Review of Second Spring

Title : Second Spring


Author : Sandhya Jane




Blurb : This is Avantika’s heartfelt journey through love and life…


As a smart, successful, thirty-eight-year-old single mother, Avantika seemingly has it all: a great career as a seasoned banking professional, respect and admiration from her peers as an able leader, fulfillment as a mother, and so many other things.


What is it, then, that drives her towards Rohan, a man six years her junior? He’s a man who ideally would not occupy much room in Avantika’s otherwise sorted mind space.


She has told herself she has no time for love. Then, why does she make the choices she makes? Is it the sameness and banality of everyday existence? Is it the emotional vacuum? A need to relive life? A feeling that life as she has truly lived and felt is passing her by?


However, as she struggles with her feelings, Avantika and Rohan part ways… only to meet again. To what end? Why does Rohan want her back… and why now?


So many questions! Very few answers!


Avantika’s journey is as spiritual as it is emotional. Can love give second chances? Join Avantika in the twists and turns of her story, through her ponderings over the mysteries and vagaries of the word “love,” the complexities of human relationships, and the reassessment of all the values she has held dear…



My View :

‘Second spring’, an heartfelt story of Avantika and Rohan which traces the path of their simple yet complex relationship.The story is narrated sharing both the protagonist’s view and doing justice with both of them.Most of the time, reader’s would get to  hear only one person’s voice.Letting the voice of two different protagonist’s to be heard out needs a lot of work to be done so that it doesn’t create maze in reader’s mind.Authoress has done a commendable job in doing that work properly.I was very comfortable while connecting to both the protagonists.


One after another, both of them shared their feelings, and at same time, story progresses ahead without creating any hindrance in the reading journey and maintaining the flow of the story.On the other hand, author’s writing style is simple yet effective.It provides a soothing effect in the reading journey.And also. the events are interesting to encounter and easy to relate with.


For a good time I was not able to relate properly with the content.And that remains till  the first chapter.The moment I hopped up for second chapter there was no stop.Whatever she narrates creates a blur image in my mind,though hard I try to imagine it properly the images come clouded till the first chapter, but after that everything seems at their appropriate place and the journey suddenly became interesting.The reason behind the inconvenience is the fast pace of the story.The story takes such long steps that it was hard to have proper insight to the story and to feel it to the core.But as one moves ahead, readers would get accustomed to it.


At places I found words like info replaced by information.In pieces of literature, author shouldn’t play with the purity of language while addressing something.If it could be used in conversation then only it would be okay with me. Well that happened at very few places, so it can be easily avoided or maybe to many readers it wouldn’t bother that much but for a literature lover it may.


Irrelevant details scattered here and there is what I found in this book as a loophole.At some places authoress dig so much of unnecessary information that it irks reader for eg on page number 47 the last paragraph which continues to irk  to the first paragraph of page 48 .And on page 227,history of Simi Valley that Rohan googled out was covered.I’m covering the loopholes in details because I wanted it to come out as a flawless piece because I so like the story.
The end was not how I supposed it to be,but it is the way it has to be.Authoress has done a great job while knitting the plot.Her  straightforward views let readers think sharply and her candid note on life would let readers realize how things take a turn nowadays.But obvious, with a change in time,stories has changed, and also the way human reacts, but to know who is the one to hold your hand till eternity is  the vital decision to lead a happy life. I quite appreciate the note this story ended on.The story succeeded in showing readers a new facet to life.Through the protagonist Avantika, authoress brings a message for readers that it is easy to flow in the whirlwind of emotion , but hard to take a wise decision at the proper time.


A book which has more than a story to serve to readers.


A lovely read!


Rating : 4.1/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Rise of The Grey Prince

Title : Rise of the Grey Prince


Author: Arka Chakrabarti




Blurb: In Rise of the Grey Prince a cursed night at Nisarga had revealed the true reason behind his father’s sacrifice and his own dark past. Each revelation now draws Agni into the sublime world of secrets. With Vrish and Guru Sidak by his side, fighting the daggers from the past and winning over the opponents of the present, somewhere deep down, he knows that his journey has just begun.

 The other scarred prince walks the ashes of his reality. Haunted by the glimpses of truth the same night, Yani had but one choice to survive. His unknowing steps, trapped in cruel games of ancient powers had led him to a truth, a truth which shall mould a good man in the clay of misfortune, hate and lust.

Such is the world of Gaya and thus shall be the Rise of the Grey Prince the one torn between the darkness of evil and a lone ray of hope.

My View : The cover enthralling in nature, gains reader’s attention if he/she is a lover of fantasy stories, and so do the title. ’Rise of the Grey Prince’, being the sequel to the book ‘The Secrets of the Dark’, was in the top list of my reading journey, because it is one of the books by Indian authors, whose stories  flavoured with wild imaginations I adore. Undoubtedly, my expectations from this book were very high, let’s sneak peak how it worked out for me.


The moment I started this book all the chapters of the previous serious kept on visiting in front of my eyes. The enthralling magic it poured on me last time made me more eager to go through this one. The burning urge of chasing something, the fight for the lost loved ones, the ride to meet the lost and loved ones, the feeling of brotherhood and friendship is all what you got to see in this book.

His words made a deep impact on reader’s mind and create a proper ambiance for the show. He cleverly and very precisely speaks of the moment and incident. He indulges healthy conversation in the story and sometimes in between some conversations they participates as  good one-liners which act as great dialogues which suited very-well for the scene and to the character.

With the old, staunch and sturdy characters enters some fresh bunch of characters which brings in new charm to the story. With them also come new twists and flavors, and new discoveries in the protagonist’s life which reveals the hidden phases of the story.


Juxtaposing both the books if the question arises of the better plot then the award goes to the first one. Putting light on this matter, the second book has comparatively weak plot, the first one shrewdly connects to reader’s heart and left them satisfied with the story it serves. While on the other hand, the second book has very little to serve to readers.

At some nodes, the story lefts reader confused. Only if the reader reads in a single seat and he has clear image of the story narrated in the first series, then only he will be able to gauge the incidents with ease. Number of characters involved in the story can act as a hurdle in the reading journey if not read keenly paying proper attention to each and every event.


Overall, a nice read!


Waiting for the next series to splash out the thoughts second one has smashed on reader’s mind.


Rating: 3.8/5


Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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Review of Urmila

Title : Urmila


Author : Pervin Saket




Book Blurb : Recapturing the mythical journey of love and longing in contemporary India.
Inspired by the story of Lakshman’s wife from Ramayana, Urmila traces a tale of rejection and a woman’s passionate search for love, rekindling questions of devotion and desire.


The talented and passionate Urmila Karmarkar has recently married into a wealthy, politically connected family in suburban Mumbai. When Urmila’s brother-in-law is compelled to move to Dubai, her husband leaves her behind and chooses to follow him instead. Fuelled by this rejection, Urmila seeks solace in her art as she battles to keep her dreams of love and motherhood alive, waiting for her husband to return.



My View : The story from the very beginning grabs reader’s attention displaying a different theme to them,and assuring that the journey ahead would be fruitful and worth their time.Turning the pages of the book didn’t hurt my hand, instead I was so eager to turn the pages and to found the twists it serves.


There is a great charm and piece in author’s writing style,such a charm would let you read his words even if the content is meaningless.Many a times, I found the content over-descriptive, but the way it has been laid down before readers forces them to read it and feel to the core.He lets out echoes of his heart which comes out very clearly and effectively.

Miniature details of the incidents are covered in this book,but they didn’t bore me for a second,they didn’t let me feel out of the place.The way all the incidents has been portrayed is flawless.Festooned with maturity and art,they lure readers and scratches their mind to guess how it would turn and what surprise it would have fore them.

I found the pace of the story very slow.It takes such tiny steps to reach to conclusion of one event,and sometimes some events doesn’t even act as an important part of the story.It feels good to read them,but at last while summarizing the story,they play no role, which acted as the hindrance in the reading journey.

The backbone of the story is the concept chosen by the author. The concept behind the book is logical and enthralling.When you finish, reading the book, you would feel that yes this what I can call a different take on literature.The plot and the events it has is interesting to cover.


10,20,30 pages or so but the fragrance loses its charm when I didn’t get something new to feed my mind.Episodes incorporated in this story somehow fails to amuse readers at its best because of the irrelevancy.Unresemble and irrelevant details brings a great clutter in the flow of the story.If the story have been narrated from an another point and making it move on the track, it will interest readers throughout the journey.


All in all, I found this book interesting and engaging.


Rating : 4/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Stars In Your Eyes

Title : Stars in your Eyes


Author : Sunil Gera




Book Blurb : In Stars in your Eyes – Mumbai – well-known as the city of dreams, as also the underworld – gives Ranbir his directorial debut in Bollywood, reuniting him and his leading lady Meera in a bond he had dreamt of since their college days. While Meera is crowned the queen of Bollywood, Ranbir also makes his mark as a director, till success parts their ways.


While they search for true love, trouble comes looking for them. A series of heartbreaks, lies, blackmails and vengeance culminate into a murder, putting Ranbir and people he has loved – the charming Sunanda who gives Ranbir the love he was craving, and the vivacious Veena who stars in his magnum opus and becomes his real-life wife – under the police radar.


Will Ranbir be able to find his true love, or will the stardom leave him alone and aloof?


Will the murder of someone he cherishes kill his soul too?


Stars in Your Eyes is a story of love that loses its way in the stardom that many crave. A thrilling page-turner, the story brings to life various facets of love – those that thrill, and those that kill.


My View:

Your failure is your best teacher.’Stars in your eyes’, a story of a director, his struggles and his failures where his failure acted as his biggest lesson which showed him the path of Success. From there on the story showcases various shades of protagonist’s life, several ups and downs and the spice and sparks his life offered him.


Starting of the story is a bit dull, it fails to grasps reader’s attention completely. If it could have been inaugurated on a better note, the story would offer a confidante feeling to the readers from the very beginning. The story takes some time to grasps reader’s attention completely.It took me around fifty pages or so to dwell into the story and to follow the flow.


Author’s writing style is soothing in nature. It very well compliments the story.Simplicity lies in his way of narration. From articulation to connectivity of events, everything is done flawlessly.


The story incorporates so many incidents that if all the incidents are judged individually, it would stand as a common one, but when we tie all of them together in a single thread, it has something to tell to readers. It is a flavoured story where one would get so many flavours to taste. The Bollywood spice, fame and ambition, love and infatuation, all that is involved in the life of Bollywood’s participant can be seen in this book.


Whenever the story involves both Ranbir and Meera,I felt that author hesitates to bring his thoughts clearly before readers. The scenes seem incomplete and fruitless in the first few pages. The essence and the feel it should carry seems to be missing throughout their interaction. It didn’t seem like both the characters share a strong bonding as narrated by the author.


As this book involves number of events, author paces the story with a great speed. He very precisely touches the subject and leaves them with ease. As one progresses ahead, he/she would keep on reading without a pause. To some extent, there is a thrill to discover upcoming events, but at some point thrill drops.


Overall, a light and nice read!



Rating : 3.5/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of The Sinister Silence

Title : The Sinister Silence


Author : Moitrayee Bhaduri




Blurb : When ace software engineer Saahil is found battling for his life on a rainy morning, it looks like a case of attempted suicide. However, Saahil’s family strongly denies that possibility and calls in ex-super cop-turned-detective Mili Ray to investigate – The Sinister Silence


While doctors are uncertain about Saahil’s survival, the police discover the blood-soaked body of Saahil’s colleague Farzad.


 Why are IT engineers being targeted? Is there a link between these ghastly attacks and Saahil’s cutting-edge invention – the PA software? 

Ray and her team – Advocate Gatha and ex-army officer Anubhav – dive into this case, which is turning murkier by the hour. Unaware that a conniving assassin is stalking her, Ray races towards a dangerous trap while murderous attacks continue to haunt the IT world.


Who is behind these assaults – a jealous co-worker, an IT kingpin, an estranged friend, or someone else? With the killer on the loose, Ray’s credibility is at stake…

Set in Mumbai, The Sinister Silence is an edge-of-the-seat thriller that traces detective Mili Ray’s journey through a mysterious case that poses new threats every time she inches closer to her goal.


My View : The moment I started reading The Sinister Silence, I was so hooked to it that it was quite hard to take a break. The chapters, the suspense and the spice this story holds made it hard for a reader to disengage himself/herself from it. As I progressed ahead to discover the events it has in store for readers, I got more inquisitive to discover the upcoming ones. All the incidents are tied in a single thread and they chose a single track to travel on.



There is no way one could read author’s mind and what the book will tell ahead. The mystery is knitted very-well and it grabs reader’s attention over and over again. Every facet of the story is portrayed with great intense. Spruced up with humour and well-structured content it never diverts reader’s mind to something else, instead forces it to think like author and breaks the suspense before the detective does.


Every chapter brings out new and hidden facets of the story and every incident itches your mind to calculate and find out who would be the culprit? One moment your mind directs towards ‘someone’ and other moment ‘someone else’.It plays such a game with you that it creates a maze in your mind making it hard for you to guess as the ball is in which court.


Author’s style of narration is flawless. Once you start reading, you wouldn’t feel participation of any hindrance in the journey. Her writing style provides a soothing effect to reader’s mind and very cleverly claims right over reader’s mind. To not to complicate the journey, she has adopted a very simple writing style, very-well articulated sentences, and use of simple words eases the journey to a great extent without compromising with the quality of the content.


It’s difficult to find potholes from such a book which takes you to a different world or engage you throughout. The only loophole I found in the book is misplaced words at a place or two, which only acts as a hindrance when read very keenly.


A page-turner and an interesting suspense-thriller!


I would like to go through more of Moitrayee’s writings. I wish her good luck for her next projects.


Rating : 4.3


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of The Shakespeare Mask

Title : The Shakespeare Mask 

Author : Newton Frohlich 


As the blurb of the book goes : "In the sixteenth century, a precocious young nobleman draws the attention of the Elizabethan court—and of The Virgin Queen herself. A writer and patron of the arts, Edward de Vere is volatile, controversial—and brilliant. He leaves a trail of women and scandal in his wake. 

But his plays, when he’s in the queen’s good graces, charm the court. His sonnets turn feelings into sound. Yet the rules of the court say a nobleman may not publish. An earl’s name is too sacred for the theater. If de Vere must write, he must do so anonymously, and employ a runner, an almost illiterate cobbler’s son from Stratford, to claim his words. 

Newton Frohlich, an attorney and the author of the celebrated historical novel 1492, spent fifteen years researching unexplored questions about the poet and playwright we today know as Shakespeare. His is an intimate tour of English castles, Venetian canals, and a complex man who penned the most beloved works of the English language."

My view :My expectations from this book grew the very moment when the title of the book started to ring in my ears, and the cover design got glued to my eyes.I got so smitten by these two elements,that I couldn't resist to delay the read any further.The moment I found the book in my hand, I started to feed my with its content.

The title very shrewdly reflects the rich quality of content it holds.The choice of the title proves to be a very astute one, which could garb reader's attention in a second, if one is lover of literature and Shakespeare.So does happened with me.I was expecting it to be a high quality piece of literature which could blow off my mind, the moment I finished it.

Let's see how and what Newton Frohlich treats his reader in the shade of this title.

As predicted initially,that this book wouldn't be that much preferable for novice readers,but just for ardent readers.But,there's nothing like that, anyone can go through this book.Author has presented the story in such a way that it would be a comfortable ride for anyone,and the plot is designed for all the readers.What intrigued more to me is the theme of the book.One bonus point to the author for the selection of the theme.Although the story-line is not extra-ordinary or something that could make you gross even after finishing it,but there has something which maintains the charm of the book, and that's why garbs reader's attention.

I was not able to relate with the protagonist all the time.At some point, if felt like the thread author has knitted between reader and fiction characters loosened to such an extent that it started to irk me.The author needs to put emphasis on more on the traits of the protagonist as it was not just an ordinary character, but Shakespeare which needed to be handled with great care.Albeit, author has mentioned that he has been researching for years for this book,but the hard work he has done is not being reflected in this book.It didn't disappoint that much, but yes could be better.

The chain of events hooked up in the book needs to be more imaginative and interesting.I don't demand for more number of events, less number of events would be great, but it should be powerful enough to give sweet delight to the readers.Some of the events just couldn't manage to touch the scale of average.The narration lacks the intensity to reach to reader's heart.I wish if author had described less number of events, but beautifully and convincingly.

All in all, the book is good, but didn't match the expectations of the reader up to the mark.One time read!

Rating : 3/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

Review of Anything To Look Hot

Title : Anything To Look Hot : Candid Confessions of a Plastic Surgeon 

Author : Jas Kohli 


As the blurb of the book goes : "When the superstar diva of the past decade doesn’t want to play the hero’s mother on screen, she insists that she be reshaped into the most beautiful woman in the world…by any means.

 This is just one of the many odd situations which plastic surgeon Dr. Dhruv faces in Mumbai. He has dealt with tyrannical bosses and finicky patients while undergoing his training, during which he has also won over a stunning doctor as his life partner. But satisfying the movie stars is a different ball game, because every girl wishes to have bee-stung lips, and every guy wants to flaunt a six-pack abdomen without working too hard. And all this while, he has to resist losing his balance over his ravishing female clients.

 Dr. Dhruv’s journey surpasses even a masala movie for humour, drama and action. In debunking many a myth about cosmetic surgeries, the book will enthrall those who can do Anything to Look Hot."
My view :The first look at the title and I thought it was a collection of cases author has experienced,some interesting and unique,but not a fiction story.The theme of the book seems intriguing and something different and I actually wanted to hear the voice of surgeon as it would be a new experience for me,as I haven't gone through any such theme before.I was agog to know the candid confessions of a surgeon,thanks to the tagline, which works almost as the blurb, perfect innuendo about the content it holds.

Inaugurating from the love-story of the protagonist,Dr.Dhruv, the story covers the edges of his life, the cases he has come across,widening of his friendship and contact with some Bollywood artists,family drama etc. The story takes along reader on a ride to a surgeon's life, quite dramatically, which helps in easing out the way for readers, keeping them engrossed in the book until the last page appears.

The kind of maturity that authors holds in his writing style, being a debutant, is really appreciative.He provides a proper flow to the story, sailing smoothly through each events, giving readers enough time to gather what is coming to them.If the author would have  simply lined up his experiences without his experiences as a surgeon, then it might come as boring read for many readers.Author has given a good shape to the story,molding it wherever requires,adding proper amount of fiction to it,so that reader could relate to each and every facet of the story quite easily.

 The pinch of humour and fun sprinkled in the story makes the journey altogether charming and interesting.It doesn't take much time to author to connect with the reader.After a page or two, you would find yourself float in the flow.Usually, due to different style of narration, it takes good time to readers to connect with the author's thoughts, but author has succeeded in reaching to reader's heart quite easily. A fast paced novel which doesn't include inappropriate content, avoiding a place or two.

Being an engineering student, I was only aware of the norms of engineering student's life, and there are many books available in the market which covers the story of engineering student.That's why this book hold my attention as author has  shared the nitty-gritty of medical student's life in this book along with many interesting facets of life,his love affair and experiences.

A brief insight into the work of surgeons narrated in a wonderful manner.A light and interesting read!
Rating : 3.9/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

Review of King of Hearts

Review of King of Hearts

Title : King of Hearts

Author : Prashant Kevin


Blurb :

Sometimes you have to fight the greatest battles to discover who you really are.

At the age of 21, Ayan left his home and ran to Delhi in search of his dream and identity. In everybody’s eyes, he was nothing but a loser except for his best friend, Misha, with whom he fallen in love. And after two years of hardship, when he finally got his long awaited chance, he stunned the whole nation and became one of greatest artist and heartthrob of this generation.

But destiny had some other plans for him and one day, something happened which turned his whole life upside down. He was on the verge of losing everything he ever had and to save them all, he had to fight the greatest battle of his life.

To know more, read this astonishing tale of a young man’s extraordinary journey to find his lost dreams, love and friendship.

My View :

External Elements :

The first look at the cover,and it seems like a story of a ‘business tycoon’ or someone like that, even the tagline to some extent,suggests that,but the content is somewhat different in nature.The cover needs to be more artistically designed and something which could convey the story bluntly and in an attractive manner.

‘King of Hearts’, hints reader about the protagonist of the story,the one who rules everyone’s heart,and that is what the story is about, so it suits the story very-well.

The blurb is short and cute,but not in the proper font to caught reader’s eyes.If the font style would have been changed or increased,it would be much easier for the reader to go through it with ease.

Internal Elements :

Author welcomes reader by introducing the traits of Misha,the side-protagonist in a very candid way.It was a good way of starting the story letting readers sneak-peak into the character of Misha.The events are partitioned in a proper manner,pauses are provided after each event, so to provide clear idea to the reader as what is going on. The story is paced at a constant speed,fast enough to not to bore readers without filling their mind with uninvited content.The bounces story offers to reader are enough to hold reader’s interest till the end.

The articulation is simple in nature and at the same time makes the journey easy to sail through.Author has meticulously derived the character of the protagonist, from his feeling to his actions, everything seems to be justified to the character,and that’s why it is easy to relate with the story at each node.The story incorporates some moments which strikes the chord in your heart.I really appreciate the author for portraying such scenes with great ease and comfort.

There are some minor errors in the book like ‘coz’ in place of because,switching of narration from third person to first person,spelling mistakes,grammatical errors etc. which are overshadowed by a good story.

The story in the end gives the message of never quitting your dreams and pledge to be fearless,
“Never trust your dreams in a way that they stop trusting you.”

Simple, interesting and engrossing tale!

Rating : 4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of The Recession Groom

Review of The Recession Groom

Title : The Recession Groom

Author : Vani Kaushal


Marriage poses many questions before bachelors- who would be the best life partner for him/her? What role does parents play in the game of hunting perfect match for their children? This book gives a real insight of the Indian marriages and covers all these traits and little nuances one faces while going through the hunting process.Authoress in this book covers the story of a bachelor, working in IT firm, whose life turns upside-down suddenly.

As the blurb of the book goes : “Parshuraman Joshi, 27, handsome, Hindu-Brahmin, IT Professional, settled in Canada, earns a high-figure salary.
These are credentials that would make any young man hot on the Indian wedding market, so it’s no wonder that Parshuraman’s family is inundated with matrimonial proposals. While so far all attempts to ‘settle’ him have gone kaput, he has bigger issues vexing him – such as Jennifer, his ‘fireball’ of a colleague, and their efforts to save Project Infinite. To top it all, as the credit crisis grips the global economy, the little world he’s created for himself begins to fall apart. Will he be able to pull himself together to face the challenges posed by a tough economy? More importantly, will this Recession Groom be able to find his ‘perfect partner’?”

The way story of Parshuram presented before readers is in such a manner that reader is able to relate with the story easily.At times, authoress gives the perfect impression of the protagonist that reader could feel each of his emotion and whatever he is going through. I must say that authoress has her way to deal with words aesthetically. Coiled with some twists and turns, authoress serves reader some interesting episodes of the protagonist’s life.The theme chosen by the author is quite common, but the whole bunch of events offered to readers is somewhat different and interesting and keeps reader engaged, once he/she makes his/her space.

Talking about the characters,there are not many characters in the book, and some characters are very interesting, and adds charm in the story.Their role plays a significant role in the story and in the protagonist’s life.Authoress provides in depth description of characters,enough to get connected with them, and feel the story.

I found the beginning a bit dull.It somehow lacks the element to grip reader’s attention in the beginning, it’s a bit slow paced and doesn’t generate questions in reader’s mind which has to pop up in the beginning, in order to maintain interest in the upcoming journey.At places, I felt the events a bit stretched and elongated and I lost interest there.I wanted the events to be tightly stitched so that reader could easily sail through it, so that there would be no place for fillers.

All in all,an interesting, nice and light-read.

Rating : 3.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Shimmering Chimes

Title : Shimmering Chimes

Poetess : Maaya Dev

Cover of Shimmering Chimes

‘Shimmering Chimes’, a poetry anthology by Maaya Dev is the compilation of whispers oozing from poetess’ heart which she has portrayed in the book curving her emotions and thoughts in the form of words.The voice comes from a pure heart,transparent in nature ,and touches the core of the readers’ heart.

As the blurb of the book goes :
“Shimmering Chimes is an outcome of dreams that we all dream solemnly and each poem is pebbles collected from the shore of imaginations, experiences, feelings, spirituality, love and almost what all encompasses life. The book is seeking, soothing, symbolizing, synthesising, singing, shining, shivering, surviving, and synapse between shimmering and chimes.”

The poetess greets readers with a verse of undying love for Lord Krishna.The very poem depicts the simplicity entwined in her words and transparency involved in her thoughts.Poetess lets readers enjoy different flavors and shades of her experiences blended with her imagination.

The poems enamor the reader’s heart by grabbing their attention and holding them in the trap of words. She crafted her views so lucidly that one doesn’t need to re-read the poem,if in case he/she couldn’t comprehend the meaning of the poem. Words stitched together through the rope of imagination lurks readers and warms their heart.

Poetess has maintained the decorum of serving juicy poems to the readers throughout the journey.At one moment she shares her experiences and at the other she lets her feeling swings on the rope of words.The words chosen by her very aesthetically dances to the rhythm of her emotions which she has laid down in this book.The manner in which her heart tries to communicate with readers is a clever one, simple and straightforward, and up to the mark.Its like an arrow has been directed towards the bull eye and the arrow never misses the target.

Though all the poems are wonderful in nature,but there are some poems that I liked the most from this book which are entitled as :
Birth of a Poem
Blank Diary
Aurora and Avalanche
The Last Call
Ballet of Danseuse

A very-good collection of poems,well-edited, showcases various shades.Recommended if you love to read poems.

Rating : 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice

Title : It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice

Author : Amisha Sethi

Cover of It does not hurt to be nice.

The definition of ‘Life’ given by many,in one form or another,through examples or real stories,but that only proves to be worth,when reader could actually relate to it, and comprehend the meaning of Life,juxtaposing his/her life with the protagonist’s life.’It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice’ by Amisha Sethi, encapsulates the events of Kiara’s life,quotes and inspirational words,derived from holy books and proposed by great people.

As the blurb of the book goes :
Kiara is a dynamic, thirty-something girl who has reached great heights professionally, and is the apple of the eye for almost everyone who knows her. But she never took any short cuts to become happier, wiser, healthier and compassionate.

She had to find rays of hope where the dark tinnel seemed unending, and identify shade in life’s burning path. She found little pearls of wisdom in chasing her dreams, in spreading laughter, in learning from scriptures and philosophers, and even at one point in almost ending her life.

More than Kiara’s story and the wisdom she achieves through the various dramatic and hilarious experiences, this book is a motion picture with you in the lead role. You as the ‘hero’ who can beat the most stubborn of villians – most of which lie deep within us…our fear, unkindness, selfish interests, negative thoughts and jealousy. You as the ‘heroine” who is sharp and witty in talking, selfless and caring in love, and charming and beautiful inside out, like none other (perhaps a 2.0 version of you).

Walk with Kiara to find a better you, because It Doesn’t Hurt to be Nice.

Before this book,I’ve been through some self-help book,but this book has something different in it’s store for reader,a recipe made with old ingredients but of different taste,not just philosophy and her views about life and its branches, but the blend of reality with philosophy,which is what I will call is the backbone of this book.Meaningful lessons are taught in this book which can be easily implemented in life because of the way it has been put forward before readers.

The events that authoress has chosen to narrate in the book are so common in nature that anyone could easily relate to them.Relating to these incidents authoress presents some lessons that we, many a times, fail to learn from our life,the tiny turns that our life takes.This book brings us a whole bunch of lessons that could be used in future. Authoress has very lucidly presented her thoughts and all what she has learnt from books and other sources of wisdom.

I won’t say that this book is a complete guide for virtues and wisdom, but for me, it is one such light read which covers the basic incidents almost everyone has gone through or going through, and would need the lessons at some point of time which authoress tries to explain in the book.Authoress has tried her best to make the fashion of narration as simple as possible and encapsulates some lessons that are required to be learned before you step into that episode of your life.

A blend of fun,reality,spiritual thoughts,life lessons and anecdotes taken from Kiara’s’ life. Altogether, it was a nice read,a short and sweet journey which will gift you something fruitful at the end of it.

Rating : 3.6/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Voice Mates

Title : Voice Mates

Author : Anamika Mishra

Cover of Voice Mates

Blurb :Tulip Hill is an obedient and intelligent daughter to her disciplinarian parents. She has been a topper throughout her school, because her parents wanted her to be. Now, they want her to enroll in one of the best colleges. But Tulip harbors the desire to become a singer, for music is her only passion that helps her see through life’s miseries.

Then there is Sam – witty, easy-going and flirty. Both Tulip and Sam share their love for music. Yet, both dream of a different life.

What are those dreams? What happens when they meet and enter the biggest duet competition together? Will their love blossom during this emotional roller-coaster?
Join the VoiceMates in their musical journey to know more!

Review :
A story of two wanna be singers whose destinies tied them in an unknown relationship, a relationship that only one of them is aware of,and what took me off is the climax served to the readers.Fingering the external elements,’Voice mates’,very clever title chosen by the authoress, festooned with a simple and sober cover design ,and a fascinating blurb at the back without a shadow of doubt grabs readers’ attention.

This is one such kind of book which one can complete in a single sit if loves to read love-story novels.It has all the ingredients one seeks for in a neat love-story book- fragrance of love which you can feel after every short interval,series of interesting events spiraled together,very simple writing fashion avoiding usage of opulence words,point-to-point description,no unwanted garbage, in short anyone can easily go through this book.Also,authoress has created proper ambiance and readers can easily relate to the story,it was like a journey with the protagonist itself,walking side by side,feeling so involved in the story.

The last few pages of the book,for which I was waiting for so long,suddenly dropped my jaw,it was not what I was expecting,I wanted it to be the way I had expecting(not mentioning, as it would act as a spoiler).Although that would come under the common story and common end,but I so wanted to happen that.there are so many books in the market that it becomes so hard to write a love story that would others present in the market, but there are some,which just take you along with the wave.It is one such book that swings mood,takes reader to a ride, a beautiful ride serving plentiful of emotions to the readers.

Talking about the potholes of the book,I wish conversations could be a bit healthy, this would add more charm to this book.Apart from this very thing,I liked the book and enjoyed the journey authoress has planned for her readers.

A light romantic and entertaining read!

Rating : 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Diary of an Immigrant Bride

Title : Diary of an Immigrant Bride

Author : Nim Gholkar

Cover of Diary of an Immigrant Bride

Blurb : 998 Australia. Anjali Jathar is looking forward to life as an immigrant bride following her arranged marriage to ambitious divorcee Ravi. Settling in, she explores not just a new culture but also her newfound freedom. But life is less than perfect. Ravi’s constant travel and preoccupation with work leave Anjali feeling increasingly unloved and lonely.

Enter Jake Ellis. Charmed by Anjali’s exoticism, he finds himself gradually falling in love with her. And so begins an emotionally intoxicating roller-coaster ride.
‘Unravelling Anjali’ is a cross cultural tale delving into love, lust and relationships. What happens if a woman meets her soul mate after marriage…and it’s not her husband?
A riveting read, ‘Unravelling Anjali’ is a vivid portrayal of commitment, betrayal and the struggle to find one’s identity in a foreign land.

Review : A classy cover welcomes the reader with a neat depiction of the story in support with the title and the blurb.Though all of them make it very clear the theme of the book,but what makes reader wondering is what special this book would have in store for its readers.All the three core external components ofthe book attracts reader and forces him/her to take a try.

Talking about the story-line of the book, although the theme of the book is quite common and known,but the chain of episodes it holds is quite interesting.They are simple and relatable, and most of which we often heard of, which makes the events easy to visualize.The characteristics of the protagonist is very-well mentioned in the book,although the count of characters in the book is more, of which some could be easily eliminated,but all in all,characterization is done in a decent manner.What I like most about the story is, the way it bids adieu to the readers, the end, emotional and touchy,I hadn’t thought that it would end like that, giving such a vibrant feeling.

I like the manner in which story is portrayed,clever description,albeit it gives in depth description,but would be beneficial for those who find difficulty in visualizing scenes.The journey and thoughts of the protagonist is very-well described in the book and that’s why readers can easily comprehend what protagonist is going through.The reader keeps on the moving with the protagonist,hand by hand,empathizing with her,learning all the traits she has learnt and discovered.

What act as the hindrance in the journey is unwanted details.At places, authoress dives into depth which is not that much required to connect to the story.I wanted the story to be straight-forward and on the track in order to provide a proper flow to the story.

A well-narrated light read!

Rating : 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Diabolical

Title : Diabolical

Author : Supriya Parulekar



Blurb : Lost and alone, Sonya fought with the demons that haunted her, threatening to rip her apart! “They want me dead…” Sonya mumbled as fear took hold of her. Being a superstar in Bollywood provided no solace to the gorgeous Sonya Rana and there was no running away from the fear that she experienced every waking moment. Jay tried to soothe her frayed nerves with his love but she chose to shut herself from the world. All she wanted was to leave her dark past behind, somehow.

“Let me go… please,” Sonya pleaded to Tania, her step-sister who fiercely loved and protected her. Sonya knew the bitter truth. In the end, either one will survive; she or the demons raging within her, and if the demons won, it would spell an end for Sonya. When one’s soul takes a beating, all hope is lost and everything is over in a single heartbeat. The ‘Diabolical’ had manifested itself within the gorgeous Sonya, killing the hope of a chance at a beautiful life she could have had. Read this book to unravel the dark games our mind plays with us. Experience a tumultuous ride of emotions as Sonya’s past catches up with her sending her life spiraling down.

My view: ‘Diabolical’; a story in which fear engulfed the protagonist and the dark past travels along with her, pretending as her shadow to ruin her life. Diabolical is a book drenched with emotions and dramas which traces out the mental and emotional fall of a girl, her dealing with relationship and a crunchy bite of romance, a story which energetically speaks of relationship and its role.

Without a shadow of doubt, cover is attractive and compliments the story and the title. Blurb at the back, in an instance forces reader to discover the journey of Sonya and trace out the demon that haunted her.

A matured writing style festooning the story welcomes the reader. It holds reader’s attention, on and on. The series of events it carries in its bag are interesting enough to let reader fall for it. One after another, reader would be served with some delicate chapters of protagonist’s life which made them feel connected with the protagonist. Without a hint of unnecessary description, authoress cleverly delivers her words to the reader which strikes reader’s mind and connects it to his /her heart.

Although there are some good number of characters in the book, but the projection is done very beautifully. It doesn’t take readers much time to comprehend what actually is served in their plate. I could very easily relate to the story and feel the moments which are very artistically portrayed by the authoress. Each event can be clearly visualized and the journey proved to be furnished and bump-free.

A page-turner and an entertaining read!

Rating : 3.8/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

Review of Be Your Own Pilot

Title : Be Your Own Pilot

Author : Manish Kumar



Blurb : In this inspirational fiction, Manish Kumar talks about the unlimited power and potential lying dormant in every soul, waiting to be awakened. The moment we become aware of the power within, we stop being a victim of circumstances, get off the autopilot called fate and take control of our life.
‘Be your own Pilot’ is about the journey of a boy from a small town who realises his dream of becoming a pilot, learns the lessons of life on the way and goes on to inspire others to follow their dreams. His Flying Instructor implants wisdom into the flying lessons and teaches him to take the flight of faith. The book shows the way-how, by aligning personal desires to the benefit for mankind, it is possible to lead a deeply rich and satisfying life.
Using flying as a metaphor, Manish Kumar has penned this extremely enjoyable story. Peppered with the author’s insights, this books is sure to touch and inspire you to break the shackles of self-limiting beliefs and to take off in life.

Review : In the book, ‘Be Your own Pilot’, author tries to feed reader’s mind with healthy thoughts through his journey of being a Pilot, his dream, and the challenges he has accepted during this journey. Juxtaposing the journey of learning tactics of being a Pilot to that of life and various ups and downs one faces to learn during the journey of life, author in this book submits the crucial events of his life which made him learn some fruitful lessons and he shared the same with readers in hope that readers could learn lessons from their hard times.

I know it’s not that easy to write an inspirational book which could hold reader’s attention and feeds them something healthy and fruitful at the same time. Author, through his way of narration which is simple in nature makes the journey for readers easy. Covering the curvy events of his life, he spills the spell he has learnt during his rough days, the spell to never lose the battle. He has shared various ways to give a boost to life and how to shape it in a proper form.

There is something amiss in the book that stands as a hindrance to let readers connect to it properly at some places. That missing thing is the proper narration of the story, a flow is required in the story so that readers could also float in the same flow and relate to it properly. This could also be achieved through minimizing the details of the lessons he has learnt during his training, cutting it short and emphasizing on more what he has learned and what reader could learn from it.As I’m not much aware of the workings of Pilot, it was quite difficult to me to hooked to the book all the time.At times, the book really seems so promising and really does inspire me but at few places it couldn’t hold my attention.

The message this book conveys to me is Whatever you do and what so ever profession you are in, hurdles may come, as this is life, which is tuned to the rhythm of odds and even, your life’s story is to be scripted by you, whether to dance on odd or even beats.

Rating : 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Breaking Up The Shackles

Title : Breaking Up The Shackles

Author : Gunjesh Bond

breaking up the shackles

As the blurb of the book goes: Four friends are on a night out to celebrate the arrival of a brand new car that one of them gets as a gift from his father. In the midnight they stop their car near the only roadside smoke shop on the entire highway. Two of them get off to buy some wine and weed. They return to find one of their friends lying unconscious in a pool of blood. The fourth one is missing from the car.

Where did he miraculously vanish just within ten minutes in the darkness of the city’s outskirts? Did he hit his friend and run away or was there something else other than these boys and the shopkeeper?


‘Caste indifference posing as a hindrance in a relationship’, is what the theme of this book which I didn’t get to know until I finish it up. Cover, title, blurb all pushes this book in the mysterious catalogue but the content inside the book tells a different story.

As it seems to be mysterious novel in the beginning, full of hidden secrets and mysteries,but it loses that impact when the narration drifts from its direction. Author has tried to keep the narration in a precise manner, but due to lack of focus on the main plot and some filler, the story loses its charm in the way. There are some conversations which can be avoided and instead of that some interesting events could be included so to catch reader’s attention.

Characters are kept to limited number and it is way easy to comprehend what all is going and to top it author has used very simple writing fashion to let his words reach to many readers, even easy for a novice. But, articulation lacks the maturity and smoothness required to float along with the story. Episodes are too common in nature and can be easy visualized. To some extent I could relate to the story but at places I felt disconnected due to the way it has been presented.

Story-line demands more drama and fun, reader thirsts for some interesting events to unfold. As the title looks so promising, readers’ expectations grow naturally and expect a lot more from this book. I think re-working would do great-great to this book.

All in all, a light read and I wish good luck to the author for his next ventures.

Rating : 2.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Disconnect


Title : Disconnect

Authoress :Devra Davis

Cellphone: the basic need of every human-being after food,cloth and shelter.From past few years, it has changed the world and people’s lifestyle to a great extent.No matter, whether the loved ones are near to people or not, but the cell-phone is always close to them.Where it has so many pros, its obvious that it would have cons also.

Devra Davis in his book “Disconnect: The truth about cellphone radiation” reveals the other side of the cell-phone which many of us are unaware of.And if you are one amongst them who use cell-phone , then it is must to have knowledge about both its pros and cons.

As the back cover says ‘ More than five billion cell phones are currently in use, and that number increases every day.Yet, the latest research ties cell phone radiation to lowered sperm counts, an increased risk of Alzheimer’s ,and certain types of cancer.What are cell phone companies doing to increase product safety? And how far will they go to protect their interests?

In Disconnect, Devra Davis, a National Book Award finalist, offers a clear and compelling account of the sea change that has taken place in way physicits and biologists think about radiation in the microwave spectrum.Synthesizing the cautionary advice of leading experts in bioelectromagnetics and neuroscience,Davis explains the simple safety measures that we must take-before it’s too late.’

If you are already a learner of latest technolgies then it might not be of that much useful to you as you may know many of the information provided in the book.But if you are a novice and doesn’t have much knowledge about technology, but feels to gain the knowlegde of darker side of cell-phone(which should be known to everyone specially those who use it) I ask you to go through this book once.

It tells us about tech details and how it effects us.Devra Davis’s research helped her to prove in this book how does cell phone play a disastrous role in our life.Albeit, a very useful device it is, but the authoress through this book help us to know the dark side of this device.

It also tells which system of our body may get effected from the harmful rays emitted from the cell-phones.Though company tells us some basic safety measures, but didn’t sound completely profitable, as with the increament of features and innovative technologies,it is posing it’s evil side more rapidly.

It couldn’t stand out as I’ve expected after reading the title.It seemed approaching and full of unleashing the other side of cell-phones, no doubt, it does but not to the point.

The author tries to convey message to every readers as how to protect themselves and their family.Effects,measures,symptoms and precaution you can all find in this book.I think one should read this book atleast once and protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmfull radiation emitting from cell-phones.

Rating :4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Fluffy Feathers


Title : Fluffy Feathers

Author: Diwakar Pokhriyal

“Fluffy Feathers” by Diwakar Pokhriyal is a compilation of twenty-four short stories that showcases different flavours of life, some approaching, some asks you to take a step ahead to bring the change, some dipped in love,some haunting and mysterious.

A walk towards the night

The book inaugarates with a message to the society-Where has lost our morality and Who is at fault? It is basically a broadcast of author’s thoughts,his perceptions about today’s youth and what they term ‘Independence’ and how they make wrong use of it.I wish this message would come out with a story,then it could easily and more effectively cast its spell and spread the message.

My Lost Angel

The second story tries to portray a love story that fails to create the real ambience required for the story.Imagination is lacking in the storyline and that made me loose interest.The storyline could be blended with more events in order to make it healthy and interesting.

A promise of Love

I found the story incomplete.I felt that something was amiss.Story lacks nourishment and imagination.I also felt that author was in hurry to complete this story in order to moved on to the next one.

A friend

An impressive story of a guy Joy and his wish of making a friend.Discover how he met a friend and the bio of his friend.I found the suspense quite revealing before it is required, but all in all, it is an interesting story which kept me glued to it till the end.

Evaporating Solutions

Similar to the first story of the book, this story also deals with author’s thoughts and broadcasts his perceptions about the society and the way we treat our Independence.Agree to his thoughts,but as the book is a compilation of short stories,a story is required to put the message infront of readers in a fruitful manner.

A mediocre student

A story of a student who loves to play but lacks interest in studies.His parents were unable to bridge the gap and that gap results in unfullfilled desires of his heart. Theme is good but here also an imaginative plot is lacking.

A Lover’s Diary

There are two sequels to this story.The first one creates the suspense of letter that the protagonist found.In the second part,suspense started to unleash and at the end created more suspense. In the third part, everthing comes to an end and suspense vanishes.A nice attempt but could be presented in a much better way.

He was there

The story speaks of a silent love.I like the theme and the storyline of the story.There is no pause when one event switches to another at some places,this made it quite confusing.A good story.

Forget Society-To be a part of society

This story broadcasts the understanding gap between parent and children.There is nothing new in the story.The story is mainly in the form of conversations among some aunties which two young boys overheard and then concluded.

Slave of our thoughts

This story showcases a new facet of love or I doubt whether it should be termed as ‘love’ or not.I appreciate the author to bring this thought along with a story.It brings the message that ‘It’s upto us how to tackle the situation,act positively or negatively,rewards will be respectively.

Dream and Dream

A dream that turns into reality and above all the fear of coming that horrifying dream true that shakes the protagonist up-down.A good storyline and narrated well.All in all, an interesting and nice story.

The sour truth

A story of two physically paralized lovers.It tells that physically disabled people are no different from us and shouldn’t be treat differently.We all are same and we all have some disabilities in ourself.A nice effort and a nice message to the readers.

The Mirror-1

The story is of a farmhouse and the people who came to live there and faced unlikely disasters happened to their child.Quite an old storyline but it was nice.As the name suggests that there could be more sequeal of this story,but unfortunately there isn’t.

The possibility 1 and 2

The story has a sequel to it.’The Possiblity-1′ is a beautiful story with a nice end.The storyline is somewhat different and interesting.

‘The possibility-2’
The story of a human or a spirit? This story tries to create supense and isn’t that fruitful as demanded. I couldn’t connect to the story properly.Also, both the stories should be in a row if they are sequeals.

Darkness of Perception

“A sea is too vast to be judged from one bank.”
A story of biased perceptions.Many a times we misinterpret the situation or a person and that directly effects our perception about them.Sometimes we are not able to see the other side of the coin.This story tells the same in a quite nice manner.

Belief in love

An old story told in a different way.A story of true love which tells the meaning of relationship and pure love and there is no space for misunderstanding amidst two lovers.A nice effort.


The story tells the difference between having money in life but not having happiness.Many a times, youngsters have to go through their parent’s decision and they couldn’t able to lift up their dreams just because their parent thinks that only proper study and job could make them earn a healthy amount of money.This story is all about this.A nice story.

The Second Chance

Not everyone’s luck knocks the door second time.It is the story of a guy called DV,his desires and passion about cricket and his affection towards his parents.I liked the story and the theme,although the end could be more emotional.

What I like about the book is-in most of the story,author tries to tell a message to the reader.Albeit,he couldn’t implemented it very-well,but his thoughts impressed me.A very simple writing fashion has been adopted by the author.A novice reader could go through it easily.

About the downfalls of the book- I was eager to read something new out of this book.But it couldn’t stand on my expectation.Stories are lacking imagination.When one story tries to stand different from other,it was not able to make a connection with me.This book also required editing and proof-reading. A healthy conversation is also required to make the story interesting.Also, articulation of sentences could be much better in order to provide reader a comfortable reading journey.

Rating : 2.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of When We Clicked

Title : When We Clicked

Author: Yash Pawaskar

“When we Clicked: a twisted love story?” debut novel of Yash Pawaskar portrays a bumby ride of exemplar’s life named Akhil in an impressive manner blending the story with humour,suspense,fun,love and witt.A twisted tale portrayed in a facile way leaving you guess the suspense.

As the back cover says ‘Two strangers,one city, four days, one night, one lie and a fantastic journey.’When weg clicked’ is my twisted love story.I am Akhil Parlekar, a Mumbaikar in my early twenties.Like every other Mumbaikar I love my city, consider Sachin Tendulkar a God, but I’m about to die.

Before I was dying, I lived my life in four days, when we clicked.It was love at first sight for me, but not for her.I spent the four days with her wandering in the city, thinking that she would fall in love me, but the night that followed the fourth day, changed everything.

This journey is about emotions like humour,lust, hatred, betrayal,heroism, friendship and the biggest emotion of them all; love.I am letting you in my heart as well as my brain, you be the judge if this is a love story or not.

You are the protagonist of your life’s story, the central character around which all the other characters and incidents occur.When the protagonist of your story changes to someone else, you are in love.That person becomes the central character of your story and everything else revolves around the person you love.’

The red-coloured cover is attractive enough to gain attention of any love-story reader.Also, the title and the subtitle can made readers’ mind loiter in different directions in order to guess the story.Along with these two catchy elements of the book, here waits another thing for you-the blurb.After reading the blurb, I’m sure no love-story reader could back off.It very precisely speaks of the content leaving a proper amount of suspense giving meaningful details of the protagonist’s life.

In the prologue itself story clutched my hands.I couldn’t realize when I kept on turning pages and it came to an end.The sudden change of events at the end surprised me.I had never thought that the story would end like this.The way author has moulded this story in a suspensful fashion, leaving reader guess how to relate the story with the prologue and comes to an end,makes the story intriguing and engaging. I enjoyed the repartee done between protagonist and non-living things.They worked as a mood-refreshners and make this book more entertaining adding humorous conversations.Poems amalgamated in the story added a great charm to this book.Poems help this book to reach a level up.Prior to the story they are laid down and they festoon the story with its simplicity.

A simple and interactive writing fashion has been adopted by the author.Readers would feel comfortable with the writing style after initial few chapters.Less number of characters makes this story simple and the characterization is also done very well.Albeit the story broadcasts five days of protagonist’s life, but the way author has stitched several events made it interesting to go with in a smooth flow.

Talking about the dawnfalls of the books-there is no such bigger downfall of the book.From the storyline to the narration style, from prompt description to the blend of various flavour, author has maintained everything very-well.The only downfall I could see is-some printing mistakes here and there and some other small errors which couldn’t be reflected if proof-reading could be done well.Also,articulation of sentences could be a bit well.

All in all, a wonderful reading journey and yes, I was completely glued to the story till the end enjoying each and every moment author has described.Kudos to the author for this fantabulous work.Eagerly waiting to read more of him.

Love-story readers go and grab this book asap.This book could lead you to the fantastic world of Akhil and it holds the power to swing your mood to a whole new level.

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of J.U.I.C.E


Title : J.U.I.C.E

Author : Mohit Jain

“J.U.I.C.E:Flavors of Management” by Mohit Jain deals with management theories in an impressive manner making reader glued to it and at the end feed readers mind with a clear concept of management,marketing and economics, quoting lucrative examples.

As the back cover says ‘We like story books.On thr other hand, majority of the students do not feel like reading academic books because they find them difficult to understand.J.U.I.C.E contains different stories explaining the concepts of Economics and Management.Readers would not feel that they are reading something relevant to their academics bit still by the end of it, they would attain a lot of knowledge regarding these subjects.Our motto is to make people view these subjects from a different perspective and expand the horizon of their thinking.’

One thing I’ve noticed of Mohit Jain’s book is- interesting and unique names where the reader couldn’t get any clue what he/she is going to read.But the very moment reader moved further towards the blurb, he/she would clearly know whether the book is near to their interest or not.On the other hand, an inviting,mild and artistic cover design gains reader attention frequently.

A feather-coated language has been used by the author.Author also knew which question would strike readers’s mind and he had framed all the questions and answers in the book very-well leaving reader with a clear thought of the topic refraining all the doubts.

With the help of diagrams,charts and figures and cute animations he had explained the fundamentals in a practical way, offering readers practical knowledge of the subject,so that one could easily remember the thing for life-time.Even though I don’t belong to Marketing and Management field, I was enjoying in letting know the nuances of these subjects. The best thing I found in this book is the way author has defined and proved Mother as the best Economist. He explained his thoughts impressively and humourously giving significant examples. I never knew that Economics and Management could be this much interesting.

The students who use to mug up things just because they couldn’t understand the subject properly,this book is made for you.You will get numorous examples to relate and better understand the subject.

Author has juiced up the best he could in order to better understand readers the tactics and techniques of marketing and management.Students go and grab this book asap, and feed your mind with the important fundamentals of management.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari