story.An interesting theme it was, and well potrayed which is able to give nice visualization even in less-elaborative story.Story didn’t drifted from it’s path ,rather it was pacing in a smooth flow and point-to-point description has been given.Some witty and humorous incidents potrayed in the book,and they worked as a catalyst which made the tale interesting.

Author’s writing fashion is interesting, it can hook readers to the story.It is simple and compact which helps reader to complete it in a single go.I think the story needed to be exposed more,so that one could enjoy the tale with more fun on getting a well-served spicy tale.Some more spice to the tale,would do the trick.If the story is elaborated a bit more and some more twists and turns could be a part of this tale,then this reading journey would be more interesting. The mythological story should go in depth so that it could create the perfect ambience of fear.I felt the flavor of fear missing which I think is most required.

All in all, a nice and diminutive book which can take you on a different ride.Specially recommended for children.

Rating- 3.2/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Untruly Yours


Author : Smita Shetty

“Untruly Yours” is a simple story of modern era’s female’s life and how relationships take their turn in a twisted way, leaving one unable to put throw any decision.A simpatico tale which can take you on a short ride of evaluating the importance of relationship.

As the back cover says ” To some Natasha Iyer has it all- Living the life of an affluent NRI, wife of a prominent psychologist and mother to a cheeky 11 year old.However,behind closed doors,cracks are beginning to appear in her seemingly comfortable relationship with her professionally consumed husband, Rakesh.

Although Rakesh seems content with his alpha neatness-fetish,melodramatic wife and bright son; Natasha yearns for romance, passion and excitement.Ironically,the psychologist husband fails to read between the lines and Natasha is left to her own devices to deal with her unresolved emotions.

An unexpected call from India takes her through a journey of self-discovery with her devastatingly handsome work colleague,Steve.She uncovers in some aspects urban India has changed considerably but equally, deep- rooted social issues still prevail in the so called modern,educated,changing society. A chance encounter with her ‘blast from the past’ – Veer, adds to the emotional rollercoaster ride.Her one-man-woman status of many years has failed to equip her with vital tools to deal with the unanticipated surge of attention from Steve and Veer.

As she attempts to master the finer points of courtship,flirtation and seduction; her life spirals out of control.Natasha is compelled to make tough decisions about her love, friendship, marriage and parenthood.”

The cover design is nice,the one who loves to read love story could easily pick up the book seeing it’s cover.On the other hand, I found title well suited for the story and it also gives slight idea about the theme.Also,the synopsis gives the complete reflection of what the story holds.

Story is portrayed in a facile way ,albeit I couldn’t call it a light read,but it maintains it’s aura with the power of emotions it displays.Nothing so new and out of the box added in the plot,but is served in a different order.Several ups and downs are a part of the story.First half is dull and next half gives a meaning to the plot and is fairly able to conclude the story.I really liked the way story ends.It very clearly gives a message to the readers about understanding relationships and it’s totally upto oneself how he/she wants to handle it.

I felt that story is bit stretched at some places and unnecessary description has been given which seemed like story has been drifted from its path many a times,which could be the reason for reader’s lacking interest in the book.Once it sway high in the air,and the next moment all the interest vanishes when lewd description took a part.Also, I wish the page quality to be a bit better,it would become pleasant to eyes.

All in all, a short read and a good book for those who like melodramas and some witty strands hovering around in a relationship based story which could be read while travelling or on weekends.

Rating : 3/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of When the Snow Melts


Author : Vinod Joseph

‘When the Snow Melts’ is a slow paced thriller story laced with love,spy and suspense that presents a rather introductory of those people’s life who believes that above all,it is their duty to eradicate terrorism and terrorists from country.

As the back cover says ”
A spook!
His lady-love!
The al Qaeda!


Veteran spook Ritwik Kumar is sent by the Indian government to the Intilligence Assessment Group (IAG) in London, where intelligence agents from all over the world work together to fight global terrorism.The IAG has a few pet projects.Nabbing Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar is one.Purging Pakistan’s secret service agency,the ISI,of rogue elements and fundamentalists is another.

Despite years of working in Central Asia and Afghanistan, things don’t go well for Ritwik at the AIG.Addiction to alcohol and gambling drive him to borrow heavily from loan sharks and even misappropriate office funds.When Ritwik’s senior officer, General West, gives him only a fortnight to return the money he has stolen,Ritwik defects to the al Qaeda.But he is a man who doesn’t easily fall in line and doesn’t share al Qaeda’s ideology.

Events take a turn for the worse not only for Ritwik but also for all those who come in contact with him.Even the beautiful Nilofer, who is married to the al Qaeda fanatic and one-man army Junaid,is not spared.

When the Snow Melts takes you through a dangerous world of diplomats,spies and fanatics, where appearannces are deceptive,and danger lurks around every corner.”

The simple cover seemed fresh and title seemed alluring and inviting, which initially didn’t give me any hint about the story.Coming to the synopsis, it gives the perfect brief illustration of the story, reading it one could easily go to the conclusion whether the book falls in their basket of interest or not.

The story starts in a stylish mode,the perfect start for the book which could hold reader’s interest.Along with that easy and friendly writing fashion acts as the backbone of the book.

Ritwik,the protagonist confused me at several points about his real identity which draws the book to be in the category of thrill plus love plus suspense.Also,last few pages served some spicy flavors of strands of unexpected events and truths.But, I was expecting the end to be more farcical ,albeit the end was unexpected and I didn’t get a single thought before, that it would end up like this.

Not telling much about the story ,as it would loose the essence and suspense the story holds.This story demonstrates the hard- core life of Intelligent Officers,risking their life for their country’s sake facing all the difficult situations.The spice of love sprinkled above the story is less,but is enough to lighten the story.The ideology behind the plot is riveting but it could have been laced with more dramas and twists.At some places, too much descriptions has been given which seemed lewd and boring.

The thing I like most about this book is despite of being a thriller story it offers a light read,where one could easily fall for the writing style and go at once through it.Through elaborative description, I could very well picturise the story and everything seemed real.Not too many facets are involved in the book,which after few initial pages gave a feather read.

All in all,a not-so-high-called thriller story but serves a good read, if one is too much into reading thrill-spy-suspense-nationalism related books.

Rating : 3.6/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Operation Mom


Author- Reenita Malhotra Hora

“Operation Mom – How I got my mother a life … and a man” by Reenita Malhotra Hora is an entertaining story about a juvenile girl, Ila Isham who makes her mind to fix her mother’s life . The book is all about the fascinating ride of a daughter who is fanatical about her mom’s life, which is portrayed in an extremely reviting way.

As the back cover says ‘ When you try to set your mom’s life right, be prepared to have your own turned upside down’. The story presents you a seventeen years old Punjabi girl , Ila Isham who wants to become Ali Zafar’s groupie. She is overwhelmingly passionate about Ali Zafar, a pop singer . Her mom , Veena Isham is a freelance journalist, who at all times remains occupied with her work.

Ila’s life is indeed very complicated as she has some major issues. One of them certainly involves that her parents have been separated. Like any other kid of her age she was disturbed and distressed about their split. She is anxious about her mom’s disordered life. So, she settles on a plan of action, ‘Operation Mom’ in order to bring some sort of exhilaration in her mum’s life. Through social networking sites like and, she sets up a perfect profile on these dating sites to find a quintessential gentleman for her mother. The story also involves some other interesting characters. Such as her best friend Deepali, a sharp-witted and stylish chic, who has her own way of handling three dates at a time. Also, Aunty Maleeka, her mom’s best friend, whose outlandish ideas lead to chaotic situations. Dev, one of Deepali’s date also helps Ila to accomplish her mission ‘Operation Mom’. The story depicts that how a daughter’s life gets influenced while making her mother’s life exciting and kicky. Ila’s life takes an unanticipated turn during her arduous journey in the search of a perfect date for her mother. She gets to meet some freakish and weird middle aged men, who add more troubles in her task to redirect her mom’s focus on her romantic life.

As you gradually get involved in the story, it will raise numerous questions in your mind. Will Ila be able to find a perfect match for her mother? Or is she able to settle down the differences between her parents? Eventually, will her mother get to know about her plan? How Ila’s life gets spiced up while executing her plan? And so on. But the end of the story will leave you in amazement.

An enthralling and tangled tale of Ila, will surely make you laugh and adds up to your curiosity to find out what happens next. The author tinged the story with elements of humor, emotions, suspense and puzzles which makes the story more entertaining and enjoyable. The plot of the story consists of fascinating characters who completely add a terrific effect to an awesome storyline. The witty remarks in the story are captivating.

The kind of words and sentences used in the book distinctly shows author’s great intellect and brilliance. The sarcastic conversations between Ila and her mother were thoroughly hilarious. The book represents a beautiful and the most precious relationship of a mother and daughter. I loved the way how author added segments of emotions and feelings in the story. Huge chunks of typical Indian family make this book interesting.

For me, it was a totally refreshing and light read. My experience with the book was super fantastic. I simply loved the way how Ila makes all possible efforts to fix up her mum’s life. In spite of every obstacle she faced during her operation, she remained determined to search a perfect life-partner for her mother. She didn’t give up or lose hope and continued with her plan. In such an age, she makes an attempt to settle her mother, is undoubtedly commendable and inspiring.

This is a book that you will simply enjoy, which will definitely put a smile on your face after turning each page. As you get connected with the story, you will find it completely delightful and thrilling. A highly recommended book for everyone out there, especially for all the energetic teens.

Some lines dedicated to the most valuable relationship in this world i.e. of a mother and her daughter :

“It is a special bond that spans the years. Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears. A sense of trust that can’t be broken, a depth of love sometimes unspoken, a life long friendship built on sharing, hugs and kisses, warmth and caring, Mother and daughter their hearts as one-A link that can never be undone.”

Rating- 4.8/5

Reviewer- Shivani Chauhan

Review of Computer Graphics & Animation


Author : M.C. Trivedi

“Computer Graphics & Animation” by M.C Trivedi is a technical book which is specially designed for those,who are new to graphics,animation and multimedia.In this book, very basic knowledge has been given about graphics & animation creation which is laid out in a facile language.

As the back cover says ” COMPUTER GRAPHICS & ANIMATION provides an introduction to the subject with detailed coverage of all topics, from basic principles to practical applications, and is suitable for a one- semester course.The book will also be suitable for a project- based introductory course on Computer Graphics.

Key Features

  • Provides detailed discussion of 2-D and 3-D concepts and techniques.
  • Separate chapters on Multimedia and Animation have been included.

  • A separate chapter has been added on Virtual Reality and Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)

  • Summary and review questions have been included at the end of each chapter for better understanding of the concepts.”

The topics which is discussed in detail in the book are : An overview of Computer Graphics, Graphics Functions & Drawing Algorithms, Viewing transformation and Clipping, 3D Graphics, 2D and 3D Transformations, Curves, Fractals, Projection, Multimedia, Animation, Compression, Streaming , Synchronization and Playback Architecture , Virtual Reality & VRML.

For beginners,this book is good to start with.All the contents are laced properly and described in a constant flow.Topics are discussed in brief, so as to give you a basic knowledge about a particular thing.You will found many pictures in the book,which will help in better understanding and visual knowledge of the thing.Almost all the basic concepts has been covered in this book.

Easy Algorithms and their complete programs in C language has been given in this book,to help readers to program to practise themselves.Diagrams used in the book, makes way easy for you to understand the thing and will make your interest to learn something in a friendly way.If there are few more examples and excercise questions would be given,then it would play a much better role.

Technical learning and other students who wants to gain knowledge about multimedia, and who are interested in animation and graphics and wants to make a new start, this could be the book you are looking for.

Rating : 4.85/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Handbook of Practical Communication Skills


Editor : Chrissie Wright

“Handbook of Practical Communication Skills” is a guidance book that is encompassed with do’s and don’ts while communicating with someone.This book has been written giving one a depth insight on several facets of communication in a facile way.

The content of the book holds Telephone Techniques, Effective Speaking, Interviewing, Effective Meetings, Rapid Reading, Dictation Techniques and Writing Skills which includes letter writing, report writing and Minutes & Agendas.

Very basic and simple writing fashion is adopted and any reader could understand them with a great ease. Charts and figures are helpful to understand the situation and acts playfully in order to understand the importance of the very subject.Minute-minute things have been focussed on, to make readers completely ready for a well mannered communication.

Tips and suggestions are provided in slices so that one could easily hold on to one thing, and to be best in that very field and then ready to be move on to the next level.This book also let you know the advantage of having a healthy communication in every field and how it acts as a barrier when the message we want to send to the receiver doesn’t conveyed the way we want it to be.

From the old,many- times -heard tactics to the new ones and essential one,this book could be named as a complete guide to improve one’s communication skill and the areas where one could work and improve and make their communication more effective and could be able to maintain a healthier relationship with the listener.

This book is surely a helpful book for everyone, as communication is the vital part of everyone’s life which needs to be perfect.Suggestions given in this book if strictly followed,one could easily see the changes in their life,a healthier relationship would be bloomed with the people they are communicating.This is not a book to be just read out and then chapter- closed,but to remember them life time and implement them in our life,only then it could provide the best food.

Rating :4.7 /5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of The Helpline


Author : Uday Mane

“The Helpline” is a story of a suicidal ,and how he went to this traumatic state ,and how he get over from it, which ended on a very crucial note.A story dipped in multitude of flavors of emotions and a worthy story to read which creates its aroma in a unique way and draws out the moral which could left one open- mouthed at the end.

As the back cover says-” Samir is suicidal.Rachael works for a suicide helpline.Fate connects them through a phone call.And so begin’ s Samir’s story of love,longing,errors,regret and a girl who changed his life.

As his story reaches its conclusion, Rachael will know the true reason behind his suicidal tendencies.But this suicide helpline is not any ordinary service.There is more to the mysterious and yet so convincing voice of Rachael.As this new mystery begins to unfold,Samir is going to discover three things:

What is The Helpline?
Who is Rachael?
What is Samir’s own identity?

Every year,several teenagers in India attempt suicide because of failing relationships,dwindling careers,parent pressure or the competitive world.

The story is about one such teenager,his early problems and the hurdles to cope with them.This story is about finding hope in the early struggle.This story is about fighting for what you believe in and discovering your true identity.This is not a story about falling in love.This is about rising from a failed love story.”

The blurb seemed fascinating to me, and after reading it, the story what I knitted in my mind fell wrong to the actual one. Opening of the book is omnipotent and so is the end,and that’s what casts and lasts impression on reader’s mind.

From the prologue itself, story entered my nerves and created a new ambiance around me that hold me to not to put it down until it ends. From the way the story is knitted to the writing fashion and well descripted characters this story holds the power to bring readers to a new world where readers can get something new to learn which is most most required specially for today’s era.Author has very poignantly described the way a suicidal feels.The story is narrated in a such facile way that any reader could find it’s space in it.

Excluding last few pages, this story is just a simple love story adored with multitude of feelings and rollercoaster ride of two lovers.I just love the short stories narrated in the book which comes out with a great moral.They are just like moral stories that I used to read in my school days.

The story was going so generously and so smoothly that I couldn’t had a thought that it would end up like this,despite of knowing the fact that something bad would turn up Samir’s life.As author said through this book that ” The story must have a moral,or it doesn’t qualify to be a story at all”

After reading this very statement,I was curious to find a moral out of this story.What could be drawn as a moral out of a love story? And yes, I found it at the end. And this is what I think is the backbone of the story.

A book laced with simplicity and festooned with intellectual strands, and is required for everyone to go atleast once through it.

Rating : 4.8/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Reach for the Stars


Author : Contributed by different authors

Compiler : Dan Zadra

“Reach for the Stars: Give up the good to go for the great” is a part of “Thoughts to Inspire & Celebrate”, one of the great initiative by Jaico Publication House.It is a diminutive book where quotes are amalgamated which are written by different authors, and works for a purpose to make life worth and readers can get atleast a slice of it.

As the back cover says ” The biggest ideas in life are often expressed in the fewest words.JAICO brings you best in the series of ‘Thoughts to Inspire & Celebrate’.There are no long speeches or fancy tributes, but there’s magic on these pages, and you won’t have to search for it.

It’s not who we are that holds us back, it’s who we think we are not.”

Title is attractive, but it depends on the readers how seriously they take it and believe on them and work for the betterment, and how they Reach For The Stars. The content basically revolves around our dream,our life and the way to motivate ourself to aspire our dream and to boost our moral,to overcome from our fear and to reach our destination with guts,offer opportunity your best service and never let it go back from your door,to have courage and bravely face all the hurdles and to know our capabilities better and Reach for the Stars.

Such books nicely works when someone fails somewhere in the facet of life,fears to start something new,needs to know his/her inner stabilities and wants to prove his/her existence worth.At such time, such petite thoughts work as a magic and spell magic in our life with its wafting power and directly communicates with our soul and reach to the destination of mind where it gives the permission to access the ‘Start’ button and start afresh.

Some of my favourite quotes from the book are :

Even the darkest hour has only sixty minutes.

When we can no longer change a situation, we are challanged to change ourselves.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.The certain way to succeed is always to try just once more time.

Be proud of how far you have come – and have faith in how far you can go!

We don’t try to be 100 percent better; rather one percent better in 100 ways.

A good book to come across with, which merely takes couple of minutes to complete, but may take some time to involve and evolve those thoughts in your life.

Rating- 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari